Product Announcements

Boost Your LinkedIn Profile With Exciting New Photo And Posting Features

January 3, 2024

Do even more with your LinkedIn account right from your CoSchedule Calendar. Our newest updates give your more posting abilities to connect with your followers and build your network.

Add More Photos 

You can now also upload up to 20 images per post. Share more photos to highlight events, show products, and share content from blog posts. Engage with your audience and heighten click-through rates through images for your followers to click through with ease. 

Tag Followers

A company account can now tag users who are following the account’s page. Strengthen your connection with users in a more personal way and drive engagement on your company's LinkedIn profiles. To access this feature, you must manually re-authenticate the account in your social profile settings. Have questions? Access our support doc for more information.

Available in: Blog Calendar, Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite