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Meet Mia: CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant

June 13, 2023

With Mia, you can: Instantly Generate New Project Ideas - Need new blog post ideas? Or inspiration for an upcoming promo? Ask Mia for help. Chat with Mia to come up with new angles, tactics, & copy for any of your marketing projects. Write First-Draft Content In Seconds - Starting is the hardest part. Mia breaks through writer’s block, so you can spin up a first-draft of your next blog post, social campaign, or press release in record-time.  Archive Chats For Your Team & Records - Chats with Mia are project-specific. This gives your entire team access to conversations that are relevant to the work they’re doing. Anyone on your team can review, reference, or join these conversations, too! Convert Responses To Text With One Click - Instead of copy/pasting content from ChatGPT, convert any of Mia's responses into a Text Editor with just a click. This way, you can focus on scaling content without sacrificing quality or branding. To try chatting with Mia, add the Marketing Assistant to any project. Or learn more about Mia today.  Mia is available in Marketing Calendar Pro & Marketing Suite plans. Questions about Mia? Check out our FAQ page. 

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite