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Microsoft 365 Integration: Access OneDrive Files & Content In CoSchedule

February 20, 2020

Do you use Microsoft OneDrive to store your marketing files & content? With our new Microsoft 365 Integration you can now sync your OneDrive accounts with CoSchedule.  

Sync Microsoft 365 with CoSchedule

Get direct access to files and content from your OneDrive Accounts.  Then add them to any projects, discussions, and/or social messages in CoSchedule.  With Microsoft 365 + CoSchedule, it’s even easier to find and share the files you need - like logos, photos, and more - whenever you need them! 

Create New Office 365 Files in Projects

When you enable the Microsoft 365 integration, you can create new documents using Office 365 programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint - without leaving CoSchedule.
If you're an Owner or Admin in CoSchedule, enable this integration in CoSchedule and invite your team to connect their OneDrive accounts to get started Need help? Check out our Microsoft 365 Help Docs, including:

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