What’s New For Marketing Calendar: June 2020 Video Update
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What’s New For Marketing Calendar: June 2020 Video Update

June 2, 2020
Monthly Recap

Add Multi-Day Events To Your Marketing Calendar 

From conferences, promotional events, and everything in between, events impact your marketing.

Now you can add multi-day events to your Marketing Calendar.

Import Your Favorite Event Calendars To Your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar 

Events impact your marketing. Keep these important events top of mind, enable the Calendar ICS Sync Integration. This integration automatically imports & syncs all events from any ICS Calendar in your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar.

Update Calendar View To Focus On What Matters Most 

Review the full tutorial in the What’s New Video to learn how to customize your Marketing Calendar, including:

  • Add/Remove Weekends
  • Add/Remove Previous Week
  • Add/Remove Social Messages
  • Add/Remove ReQueue Gaps
  • Add/Remove Team Tasks
  • Update Week Start Day – Monday, Sunday, or Saturday
  • Update # of Weeks Displayed
  • Toggle Calendar Sync Dates On or Off

If you have any questions about the product updates or tips in this video, contact support@coschedule.com for help.

Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.