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What’s New For Marketing Suite: June 2020 Video Update

June 3, 2020
Monthly Recap

  Import Your Favorite Event Calendars To Your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Events impact your marketing. Keep these important events top of mind, enable the Calendar ICS Sync Integration. This integration automatically imports & syncs all events from any ICS Calendar in your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar. Access Your Favorite Marketing Campaigns Anywhere In The App  Working on an important marketing campaign? Now you can easily “bookmark” marketing campaigns to quickly jump back to it from anywhere in the app. Reschedule Entire Marketing Campaigns In Seconds  Marketing timelines can change in an instant. With CoSchedule’s Marketing Suite, you can reschedule entire marketing campaigns in just a few seconds - including projects, tasks, and social messages. Learn more about Relative Rescheduling in this announcement.  Prove Marketing Campaigns Align With Company Goals  Now you can provide stakeholders a high-level report of your marketing campaigns in an easy-to-read spreadsheet or PDF. Then share these reports with your stakeholders & leadership to let them know what campaigns you've completed or have planned for specific initiatives or goals. Add filters to build reports that recap:
  • Marketing campaigns from the last year
  • Marketing campaigns in the last quarter
  • Marketing campaigns with a specific project owner
  • Marketing campaigns with a specific color label
  • And more!
Visit Analytics to create your first report.  If you have any questions about the product updates or tips in this video, contact your CSM or for help. Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.