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Top Product Updates of November 2023 for CoSchedule Products

November 13, 2023
Monthly Recap

This month’s “What’s New” update is a countdown of the new product updates & features added to CoSchedule products in November 2023.

Headline Studio With New Features & Plans

Headline Studio is better than ever, with new features designed to help you get more engagement from everything you publish! With Headline Studio: 
  • Generate engaging headlines and captions in seconds
  • Receive custom reporting for specific platforms, including YouTube, podcasts, Instagram, TikTok, email, and blog posts.
  • New credit-based pricing with more plans than ever before.
Start creating click-worthy headlines here.

Instagram & Facebook Reel & Story Publishing Is Here!

With CoSchedule’s new Reels and Stories scheduling feature, you can diversify your social strategy by posting multiple types of content. This ensures maximum engagement so you can reach your audience on a variety of platforms. Learn more about Instagram and Facebook publishing.

AI Prompt Library Launches With 500+ Marketer-Tested Prompts

With CoSchedule’s New AI Prompt Library, you can access over 500 marketer-approved AI prompts to generate ideas, bust-through writer’s block, and create first-draft copy in less time. You can even create your own prompts to utilize and save for later projects.  Explore the AI Prompt Library today. 

Get Relevant Search Results With CoSchedule’s Mia

Mia just got smarter! Now CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant (Mia) searches the internet to help you research topics, summarize online content, and so much more!   Now that Mia has web access, you can use Mia to help with even more marketing tasks, using prompts like: 
  • Find the latest surveys around {topic}
  • List the main ideas from this blog post {link}.
  • Write social messages for this blog post {link}.
  • Compare {topic/product/company} and {topic/product/company}.
  • Create a list of 5 SEO keywords related to the following blog post {link}.
Learn more about this feature here.

TikTok Integration Brings Social Channels Together

Now you can plan, schedule, and publish videos to your TikTok account from your CoSchedule Calendar! With your brand-new integration, you can schedule your TikTok content in advance along with the rest of your content in a single Calendar. Simplify your social media management process. Bring together all your social channels with CoSchedule’s Social Calendar. Learn more in our support doc.  Login to your Calendar to connect your TikTok account to start scheduling videos today!   Don’t have a Calendar, yet? Create your free Calendar to get started.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at