Product Announcements

Recurring Schedules: Add Projects & More To Your Calendar Days, Weeks, Or Months Into The Future

January 5, 2021

If you have any Project Templates or Marketing Campaign Templates set on a recurring schedule, this product update is for you! Now you can customize exactly how far in advance you want to add recurring projects or marketing campaigns to your calendar. Take a look at your recurring projects list. Do you plan projects a quarter in advance? Then add your monthly newsletter to schedule for the next 4 months on your calendar for added visibility.  This update is available in Project Templates, Marketing Campaign Templates, events, and tasks.  Customize your recurring settings to get more visibility into how your recurring work impacts your availability to take on new projects. Keep recurring projects on your radar by scheduling them out days, weeks, or months in advance.   Have a question about recurring projects, campaigns, events, or tasks?  Contact our support team at for help. Or check out our Help Docs on creating events and tasks for more info.

Available in: Marketing Suite