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What’s New For Marketing Calendar: February 2021 Video Update

February 9, 2021
Monthly Recap

Organize & Customize Your Saved Views Your saved views are now in your main calendar navigation for easy access to find, create, & edit them! Organize your saved views by setting your default view, choose favorites, and even hide views you don’t use as often. For more details on your saved views, see the announcement. Add More Recurring Events & Tasks to Your Calendar Do you have recurring events or tasks on your calendar? Now you can choose how far in advance you want to add them to your calendar for better visibility! Add your weekly reporting tasks, monthly strategy meeting, or other recurring tasks & events on your radar by scheduling them in advance automatically!  To learn more, check out our help docs for events and tasks. Import Content From Your Favorite RSS Feeds Instantly import content from your favorite RSS feeds to your CoSchedule calendar; all you need is the RSS feed URL! Once you customize your settings, new projects will now be created on your calendar as RSS feed content is published! Read our product announcement for more details. Recap If you have any questions about the product updates in this video, contact for help. Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.