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What’s New in Marketing Suite: November 2020 Video Update

November 2, 2020
Monthly Recap

Automatically Add Repeating Projects To Your Calendar Project templates help you build out entire projects in seconds. And now, you can schedule recurring project templates to save you even more time! Gone are the days of duplicating projects or creating them from scratch.  Set up recurring project templates to automatically add repeating projects to your calendar. This works great for weekly webinars, monthly newsletters, or quarterly reports. Simply open a project template, click the Repeat button and customize your start and end dates. CoSchedule will add these repeating projects to your calendar for you – saving you tons of time on project management & planning. Read more in the recurring project templates announcement. *Project templates are featured in Work Organizer, available in CoSchedule Marketing Suite. Schedule Recurring Tasks & Events Have a daily task you wish would just appear in your to-do list, like checking emails? Or a monthly task for your calendar, like running a report? Now, you can set any standalone task or calendar event on a recurring schedule. Start by creating a task or event like you normally would. Then, click “Repeat" to set your custom frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). CoSchedule will add future events & tasks to your calendar for you!  For more details, see the announcement or the help docs for events and tasks. See The Big Picture of a Marketing Campaign in an Agenda Planning a marketing campaign that spans several weeks or months? There’s an easier way to see what’s coming next.  With the new agenda view, you can see all of the tasks, projects and events related to your Marketing Campaign in a compact agenda. Unlike list view, agenda view only displays the days you have projects or tasks related to your Marketing Campaign — so you can review your upcoming deadlines without scrolling through a list of empty dates. Read more about agenda view. Recap If you have any questions about the product updates in this video, contact for help. Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.