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Boost Engagement On LinkedIn With New Video & Multi-Image Post Updates

February 8, 2023

Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite now allow you to post videos natively to LinkedIn, share messages with multiple images, and include alt-text in your LinkedIn images.  Native Video Posting Now, you may share videos directly in your LinkedIn message. Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite previously support video posting with a link to a video. Simply upload a video file from your computer or select from previously-uploaded videos. For Marketing Suite users, you may also choose video media from your Assets folder. According to Biteable, LinkedIn messages that have a native video generate more engagement. Video messages are proven to grab attention and are more likely to be watched than using a link. native video posting on linked in Multi-Image Posting Now you can boost engagement rates with up to NINE eye-catching visuals in a single post, without being limited to an individual picture. In fact, posts that feature multiple images tend to get more views, which brings more eyes on your brand. multi-image posting on LinkedIn Alt-Text  Marketing Calendar and Marketing Suite now also support alt text for images you share on LinkedIn. This functionality is also available for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest By implementing Alt Text, screen readers will be able to assist people with image recognition. Adding alt-text to your images is also an SEO best practice that may help your content reach more people. Search engines value content that provides value to people of all abilities. Include alt-text on LinkedIn posts Learn how to add alt-text to your social messages.  For more information on creating LinkedIn posts, check out our support doc

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite