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What’s New in Blog Calendar: November 2020 Video Update

November 2, 2020
Monthly Recap


Schedule Recurring Tasks & Events In Advance

Have a daily task you wish would just appear in your to-do list, like checking emails? Or a monthly task for your calendar, like running a report?

Now, you can set any standalone task or calendar event on a recurring schedule.

Start by creating a task or event like you normally would. Then, click “Repeat” to set your custom frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). CoSchedule will add future events & tasks to your calendar for you! 

For more details, see the announcement or the help docs for events and tasks.

Add A Team Member To CoSchedule

You’ve always been able to add a new team member to CoSchedule. But our settings page got an upgrade recently, so things may look a little different than last time you invited a teammate.

On the left hand side of your team member settings, choose Add Team Member.

Enter the email address of the person you want to add & select a user role to send an invitation. There is a description for each user type, so you can easily understand what permissions each user will have in your calendar.

Invite another team member to collaborate on projects, delegate tasks, and give and receive feedback! Read this help doc on managing team members for more information.


If you have any questions about the product updates in this video, contact support@coschedule.com for help.

Stay tuned for more updates in next month’s recap video.