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The Top 5 Product Updates of 2021 for Marketing Suite

December 1, 2021
Monthly Recap

This month’s “What’s New” update is a countdown of the Top 5 new product updates & features added to CoSchedule Marketing Suite in 2021.   5. Bulk Project Import With Bulk Project Import, you can easily transfer all your projects and content stored in spreadsheets or other management tools to your CoSchedule calendar. Simply download your projects & content as a CSV file. Then upload that file into CoSchedule’s Bulk Project Import wizard! Checkout the announcement for more details or the support doc for specific “how-to” help.   4. Saved Views & Sub-Calendar Views Color labels have their own calendar view, making it easy to visualize (and share) each product line, service line, or internal department on its own custom calendar!  Organize and customize saved views to best fit your needs by creating your own saved views and putting your favorites at the top. Checkout the Saved Views announcement or the Sub-Calendar Views for more details.   3. Recurring Projects, Tasks, Events & More Create recurring activities inside your calendar and customize how far in advance you want to add these activities. This feature is very handy and saves a lot of time when scheduling recurring activities! For more details check out this announcement.   2. Headline Studio In-App Integration This integration replaces the previous basic headline analyzer with the full Headline Studio experience all within your marketing calendar.  Confidently create headlines that drive maximum engagement, traffic, & SEO rankings without ever leaving your calendar.  Checkout the announcement for more details or this support doc for “how-to” help. Please Note: The Headline Studio integration is only available for Marketing Calendar users or if you have a Headline Studio Pro account. If you have a Marketing Suite account and would like to add the integration, please contact your Customer Success Manager.   1. Advanced User Role Permissions This update gives owners and admins the ability to create custom permissions for each of their team members by toggling on and off permissions and checking boxes.  Easily customize users’ permissions for social media content, project and publishing, tab access, and color label access to perfectly fit their role on your team. Read the announcement here.   Honorable Mention:  New Guide & Training Courses We have a Getting Started guide full of best practices, tutorials, & tips for using Social Templates. It’s great for learning some new tips, tricks and best practices to boost your social media game. If you’re in a role where social media is on your list of responsibilities, this guide is for you! All of our guides are available on our website, as a downloadable PDF, or as a free video course in the Actionable Marketing Institute   Honorable Mention: Actionable Marketing Institute Our Actionable Marketing Institute was rebranded to reflect the amazing marketing courses it offers.  Previously called CoSchedule Academy, the Actionable Marketing Institute (AMI) is packed with a wide variety of courses, templates, videos, & resources to help marketers learn new skills fast. Each course is designed to give you actionable tools & tactics to master social media marketing, project management, SEO, social advertising, content marketing, and so much more! There are even a couple free courses if you want to just check out AMI!  Checkout the announcement for more details.   As always, if you have questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager for resources, tips, & training. Or contact our helpful support team at for assistance. Have a great new year!