Save Time With the Most Powerful Editorial Calendar for Solopreneurs

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How To Save Time With The Most Powerful Editorial Calendar for Solopreneurs 77


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How to Save Time With the Most Powerful Editorial Calendar For Solopreneurs

As a solopreneur…blogger…freelancer…(insert your preferred title here)…

Your time is a rare + precious commodity…

Cos’ you, my friend are flyin’ solo.

you are the only one keeping that side hustle alive…

(while workin’ eight hours at that “other” job)

you are the only one multi-tasking between client work + marketing yourself

(while playing maestro coordinator for the kids umpteen million activities…)

…and you are the only one who can make this freelance side-gig…

…a full-time dream job reality.

If only there was a way to put MORE time back on your calendar ;)

…where you could market your business (in less time)…

…work on your freelance projects…

AND have a life…

Too good to be true?

Think again. 🙌

Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog?

Introducing CoSchedule for Solopreneurs! AKA the NEW plan from CoSchedule that’s gonna make it easy for you to implement a solid marketing strategy WITHOUT taking tons of time away from working on your freelance projects OR your free time.

With CoSchedule for Solopreneurs, you can:

  • Organize all your blog posts + social promotion in ONE place
  • Build a seamless workflow from start to finish
  • Promote like a team of social media experts
  • See the ROI of your efforts (and make improvements fast)

Implementing a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated time-suck.

Maximize your efforts…

…save loads of time…

…and make that side hustle a full-time reality.


Organize All Your Blog Posts + Social Promotion in ONE Place

When you are the only one keeping that side hustle alive…

(while working eight hours at that “other” job)

…your inbox is full of convoluted email threads from clients…

… you have a hundred sticky notes scattered across your desk…

…the laundry hasn’t been touched in over a week….

(forget about *actually* spending quality time with your kids)

You start to wonder if you’re EVER going to be able to grow your business…

(or have time for a hot shower).


But luckily..

With CoSchedule for Solopreneurs, you can eliminate the endless email threads, piles of sticky notes, and the dozen and a half moving pieces!

Which means you can *actually* focus on growing your audience AND put precious time back on your calendar.


Here are FIVE amazing features in CoSchedule that are gonna help you create a hella organized marketing strategy (that’s gonna save you TONS of time).

Feature #1 –  Custom Color Labels

Your brain can recognize a color nearly 20 times as fast as it can process a word.

Custom color labels from CoSchedule let you organize your content by color (so you can find your content faster).

Personalize your labels using custom colors (or using a preset color palette)…


Give your labels a name (for even MORE context)…


AND prioritize them based on what matters to you!


Feature #2 – Custom Content Types

When you’ve got a thousand blog posts AND social campaigns to keep track of…

Your calendar starts to look like a hot mess.

Luckily, with Custom Content Types, it’s easy to see which piece of content is a blog post OR a social campaign, keep ‘em organized, AND save your sanity.

Feature #3 – Multi WordPress

Have more than one WordPress site?

Connect them all to ONE calendar and see every blog (and where it’s going) in one place.

Feature #4  – Saved Calendar Views

Hate wasting time searching for content…tasks…and deadlines?

Use saved calendar views to eliminate the tedious process of filtering your calendar AGAIN and AGAIN..and jump into your content faster.

Saved Calendar Views in CoSchedule

Feature #5 – Task Sidebar

When you’ve got notes scattered between your email inbox…written on post it notes your desk…listed in a random note taking app..or buried in text messages…

…you end up wasting TONS of time tracking down critical details.

But luckily…it’s easy to leave yourself notes and tasks within every piece of content thanks to your task sidebar!

Have a series of tasks that you *always* use when creating content? Easily create task templates to reuse whenever you need ‘em.

And just like that…

…you can organize blog posts + social promotion in ONE place…

(in the way that works best for you).


Build A Seamless Workflow From Start To Finish

When you are the only one multi-tasking between client work + marketing yourself…

(and you’re short on time)

…it’s a necessary to use some helpful tools to keep you organized, productive, and on track.

Couple those tools with all the social networks…

Plus a blog (or two)…

…and it feels like you’re constantly jumping from screen to screen trying to manage everything!

Luckily, with CoSchedule for Solopreneurs

You can sync all your favorite tools and social platforms into one place, so you can focus on driving traffic to your site (not jumping from one tool to the next).

Available integrations in CoSchedule


Which means you build a seamless workflow…

(with all your favorite tools)

…in ONE place.


Promote Like A Team Of Social Media Experts

When you are the only one managing multiple social media strategies

(for you + your clients)

You’re responsible for creating, scheduling, AND publishing a TON of content.

Which means you’re expected to act like a team of 20…

..with a limited amount of time. 😕

Luckily, with CoSchedule for Solopreneurs…

You can promote your business (AND your clients) like a team of social media experts!

Here are THREE features in CoSchedule that are gonna take you from riding the social media struggle bus…

…to cool cruising as a social media EXPERT (with extra time on your hands).

Feature #1: Best Time Scheduling

Created by analyzing best practices from hundreds of the world’s best marketers, critically assessing the rules + strategies for every social platform, and testing out the perfect times to send a message…

Best Time Scheduling eliminates the guesswork when it comes to scheduling out all your social media posts!

With Best Time Scheduling, you can space out your messages for maximum coverage (at the best times across every social network), and get the most social engagement every time you post.

So you can rest assured when you select “Best Time” your message is going out at the best time.


Feature #2: Social Campaigns

With Social Campaigns, you can create a predefined social sharing plan to reuse again and again, so you can focus on creating exceptional content, not manually filling in your social queue.

Plus, you can leverage image AND text helpers to eliminate the tedious copy/paste process when you’re creating a campaign across multiple networks!

Feature #3: ReQueue

Do you ever wish you could automatically re-use your best social messages without the manual work?

Well, you’re in luck!

Introducing ReQueue, the magic tool that fills in the gaps of your daily social schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses!

It takes into account your entire social schedule, uses Best Time scheduling to promote your messages at the most optimal times, AND finds the gaps in your schedule (so you don’t have to).

How ReQueue Fills In The Gaps

Here’s the three-step breakdown:

  1. ReQueue looks at your ENTIRE social schedule.
  2. ReQueue uses Best Time Scheduling (more on that later) intelligence to promote your messages at optimal times.
  3. And finally, ReQueue uses that information to intelligently find the gaps in your schedule + fills ‘em (so you don’t have to).

For more information on ReQueue, head to this blog post.

^^pretty sweet, right?!

And just in case you’re worried about an automation fail…

You can rest assured knowing that ReQueue is the ONLY social automation tool on the web that ensures your messages are always timely…always relevant…

..and always intelligent.

Which means you (and your clients) will have a FULL social schedule..

You’ll look like a social media expert (with the amount of content that makes you look like a team of 20)…

AND get time back on your calendar to focus on your freelance projects (or spend a lil’ time with your kids).

popkey boom.gif

See The ROI Of Your Efforts (And Make Improvements Fast)

While you know that marketing is important to growing your business…

(and you’ve got the social media + blog plan to prove it)

Actually taking the time to collect and analyze data about your marketing strategy is a MAJOR time suck.


With CoSchedule for Solopreneurs, you can use advanced analytics to see all that sweet data…

WITHOUT spending time collecting it yourself! 🎉

Here are THREE features in CoSchedule that will take you from having ZERO data…

…to TONS of data (right at your fingertips) that you can use to *actually* track + improve your marketing strategy.

Feature #1 – Top Content Report

Analyze the impact of your social strategy with shares from around the web. Spot trends in your content stats without the time-suck—and stress of digging for them—with the Top Content Report!

Feature #2: Message Level Analytics

Evaluate the success of every social message you send and easily re-share your most engaging content (and improve future messages) with message level analytics!

Easily dive into how EVERY social message performs by clicking on the message from your main calendar view.

Feature #3: Campaign Engagement Reports

Gain powerful insight into your content’s organic reach with individual stats for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest listed above the campaign in your content editor.


…we’ve got another report coming soon called the Social Network Report that’s gonna break down all the deets by social network so you can optimize your social strategy using network-specific data + best practices.

And with all that data at your fingertips…

(without having to spend time collecting and analyzing everything yourself)

You can make improvements to your marketing strategy…fast…

…thanks for CoSchedule for Solopreneurs!


Even though you are the only one keeping the side hustle alive…

(while workin’ eight hours at that “other” job)

…and you are the only one multi-tasking between client work + marketing yourself

(while playing maestro coordinator for the kids umpteen million activities…)

YOU are going make this freelance side-gig a full-time dream job reality.

Implementing a marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a complicated time-suck.

Maximize your efforts…

…save loads of time…

AND make that side hustle a full-time reality…

…with CoSchedule for Solopreneurs.

You’ve got this!
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