Today, we are excited to be rolling out our largest improvement to the CoSchedule calendar interface since we originally launched it last year. There are three major calendar improvements available now.

Calendar View Settings

Up until today, all CoSchedule users were given a default six-week view of their editorial calendar. Now, each calendar can be customized to a default view of its very own.

New CoSchedule Calendar Settings

New calendar view options include:

  • The ability to select the number of visible weeks on the calendar.
  • Customize the day of the week that the calendar starts on (i.e. Monday).
  • Toggle the visibility of weekends on the calendar.
  • The ability to turn off the loading of social messages by default.

These simple customizations will allow you to create the calendar that works best for you and your team. They will also do a lot to improve the speed and performance of your calendar. We are really excited to be offering these new custom views, as they have come highly requested!

Calendar Search

With today’s release, you will also have the ability to search the full CoSchedule calendar for previous posts, and jump to those posts in an instant. This new function will make it super easy to find past content when promoting older posts.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar Search

Calendar Month Picker

In addition to search, you will also have the ability to quickly jump to a new month or year on the calendar with our new month picker, located in the calendar menu bar. This simple feature will make navigating the calendar faster than ever.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar Month Picker

Along with these updates, there are many other tweaks and improvements taking place under the hood that will continue to make CoSchedule the best editorial calendar in the world. We are thrilled with these improvements and hope they make you more productive than ever!

Many of these improvements are related to feature suggestions and ideas from users just like you. Thank you for sharing them with us. We certainly hope that you enjoy the fruits of your (and our) labor.