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Mobile Push Notifications for Instagram

Having your push notifications enabled are crucial for having CoSchedule notify you when your Instagram posts need to be published.

Test Push Notifications for Instagram

Go to Settings > Social Profiles and select the Instagram profile you are wanting to test. In the Instagram profile’s advanced page, go to the “Push Notifications” section.

If the push notifications are not enabled, click Setup Push Notifications.

If the Push Notifications are enabled, but you’re still not receiving a notification, click Send test notification to test.

To check if push notifications are enabled in your phone, open the mobile app and follow the directions below.

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Manage Push Notifications in Mobile

To manage your Push Notifications for the CoSchedule mobile app, click . Then click .

The Ready To Post window will open. Here you will be able to toggle your push notifications on/off for all of your Instagram profiles.

Note: Managing all calendar notifications will be handled inside of the web app.

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