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Add Social Messages to ReQueue Groups

Automate Social Messages by adding them to ReQueue Groups. There are three ways you can add messages to ReQueue.

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Note: ReQueue is an Advanced Social Media Publishing feature and only available in Marketing Calendar Pro.

Add a Social Message to a ReQueue Group As You Create It

  1. After composing your Social Message, click the Requeue icon.
  2. Select the desired Requeue Group.
  3. Choose an expiration period.
  4. Click Save.


Add a Published Social Message to a ReQueue Group 

  1. From your Calendar, open the published message.
  2. Click the ReQueue icon.
  3. Select the desired Requeue Group 
  4. Select the expiration period.
  5. Click Close +Save.

Create a Social Message Directly in a Requeue Group

You can create a Social Message directly in a ReQueue Group. These messages will not be scheduled until the original message is published. Follow the steps below to create a message directly from a group:
  1. Go to ReQueue.
  2. Select the desired group.
  3. Click New ReQueue Message.

  4. Configure the message as desired.
  5. Click Save.

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