How to Publish with a Facebook Page or Group

You can create, schedule, and publish Posts and Reels to Facebook directly through CoSchedule. Before you begin, make sure you have a Facebook account connected to CoSchedule

Create a Social Message

1. Open your Calendar. 2. Click the orange Create button in the upper right corner.  3. Click Social. 4. Select Social Message 5. Choose the account you’d like to post from using the drop-down menu. 6. Enter your desired text. 
  • As you type, you can see a character count for your message in the lower right. You can also add hashtags and emojis directly in this box.
7. Add your desired content and media to your post (see the sections below). If you've selected a Facebook page and uploaded a video, you'll have the option to choose between publishing as a Post or Reel. 8. Once your post is ready to be published, select the date and time you want it to appear or select Best Time. 9. Click Save.
Note: Posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook profile that was used to connect the Group to CoSchedule. When you or other team members on your calendar schedule posts to the Facebook Group, they will always appear as being posted by that Facebook profile.

Add Media to a Facebook Post

To Add a Picture or a GIF:
  1. Click the camera icon.
  2. Choose to either upload  a file from your computer, select from previously-uploaded images, or choose media from your Assets folder. 
  3. Choose your desired photo or GIF.
  4. Click Save.
Facebook Image Requirements:
  • Facebook images look best when they are either 720px, 960px or 2048px wide.
  • Facebook images must be less than 4MB.
    • CoSchedule will convert all oversized images to a smaller resolution to make sure we’re able to publish it to that network. The original aspect ratio will be kept.
  • You can add up to 20 images to your Facebook messages. Facebook will store these images in the Timeline Photos folder.
  • GIFs: Upload the GIF to a message as an image, with only one profile selected. (To get the image to be animated on Facebook, CoSchedule will publish the GIF as a video instead of an image).
  • For the most updated photo specifications, visit this article.
  To Add a Video:
  1. Click the video camera icon.
  2. Choose to either upload a file from your computer, select from previously uploaded images, or choose media from your Assets folder. 
  3. Choose your desired video.
  4. The video will process - you can save the message while this is happening.
  5. Click Save
Facebook Video Requirements:
  • Must be less than 1 GB.
  • For the most updated video specifications, visit this article.

Additional Message Enhancements

  • To mention a Facebook page in your post:
    • Type @pagename in the text area.
    • A list of results will populate with profile icons. 
    • Select the username from the list, and you’ll see it turn blue.
    • CoSchedule does not support mentioning personal profiles.
  • Check your tweet for some key metrics that indicate how successful it is likely to be by clicking the Analyze Button in the lower right corner.
  • Add a color label to your tweet to help visually organize your calendar by clicking the white circle in the lower left corner and choose a color.
  • Add your post to ReQueue by clicking the ReQueue icon.
    • Learn more about ReQueue here.
Note: ReQueue is an Advanced Social Media Publishing feature and only available in Marketing Calendar Pro.

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