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Create and Schedule a Facebook Post

You can create, schedule, and post to Facebook directly through CoSchedule. Before you begin, make sure you have a Facebook account connected to CoSchedule

Create a New Facebook Post

  1. From your calendar, click the orange Create button in the upper right. 
  2. Click Social, then Social Message. 
  3. Choose the account you’d like to post from using the drop down menu.

  4. Enter your desired text. As you type, you can see a character count for your message in the lower right. You can also add hashtags and emojis directly in this box.

Add Media to a Facebook Message

  • To add a picture to your Facebook post, click the camera icon, or click the video camera icon to add a video. You can upload  a file from your computer, select from previously-uploaded images, or choose media from your Assets folder. Click save when you have chosen your desired picture or video.

Schedule a Facebook Post

Once your post is ready to be published, choose the date and time you want it to appear. 

  • If you choose to publish on the current day, you can select Best time to have your message posted at the best possible time for views and interaction, or choose one of the other options.
  • If you choose to schedule your post for a future date, you can also choose the Best time option, a specific Custom time, or a time window.

Analyze a Facebook Post

Check your Facebook post for some key metrics that indicate how successful it is likely to be. Click the Analyze button in the lower right to get a breakdown and some tips to improve your posts.


Add a Color Label to a Facebook post

Adding color labels can help you visually organize your calendar:

 Click the circle in the lower left to choose a color.

Add a Facebook Message to ReQueue

ReQueue schedules your post taking into account your entire social schedule. You can read more about ReQueue and how it works here.

To add a message to ReQueue, click the button with two intertwined arrows in the lower left. Choose the group you’d like to add the message to and when you would like the message to expire.

Add Comments to a Facebook Post

Start a discussion with other members of your team by clicking the speech bubble in the lower left.
When your post is ready, click Save.

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