How to Publish with Mastodon

You can create, schedule, and post to Mastodon directly through CoSchedule. Make sure you have a Mastodon account connected to your calendar.

Create a New Mastodon Post

  1. Open your Calendar
  2. Click the orange Create button in the upper right corner
  3. Click Social
  4. Click Social Message
  5. Choose the account you'd like to post from using the drop-down menu
  6. Enter your desired text. As you type, you can see a character count for your message in the lower right. You can also add hashtags and emojis directly into this box. CoSchedule limits Mastodon posts to 500 characters.
  7. Add your desired media (image(s) or video)
  8. Select the date and time, or select Best Time.
  9. Select who can view your post (public, unlisted, or followers only) — this is required before saving.
  10. Click Save

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