How to Publish YouTube Shorts

You can create, schedule, and post YouTube Shorts directly through CoSchedule. Make sure you have a YouTube account connected to your calendar.

Create a New YouTube Short

  1. Open your Calendar.
  2. Click the orange Create button in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Social.
  4. Select Social Message.
  5. Use the text field to add your video description.
  6. Add your desired media (see the section below).
  7. Set YouTube Publishing settings (see the section below).
  8. Select the date and time.
  9. Click Save.

Add a Video

  1. Click the video camera icon.
  2. Choose to either upload a file from your computer, select from previously uploaded images, or choose media from your Assets folder.
  3. Choose your desired video.
  4. The video will process - you can save the message while this is happening.
  5. Click Save.

YouTube Publishing Settings

  1. Title: Enter a title into the Title field — this is required before saving.
  2. Tags: Adding tags is optional.
  3. Category: Choose from the list of available categories.
  4. Playlist: If you have playlists, the Playlist field will show you a list of playlists to choose from.
  5. Privacy: Select privacy (public, unlisted, or private) — this is required before saving.
  6. License: This field will default to Standard YouTube Licence, but you can choose to change it to Creative Commons - Attribution if needed.
  7. Made for Kids: This will default to off, but if your video is made for kids you can manually turn this setting on.
  8. Allow Embedding: If checked, this allows sites to embed the video on their site.
  9. Notify Subscribers: If checked, a notification will be sent to anyone subscribed to the YouTube channel.
  10. Video Thumbnail: Customize the thumbnail image for your video by uploading an image or selecting a thumbnail from your video.

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