Import Historical Social Messages

View and measure your social messages and see them on your calendar, even if they weren’t sent using CoSchedule.

How It Works

  • When you add a social profile to your calendar, CoSchedule will bring in historic social messages for that profile and also continuously sync new messages onto your calendar that were posted natively or via other scheduling tools.
  • Only your original content posted to the social platform will appear. Shares and retweets will not be imported.
  • Once a social profile is connected to your calendar, CoSchedule will import the supported past 60 days worth of messages (or up to 100 past messages).
  • Within imported social messages, you will see where the message was originally published. If the message is fully supported, you will be able to see a preview of it and add it to ReQueue.
  • If a message is not fully supported by CoSchedule, the message may still be imported, but a preview will not be available and it can not be added to ReQueue.
Please note: Your calendar will not sync messages created outside of CoSchedule the moment they are created. New syncs will take place approximately every 24 hours or when you or a user of your organization logs into your calendar. Back To Top

What Is Supported And What Is Limited

Supported Networks

  • Facebook Pages
  • Public Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn Company
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Pinterest

Facebook Limitations

  • Reels and Stories will not be imported.
  • Not all attachment types for Facebook are supported. For example, polls, lists, offers, jobs, etc. However, Social Sync will still import these posts for visibility but a preview will not display and ReQueue will be disabled.
  • Only Facebook Groups posts made by the user who authenticated the account will be imported. Posts created by other admins or group users are not imported. The group must also be public.
  • Facebook Ads will not be imported.
  • Facebook Activity items currently cannot be reproduced.
  • CoSchedule is unable to determine the post type for 'Sell Something' posts.
  • CoSchedule is not able to differentiate profile picture updates from regular image posts.
  • Be advised that GIF handling is different on Groups vs. Pages. We can import the original .gif file for Groups but not for Pages. For Pages, the GIF will import as a video.

Twitter Limitations

  • Be advised that GIFs are imported as videos due to Twitter converting .gif files to MP4 files which are played in a loop.
  • Twitter API does not provide much information for link type posts so CoSchedule will perform an open graph scrape to try and collect the missing information when importing historical social messages. If the original link no longer exists we may not be able to gather this information.
  • Twitter API restricts us from pulling in messages that may have been Retweeted, including those that have been Retweeted with a comment

Instagram Limitations

  • Reels and Stories will not be imported.
  • Multi-video carousel type posts and mixed-media carousel type posts (images + videos) are not supported.

LinkedIn Limitations

  • Multi-image posts will not be imported.
  • Native video posts will not be imported (video posts created on LinkedIn).
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How many historic social messages will initially sync onto my calendar once I connect a supported social profile?

We will import up to 60 days worth of messages or a maximum of 100 past messages.

I just published new messages outside of CoSchedule for one of my connected profiles, why am I not seeing it on my calendar yet?

We do not import new messages the moment they are published. New messages sync to your calendar approximately every 24 hours or when a user of your organization logs into your calendar (unless the last sync was less than 15 minutes ago).

If I edit a published message after it was imported to my calendar, will the changes retroactively show up on my calendar?

No, only the original synced message will show up. We do not update after editing. Back To Top