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Republish Unsent Instagram Posts

Why did the Instagram Post Not Publish?

Instagram messages have various reasons for not scheduling to Instagram after the push notification. A few of these reasons are:

1. Push notifications are disabled and the message was never sent from the CoSchedule mobile app to Instagram.

2. The post was pushed from the CoSchedule mobile app to Instagram, but the post was not created inside of Instagram.

3.  The post was created inside of Instagram, but the text accompanying the post was changed.

Republish Unsent Instagram Posts

If an Instagram post is not showing up on your feed, it may not have been published for the reasons above. On the calendar view, you may see an error like the image below. To republish the unsent Instagram post, follow the steps below.


1. In the CoSchedule mobile app, go to the Ready to Post page.

2. Your unsent post will be greyed out in the list. Click the unsent Instagram post.

3. Follow all of the steps to publishing your Instagram post from the CoSchedule mobile app to Instagram’s mobile app.

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