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Create a Social Campaign

Creating standalone social messages will help with your quick one-off messages, but creating social campaigns will allow you to create multiple social messages easier.

Why Would You Want To Use a Social Campaign?

A Social Campaign helps you create, manage, and track social messages as a group. Using a link to a web page, they can also help you promote your website, even if it’s not a WordPress site. You can search your calendar for the title of the Social Campaign and use them in filters for Saved Views on your calendar. You can use them in conjunction with Social Templates to make scheduling your messages go quicker and be more consistent. They’re a mainstay of the CoSchedule calendar!

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Create Your Social Campaign

To get started working with your first Social Campaign, click + on the date you want your social campaign to begin. Select Social then Social Campaign

Pick a title and click Create. You can change the title at any time. When your project opens, make sure the project is in the Scheduled state or your social messages will not publish when they reach the scheduled date.

Note: Need to add social profiles? Go to Settings > Social Profiles.

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Add Social Messages

In your Social Campaign project, If you are promoting a specific URL, Click  and add any link to the social campaign. CoSchedule will grab a title, excerpt, and all the images from the attached link.

To add social messages to your social campaign, click . Begin creating your social message.

If you add a URL to your social campaign, the {title} and {permalink} social helpers will automatically be added to your social message. These default social helpers will pull information from the added URL.

When you are finished editing this social message, click Add Message.

Click  to add more social messages on different days. When you are finished scheduling your social campaign, change the status of your project from Draft to Scheduled.

Note: Stop manually scheduling social campaigns. Use Social Templates to speed up the process!

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Monitor Messages in Social Campaign

With social campaigns, you can easily monitor all scheduled and published social messages. To view published social messages, click Sent Messages.

Published messages will be uneditable and will be shaded out. You cannot delete messages within CoSchedule that have already been published.

To edit a scheduled social message, click on the message.

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