Automation and the Use of Multiple Accounts on Twitter

On February 21, 2018, Twitter announced a change in their policy on tweet automation in an effort to stop users from artificially amplifying certain messages. Because of this, tools like CoSchedule will no longer allow publishing the same message to multiple Twitter accounts. These changes will go into effect on March 23, 2018.
So what is changing? To comply with Twitter’s new stance on tweet automation, we have made changes to how users can schedule social messages to Twitter. Do I need to remove my Twitter messages from ReQueue? With ReQueue, all social messages will wait 14 days before sending out again. This way we can be sure to never spam your audience with any of your social profiles. Because of this, ReQueue messages are permitted through Twitter's changes. If you have duplicate messages in a ReQueue group that are sending to multiple Twitter accounts, we recommend removing any of the duplicates to guarantee that you are being compliant with Twitter's new automation changes. How does this impact me?
  • If you use one Twitter account in CoSchedule: You will not see any changes to your experience in CoSchedule.
  • If you use multiple Twitter accounts in CoSchedule: You will only be able to schedule a social message to one Twitter account at a time. When creating a social message, if you already have a Twitter account selected and then select another, you will receive an error message. To add a different Twitter account to your social message, you will first have to deselect the original Twitter account, then add the new account.