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Publishing to Pinterest

Publishing to Pinterest will be a little different than publishing to other networks. With Pinterest, you have the capability to publish to multiple boards while also uploading custom images for your Pins.

Select Pinterest Boards

To publish a Pin, create a new social message (either directly on your calendar, or in a Social Campaign) then select your Pinterest board(s).

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Add Destination Link

Inside of your new social message, insert your text accompanied by the destination link. After the destination link is added, a preview of your link will be displayed underneath the text and destination link. To view a complete preview, clickĀ Preview.

šŸ—“Note: The added link will not display inside of the text of the message, it will only display in the Destination Link section.

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Uploading Custom Images to a Pin

By default, CoSchedule will publish the image that is found in the destination link.

To upload a custom image for your destination link, click the ImageĀ CameraĀ iconĀ and upload your new image. Once the new image is uploaded, the custom image will be displayed in the preview.

šŸ—“Note:Ā To add a custom image, only Pinterest profiles may be selected in the “Add Social Profile” section.

Continue customizing your Pin, then clickĀ SaveĀ to schedule your Pin.

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