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Customizing the Text for Each Social Network with Social Templates

One of the biggest questions that we get at CoSchedule is how do we create our Social Templates. When working with Social Templates, our team creates specific text for each social network. Below we breakdown how we create our Social Templates and what we insert into Social Helpers after a template is applied.

Creating the Social Template

To begin, create a Social Template. In the template, we will create Text Helpers for each social profile we are scheduling for. We will then add the text helpers to each social message of that given network.

1. Click New Helper > Text Helper. Add the name of the social network to the text helper.

2. Repeat this process for each social network. Do not fill in any of the content for the social helpers. This will make sure the template is reusable.

3. Create your social message inside of the Social Template. Add your text helpers to each network you are scheduling for. (Example: Add the {twitter} social helper to your Twitter posts in the social template.)

Once the social template is created, it is time to apply your social template to a social campaign.

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Applying Your Social Template

In the Social Campaign, navigate to the Social Templates pane and select the template you just created, then click Apply.

Click into the Helpers pane, and start adding the text to your social helpers. When you enter the text into the social helpers, it will populate the social messages added to your campaign.

Your posts are now customized for each social network. This template will be stored universally in your calendar, so if you need to use it again in a different campaign, you will just go through the same applying process to customize all of your messages in the new social campaign.

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