Manage Multiple Marketing Clients In One Platform With CoSchedule

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This Is How To Manage All Your Clients On ONE Platform, Increase Productivity, And Get Crazy Organized 70

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How to Manage All Your Clients on One Platform, Increase Productivity, and Get Crazy Organized

Managing a hundred different clients…

With a million different platforms…

…is NO cakewalk.

You’re constantly jumping from tool to tool…

…attempting to keep track of a thousand moving parts AND every associated deadline…

…you’re running from client to client…

(with new projects to add to your workload after every visit)

and it’s enough to make you feel like your head is spinning.


But what if there was a way you could manage all your clients in ONE place?

Where you could integrate all your marketing platforms…

…easily manage your workflows + track deadlines…

AND have some kick butt analytics to show your clients how *amazing* you are.

Too good to be true?

Think again :)

Introducing CoSchedule For Agencies!

AKA your one stop marketing shop to keep your sanity intact and keep your agency workin’ like a well-oiled marketing machine.

With CoSchedule for Agencies, you can:

  • Manage all your clients in ONE place. Eliminate the need for spreadsheets, email threads, and multiple platforms! Get all your clients under one roof. Make it easy for you, your clients, AND your team to collaborate, manage projects, and get sh*t done.
  • Simplify your team’s workflows and collaboration. With custom integrations, team member approvals, and streamlined communication, you can easily facilitate real time collaboration with your clients, stay on track with project tasks, and execute on projects faster.
  • Customize CoSchedule to fit your needs. CoSchedule is designed for flexibility. And as your clientele grows, so should your calendar. With three tiers of multi-calendar plans, CoSchedule makes it easy to scale your plan to fit your client’s unique needs!
  • Improve client retention with data driven results. No more warm fuzzies! Prove the value of all your hard work with real data. Utilize CoSchedule’s most advanced analytics to measure your success and improve client retention….(without all the tedious data collection).

Which means you can stop jumping from screen to screen, manage all your clients on ONE platform, and get your agency super organized in the process.

Let’s jump into the deets!

popkey-yay-succe jujmp.gif

Manage All Your Clients In ONE Place

It’s Monday morning (or any morning for that matter)

And the first thing you do is open a thousand tabs for every platform (for every client)…

Frantically check your email to see if there was anything you missed…

…pull up multiple spreadsheets filled with usernames, passwords, and links…

…all before you even have two sips of coffee.


But with CoSchedule, you can eliminate the need for spreadsheets, email threads, and multiple platforms! Get all your clients under one roof. Make it easy for you, your clients, AND your team to collaborate, manage projects, and get sh*t done.

First things first: managing ALL your clients + maintaining your sanity.

(Because they’re both a priority, am I right?!)

With CoSchedule, it’s SUPER easy to quickly switch from client to client (and every one of their associated platforms)…

…without having to keep a bajillion tabs open on your computer.


Because every client gets their own calendar AND you can easily access any client (at any time) from your CoSchedule side bar menu!

And because every client gets their own calendar, you can easily set up color labels, custom content types, tags, and saved calendar views for each calendar to organize them in the way that works best for you AND your clients.

Which means you can always find right what you need, for ANY client, right when you need it.

Battling information silos in a hundred email inboxes?

^^we feel you.

Introducing your perfect solution….in app chat!

Keep all your discussions about content, deadlines, and progress updates in each client’s calendar. (Which means it’s easy for you, your team, and your clients to stay in the loop on the right stuff.)

Remember the millions and billions of tabs you would open at the beginning of your day?

Wave goodbye to those days…

…because with CoSchedule for Agencies, you can easily connect every client’s social accounts…

AND multiple applications to their CoSchedule calendar! (More on that later)

Which means you can find things faster + easily jump from client to client….

…WITHOUT all those annoying tabs all up in yo’ face.

(And that’s gonna feel pretty great).


Simplify Your Team’s Workflows And Collaboration

Trying to track down emails…

(or scribbled notes on that random post-it from your last client meeting)

…feels like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.

And when you’re trying to coordinate large projects…

…for ALL your clients…

…any miscommunications can cause a real problem.

AKA missed deadlines.

Late projects.

Frustrated clients.

It’s a marketer’s worst nightmare.



With custom integrations, team member approvals, and streamlined communication, you can easily facilitate real time collaboration with your clients, stay on track with project tasks, and execute on projects faster with CoSchedule!

First, let’s talk integrations.

Because you’re Type-A (hello, you’re a marketer)…

…you probably already have tools you LOVE (and really don’t want to part with).

Which is why we made it super easy to integrate the tools you AND your clients already use into CoSchedule.

Easily integrate CoSchedule with Google Analytics, Google Docs, Evernote, WordPress…

…and EVERY major social network.

Which means you can spend less time opening tabs…

…and more time getting sh*t done.

Next up: team member approvals and streamlined communication.

In CoSchedule, you can set up custom workflow templates for each client’s calendar…

…and utilize the in-app chat to share project updates, files, or add comments!

Which means no more information silos.

HELLA accountability (for both your team AND your client).

And clear-as-day communication.

Because when billable hours are in play…

…everyone benefits from the ability to stay in the loop.

Worried about a little too much transparency? Or a client who tends to meddle in your projects more than necessary?


We’ve gotcha covered.

Easily set up user permissions for EVERY calendar so you can stay in control. Create custom roles, modify permissions, activate “read-only” status, and invite new or guest users to any calendar.

And with streamlined communication…

…the ability to easily collaborate…

AND complete control over your calendars + workload…

…well, it’s going to feel awesome

(and hella efficient).


Customize CoSchedule To Fit Your Needs

Managing clients at a marketing agency can feel a little bit like a riding a rollercoaster.

One day it feels like your client number is low….

The next, it feels like you have more clients that you can handle!

(With a whole bunch of ups and downs in between.)

It’s a tough balancing act…

Because the size of your agency dictates what tools you can use (especially when it comes to cost and available features).

And having to move from tool to tool as your agency shifts is complicated, inconsistent, and messes with client expectations.


Luckily…we’ve got you covered. 😎

No matter what the size of your agency is (or what it could be), CoSchedule is designed for flexibility. And as your clientele shifts or grows, so should your calendar! With three tiers of multi-calendar plans, CoSchedule makes it easy to scale your plan to fit your client’s unique needs.

Below is a breakdown of how CoSchedule can be modified for a small, medium, or large agency.

CoSchedule for Small, Medium, and Large Agencies

^^Which means as you scale, your plan does too!

So it’s easy to make the decisions YOU think are best for your agency…

…without having to transition back and forth between tools.

And as the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized (no matter your size)…

We’ve got your back.

Improve Client Retention With Data-Driven Results

Client meetings are great…

…until all of the sudden, they want to see their ROI.

Their performance.

AKA your agency report card.


And with ALLLL the work you have on your plate, spending time compiling data AND putting together reports feels like a major time suck.

But with CoSchedule, it’s easy to prove the value of all your hard work…with advanced analytics and reports!

Easily measure your success and improve client retention…without all that tedious data collection on your end. 🙌

Which means you can spend less time creating reports…

(because we’ve taken care of that for you)

…and more time crushin’ projects for your clients.


First up: show real time data + progress with Team Performance Reports. (Available on Multi Cal Plus and higher).

Easily give updates on anything from large projects to smaller items, like blog content or social media posts, in real time.

Utilize both the burn charts (#nerd) to see your completion rate, make adjustments to your team’s workload if needed, and keep those clients EXTRA happy.

Screenshot of a team report burn chart

Next on the list: prove you + team are #social wiz kids with the Social Engagement Report.

Social Analytics Report Example

Show your clients their overall engagement, specific network and social account performance, and top social media messages!

(Which means your clients are going to see how amazing you are when it comes to managing their social media.)

And finally…show your clients how your content is CRUSHIN’ it with the Top Content Report.

Sort by content type or author, and see where AND how much your content was shared.

And with all that data at your fingertips…

(and time back on your calendar to focus on the stuff that *actually* matters)

…your agency can focus keeping clients happy WITHOUT having to spend so much time creating tedious reports.


Remember the days of a million different platforms?

Jumping from tool to tool?

Attempting to keep track of a bajillion moving parts, deadlines, and random email strings?

Yeah, those days are OVER.

Because you’ve got CoSchedule in your back pocket…

And that means your agency is gonna be workin’ like a well-oiled marketing machine…

…your clients are going to be amazed at how brilliant (and organized) you are…

…and that sanity of yours?

Well, let’s just say…

It’s VERY much in tact.


Ready to try CoSchedule for yourself? Schedule a demo today.

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Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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