The 7 Best Marketing Project Management Software To See Top-Tier Success

On average, 11.4 percent of investment is wasted because of poor project management. In terms of marketing efforts, this statistic is a direct translation to money lost on underperforming ads and failing campaigns. The solution? Marketing project management software.
Marketing Project Management Software Fundamentals

What Is Marketing Project Management?

Marketing Project Management

Marketing project management is the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure of all marketing efforts.

These five phases are broken into the following:
  • Initiation: Project goals and objectives
  • Planning: Project scope, deadlines, communication plan, and milestones
  • Execution: Product launch, KPIs, and tracking
  • Monitoring and Control:  Performance and quality deliverables
  • Closure: Post-mortem review

The 7 Best Marketing Project Management Software Platforms

  1. CoSchedule Marketing Suite
  2. CoSchedule Marketing Calendar
  3. Welcome
  4. StoryChief
  5. Trello
  6. Airtable
  7. Asana

What Makes The Best Marketing Project Management Software?

How We Evaluate Marketing Project Management Software
  • CoSchedule has been building work management software since 2013. Our head of marketing, Nathan Ellering, has been managing marketing projects for 15 years. With his experience in the marketing industry — and background in understanding the marketing project management software category — this piece translates his knowledge into actionable information he hopes will help prospective buyers understand the strengths and weaknesses of this software.
  • My own experience in this field is based largely on intense research into actual customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings; my usage of specific software on this list; and information provided directly by the companies included in this list.
  • In addition, I made sure to include several noteworthy customer testimonials of praise and shortcomings for each software product. I also compiled customer ratings from multiple sources such as G2Crowd, Capterra, Gartner, GetApp, and others to provide curated research from many providers in this single resource.

Built Specifically For Marketing Project Management Use Cases

Project Management Software must offer the necessary tools to support the initiation, planning, and execution of all projects. Without a reliable system, work will fall into chaos.

High Praise Ratings & Reviews From Actual Users

As Thomas Mirmotahari of PerkUp said, poor project management is “A lack of insight, foresight, and knowledge of what it entails to drive your team to produce excellent results.” High customer satisfaction can provide that insight and help produce excellent results.

Implementation, Adoption, & Speed To Value

Many project management tools are designed to manage projects for every industry. No matter the platform, the software system must be successfully implemented and adopted into action.

What Features To Look For In Marketing Project Management Software?

For marketing project management software, features to look for include:
  1. Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software
  2. Marketing Project Triage & Request Management
  3. Kanban Project Management
  4. Marketing Campaign Management
  5. Project Management Gantt Charts
  6. Collaboration, Communication, & Comments
  7. Marketing Project Task Management
  8. Stakeholder Read-Only Views

Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software

To prevent toggling between different platforms, integrations connect software to third-party applications to share information with each other seamlessly. Intergraded apps and software create flexibility for marketers.

Popular Marketing Project Management Software Integrations Include:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Zapier
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Salesforce
  • Social Media

Marketing Project Triage & Request Management

Project triage is the process of analyzing and prioritizing projects. CoSchedule request form.

Kanban Project Management

Kanban project management is a methodology in which a project’s workflow is visually broken into actionable production phases. CoSchedule's Kanban breakdown to see tasks in individual steps.

Marketing Campaign Management

Campaign management refers to the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. CoSchedule Marketing campaign management.

Project Management Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts horizontally illustrate a project’s timeline. Gantt chart shows project progress in a horizontal design Source

Collaboration, Communication, & Comments

When collaboration and communication between team members is strong, workflow becomes smoother, tasks are completed efficiently, and productivity increases.  CoSchedule discussion board allowing team members to collaborate. CoSchedule Calendar View

Marketing Project Task Management

Task Management refers to managing a task throughout its lifecycle (i.e., planning, testing, tracking, and reporting). CoSchedule marketing task template.

Stakeholder Read-Only Views

Stakeholder Read-Only Views refers to granting (read-only) access to any project, campaign, or contract for a stakeholder to view.
The 7 Best Marketing Project Management Tools & Software

1. CoSchedule Marketing Suite

CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a family of agile marketing products to coordinate teams, projects, and processes.
Products in Coschedule Marketing Suite include:
  • Calendar Organizer to enable global visibility over every project and campaign.
  • Content Organizer to triage projects, drive strategy, and create content.
  • Work Organizer to seamlessly manage and automate team and individual workflow.
  • Asset Organizer to store, index, and manage brand assets.
CoSchedule Marketing Suite landing page Source CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a project management solution for marketing teams. It serves as a centralized digital workplace, increasing visibility among marketing operations to prioritize, plan, and manage work. Additionally, it optimizes the editorial process to save time, deliver more, and eliminate content bottlenecks.


  • Centralized Content: Manage a reliable pipeline of upcoming and inflight projects by seeing every project on a unified calendar.
  • Customized Sharing Links: Keep stakeholders in the loop by securely sharing folders and files.
  • Pre-Schedule Social Post: Optimize social media platforms by scheduling posts in advance.


  • Limited Native Analytics: As referenced as a caution in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms, CoSchedule Marketing Suite doesn’t focus on content performance analytics and instead relies on integrations with best-of-breed platforms such as Google Analytics.
  • Thorough On-boarding: Marketing Suite focuses on marketing campaign, project, and work management functionality. While it is highly customizable, it requires some thought processes in the initial setup. This is why the company pairs all new Marketing Suite customers with a dedicated customer success manager.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

CoSchedule Marketing suite features and functionality. Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Robust Kanban Project Management: Robust Marketing Campaign Management: Robust Project Management Gantt Charts: Unavailable Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust Marketing Project Task Management: Robust Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Robust

Customer Quotes

The clever CoSchedule Marketing Suite is based on a marketing calendar, and we've had a great time while working on it. It has combined work organization, social media management, content marketing, and digital asset management features in a single suite for our convenience. This set of agile technologies is intended to give us total visibility into our operations by providing a single source of truth for all marketing activities. CoSchedule Marketing Suite also allows us to integrate all of the tools that we require daily together in one spot. Its work organization feature made a significant difference in our working environment and team communication, allowing us to better organize and automate our more complex operations.

- Verified Market Strategy Manager via Gartner

I've used Coschedule in several roles, and have always gone back to it. It's the only project management software truly geared towards content professionals working across multiple channels. There's always a missing integration or two that would be nice to have, but as long as you're on a mainstream CRM and CMS, then Coschedule is indispensable in creating cross-channel visibility for marketing stakeholders.

- Verified Content Marketing Manager via Gartner

The mobile apps are basically just the website thrown onto a mobile screen with zero regard for how the UI scales down. It's more often than not completely unusable. CoSchedule can be as custom as you want it and the team that manages enterprise customer service is a quick phone call away.

- Capterra Verified Reviewer

I found out that scheduling blog posts from CoSchedule doesn't work; I'll have to schedule it directly from WordPress to work. I realized that when I made a post and scheduled it to go out after a couple hours, only to find it saying "draft" in WordPress and "schedule" in CoSchedule.

- Abigail N., Capterra Verified Reviewer


Plans & Pricing

Marketing Suite is a flexible platform; find the best plan for your marketing team by scheduling a demo here. CoSchedule marketing suite plans and pricing. Source
Have a question? Learn more about CoSchedule’s Marketing Suite here.

2. CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

CoSchedule Marketing Calendar brings together all marketing initiatives into one convenient calendar.
Top Features:
  • Receive instant clarity into all projects through a cross-functional calendar
  • Seamlessly create, schedule, and publish integrated social campaigns
  • Collaborate with team members, communicate progress, and provide feedback
  • Pivot quickly when priorities change by easily rescheduling calendar projects
CoSchedule marketing calendar landing page Source Built specifically for marketing project management, CoSchedule Marketing Calendar is a must-have in a project management arsenal. Whether storing ideas, managing projects, or reorganizing tasks, the software provides a unified calendar to see, schedule, and share everything.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

CoSchedule marketing calendar features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust/Limited Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Limited Kanban Project Management: Robust/Limited Marketing Campaign Management: Robust Project Management Gantt Charts: Unavailable Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust Marketing Project Task Management: Robust Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Robust

Customer Quotes

New to small business ownership & needed to ramp up my social media/client posts - spreadsheets and notebooks challenging - times, tracking it all, who's next, etc. I searched "social media creation tools" and CoSchedule populated, as well as a few others. I looked at about 5 different sites and liked CoSchedule the best because of its ease, the calendar layout where you see what you've posted, who you've highlighted (clients), and the dates and times. I liked the free version but needed more than 5 posts per day shared between social profiles, so I bought a subscription. I love how easy it is to create social media messages. Pulling images and logos from the file folder is excellent, and finding those images and logos previously used is great - I don't have to keep going back to client files to grab them. All previous images and logos are right there to use again & freshen up. CoSchedule Calendar is a great tool to make social media posts easy. It's a couple of steps and boom, you have a post. I love that CoSchedule selects the best time to post. It is a great option. With CoSchedule, I can create personalized content for 3 of my clients in a matter of minutes and with my subscription, I can schedule my posts out for weeks. CoSchedule takes all the guessing & hassle out of social media posts.

- Scott C., Verified Publisher via G2

CoSchedule has changed the game for my Corporate Communications team! We have grown immensely over the past year and before CoSchedule, keeping up with our global and business communications simultaneously was a large issue for us. Now, our communication schedule and organization have never been stronger thanks to CoSchedule's many well-thought-out features, including tags, project types, color coding, campaigns, etc. Not only does CoSchedule aid in my team's visibility, but we also provide our local sites with insight by using the "Read Only Sharing" view. This allows them to coordinate their messaging around our calendar. Our communication cascade is the smoothest it's ever been! Lastly, I cannot talk about CoSchedule without shouting out their great customer service. When first introduced to the platform, I worked with a very knowledgeable Account Executive, who was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions... which I have to admit, I would often ask the same question more than once as I was becoming familiar with CoSchedule. They were so patient and eager to help! Now, I work with a phenomenal Customer Success Manager. We have consistent check-ins and she onboards new employees onto CoSchedule as the team continues to grow.

- Savannah B., Verified Content Strategist via G2


Plans & Pricing

CoSchedule offers a free lite plan. Premium functionality – including team task management, unlimited social media scheduling, and task workflow templates – is available for $29 per user per month. CoSchedule calendar plans and pricing. Source

3. Welcome

Welcome, an Optimizely company, brings teams together in a single workspace to plan, collaborate and flawlessly execute campaigns.
Top Features:
  • Intake and resource management
  • Content production and distribution
  • Performance measurement
Optmizely landing page. Source
Optimizely Content Management System combines creativity and artificial intelligence in a productive management software. Built for the complexities of modern marketing, the software scales to support both large and small teams.


  • Work Requests: After collecting project details, Welcome’s software automatically routes work to the correct person.
  • Content Editing: Deliver high-quality content by annotating and collaborating with users.
  • Customer Service: Beyond solving an issue with the software, Welcome will follow up to ensure continued success. Multilingual support is additionally available.


  • Learning Curve: Due to the lack of in-depth instructions, immediate software success will be prevented.
  • User Interface: Until the platform is mastered, the dashboard and its functions can be complicated.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

Welcome's software features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Robust Kanban Project Management: Robust Marketing Campaign Management: Robust Project Management Gantt Charts: Robust/Limited Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Limited Marketing Project Task Management: Limited Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Unavailable

Customer Quotes

Optimizely B2B commerce allows businesses to create online stores and manage different operations like payments and inventory management. It helps businesses to acquire new customers by creating a seamless interface with multiple functionalities.

- Verified Transportation Strategist Via Gartner

OPTI B2B platform provided the breadth of OOTB functionality we needed. We are also able to build/deploy significant customizations and integrations to meet our unique business needs and UX requirements. They are rapidly developing and deploying feature/functionality improvements and updates which is both great but also presents some challenges.

- Verified Strategic Development and Transformation Leader via Gartner

On the whole support is helpful, documentation is somewhat hard to find, the model of using costly third party implementation partners is not ideal, we've also been heavily penalized for developing bleeding edge features that later on are found in the base product with the exception that we are just that much further from vanilla making upgrades difficult / costly. Also the incredibly expensive front-end architecture revamping for nearly no gain is a big ding.

- Verified Software Developer via Gartner


Plans & Pricing

There is a free plan available with limited functionality— for full functionality you can reach out to their team for a quote. Optimizely plans and pricing. Source

4. StoryChief

StoryChief is a simplified software for creating, planning, and publishing campaign content across various channels. Top Features:
  • Content readability optimization
  • Create, schedule, and publish social campaigns
  • Publish newsletters
StoryChief feature display Source Specifically designed for digital marketers, StoryChief is a centralized platform to manage all content marketing campaigns. It includes a data management module to gauge performance, measure KPIs, and track campaigns using UTM tags. Additionally, the simple interface ensures easy implementation and successful user adoption. Administrators can easily assign or plan content among collaborators and organize projects in folders for simple organization.


  • On-Site SEO: With fully integrated SEO tools, StoryChief aids in improving a website’s organic search engine visibility.
  • Automotive Content Management: StoryChief uses content automation to eliminate the need for human input in certain areas, saving time and effort.
  • Centralized Workflow: Leave a comment, track project changes, or ask external users to contribute to StoryChief’s collaborative workspace.


  • No Mobile App: Providing a direct touch point throughout a work day, a mobile app is a personalized line of communication that creates visibility. Without it, StoryChief users may lose convenient project awareness.
  • Limited Editor Access: Unlike Google Docs, only one user is permitted to view and edit documents at a time.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

StoryChief features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust/Limited Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Robust Kanban Project Management: Unavailable Marketing Campaign Management: Robust Project Management Gantt Charts: Unavailable Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust Marketing Project Task Management: Robust/Limited Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Unavailable

Customer Quotes

We've been using StoryChief for 5+ years, and as an agency with clients who focus on and benefit from content marketing, it has been an invaluable tool for us all. We especially like the built-in SEO guidance, readability analysis, and the fact that we can trickle-publish and syndicate our content to multiple channels over several weeks. Because Storychief is SEO savvy, the articles being syndicated to other websites all include a Google "canonical" tag, meaning the SEO ranking credit from all that traffic only goes to the original publishing website. Due to this form of backlinks buildup, we have seen articles quickly rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). We also like the ability to schedule social media campaigns as well. And the number of platforms that StoryChief supports and integrates with is huge.

- Juergen B., verified Creative Director via G2.

I value Story Chief because it allows teams to write great content thanks to its built-in SEO and readability scores. Content distribution is made simple with just one click; you can write posts for each of your articles and publish them to the channels of your choice or schedule them. Use the easy-to-use content management workflow to get your team on the same page with your campaigns. You can use images, videos, and rich media to make your stories stand out.

- Micheal S., verified Software Test Engineer via G2

No content workflow statuses/inability to really manage a pipeline. No live collaboration like Google Docs/Notion. Still trying to solve my problems. Needing an all-in-one content workflow tool to manage teams and publication schedules that can also publish to CMSs. Like GatherContent but not so clunky and restricted.

- Skyler R., verified CEO via G2

I'm using StoryChief with a really big team where we are going through many rounds of editing with multiple editors. Not being able to put "suggestions" but only comments makes it much slower to go back through and clean up versions. You also can't have more than one person editing a doc at one time. And with multiple rounds of edits, it's basically impossible to know "who's got the football" for us, so we had to implement a project management solution to keep track of that. So for us it's not ideal. But for a less complicated team, it would probably be great.

- Cassandra A., verified Digital Marketing Manager via G2


Plans & Pricing

Starting at $170 per month, for four users, StoryChief offers different plans to get the customization needed. StoryChief plans and pricing Source

5. Trello

Trello is a simple collaboration tool for organizing projects into boards.
Top Features:
  • Create boards, cards, and lists for easy project management
  • Butler, its automation system, minimizes human input and reduces repetitive tasks
  • Files, documents, and various attachments can be added within cards, keeping organization at the forefront of Trello.
Trello product example Source Based on the kanban framework, Trello is ideal for task management in a to-do list format.  The visual collaboration tool plans tasks, prioritizes actions, and provides instant clarity into projects. While it is best suited for smaller teams, it fosters communication among team members by allowing users to add comments, add new collaborators, or attach notes and documents to already assigned tasks.


  • Task Management: Breaking down projects into digestible pieces, Trello neatly tracks tasks through lifecycles.
  • Board Customization: Boards – Trello’s digital repository of projects – are customizable for individual preferences or project needs.
  • Notifications: Collaborators are notified of all board changes to facilitate project transparency.


  • Google Calendar Integration: Trello cannot be integrated with Google Calendar, so if using both platforms, the two must be used asynchronously.
  • Poor Timeline Management: While Trello breaks a project into actionable tasks, it fails to provide an overall project timeline from inception to completion.
  • Card Lockdown: Boards cannot be “locked down” to prevent users from making changes.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

Trello features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Robust/Limited Kanban Project Management: Robust Marketing Campaign Management: Limited Project Management Gantt Charts: Unavailable Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust Marketing Project Task Management: Robust Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Unavailable

Customer Quotes

Without a doubt, Trello has been making improvements in the look and feel that show a minimalist and very functional screen, especially to distinguish different workspaces, which can be configured individually. On the other hand, the possibility of inviting workspace members is very practical and configurable from the beginning, so it's possible to keep a clean area when we talk about managing resources. And additionally, the templates option helps not to confuse projects with each other, which guarantees quick access when you have multiple activities from different areas.

- Verified IT Project Manager via Gartner

Trello is fantastic, simple to use, and packed with clever UX tools that make tracking and updating tasks fun. Our organization uses Trello frequently if something needs to be put together quickly. Trello is an excellent alternative to other free applications. Multiple projects may be planned, tasks can be pinned, work can be tracked, teamwork can be managed, and deadlines can be met very easily by this software. Among all the job management programs , it has the quickest and snappiest task sorting speed, and it still holds the top spot. Whether it's on the desktop app, the web app, or the mobile app doesn't matter

- Verified Product Manager via Gartner

I generally find that the use of Trello is causing us more confusion than it solves. It is trying to be a mix of several different tools and suffers in doing any one thing well.

- Verified Finance Treasurer via Gartner

Nice, but missing features such as timing. It has some date & time fields, but that's not enough. I miss the feature to select tasks by person being assigned to a task

- Verified Head of Operations via Gartner


Plans & Pricing

Trello offers a free version and various paid versions to add greater automation, collaboration, and administrative control. Trello plans and pricing page Source

6. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based software for building a custom project management dashboard.
Top Features:
  • Create boards, cards, and lists for easy project management
  • Its workflow automation, Butler, reduces repetitive tasks
  • Filter fields to quickly access closed, canceled, or open projects
Airtable product example Source With a friendly interface, customizable grid, card views, and calendar, Airtable empowers workflows and enables content pipelines. Additionally, it combines spreadsheet, database, and kanban functionality into one platform. Through prebuilt views or custom interfaces, collaborators at any skill level can choose how to view relevant information. The platform is scalable to help businesses of all sizes, but the communications tools are limited.


  • Mobile Access: Leave a comment, open projects, or view a task from the convenience of a mobile device.
  • Customize Work Views: Organize project data into a work view best for individual needs.
  • Predesigned Templates: Quickly jumpstart projects with Airtable’s preconstructed templates. Proceed by customizing as needed.


  • Limited Manageability: As project status changes, users cannot drag projects into updated cells.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Lacking tutorials and in-depth instructions, successfully adopting Airtable may be a challenge.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

Airtable features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Robust Kanban Project Management: Robust Marketing Campaign Management: Robust/Limited Project Management Gantt Charts: Limited/Unavailable Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust/Limited Marketing Project Task Management: Robust Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Limited/Unavailable

Customer Quotes

We're using Airtable on a large campus-wide project. It's been extremely useful in bringing together teams across departments to plan inventory, logistics, and timelines for execution. Scalability and customization is very flexible, yet the learning curve can be steep for short-term applications.

- Verified Instructional Technology Director via Gartner

Airtable allowed us to fastly implement a data supporting tool for part of our internal operations and automate some processes. Its very intuitive and flexible data model allows fast implementation. Many integration options are also available, but we found some of them still poorly implemented.

- Verified Associate Professor via Gartner

Useful for general project management, but as a creative, I found the interface too static and not ideal for the projects I work on.

- Verified Graphic Designer via Gartner

Good fit for a small organization that needs a few centralized databases for external contacts. Overall pretty flexible and works as intended.

- Verified Financial Analyst via Gartner


Plans & Pricing

There is a free version and various plans starting at $10 a month. Airtable plans and pricing Source

7. Asana

Asana is a workplace management dashboard for streamlining communication across companies and teams.
Top Features:
    • Automate everyday tasks and routine work
  • See work mapped out over time
  • 200+ software integrations
Asana marketing campaign layout Source From daily tasks to strategic initiatives, Asana is a powerful tool for orchestrating work. The software, flexible enough to handle any workflow, can assign projects, plan strategic initiatives, and track progress. Additionally, it keeps communication at the forefront of the software by encouraging collaborators to send updates, share files, and take ownership of tasks.


  • Expansive Integrations: Asana offers a bi-directional workflow with over 200 software platforms – integrating made easy.
  • Collaboration Focused: Have teammates with different hours, in different locations, using different applications? Asana eliminates poor project visibility and communication silos by organizing work and conversations into one place.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Providing real-time reporting and insights, Asana offers dashboards, charts, and graphs to neatly visualize high-level data.


  • Single Assignee for Tasks: To avoid confusion about who is responsible, a task can only be assigned to one user. However, if more than one collaborator is needed, an additional software or a workaround will be necessary.
  • Limited Exporting Abilities: In Asana, users cannot export project data into Excel or in PDF, only CSV and JSON options are available.
  • No Time Tracking Capabilities: Asana lacks time tracking – a core functionality that captures worked hours for client invoicing or internal use. Without it, an additional application will be necessary.

Marketing Project Management Features & Functionality

Asana features and functionality Integrations With Marketing Tools & Software: Robust Marketing Project Triage & Request Management: Limited Kanban Project Management: Robust Marketing Campaign Management: Limited Project Management Gantt Charts: Robust Collaboration, Communication, & Comments: Robust Marketing Project Task Management: Robust/Limited Stakeholder Read-Only Views: Limited

Customer Quotes

Asana makes it incredibly simple to automate procedures, repetitive activities, and workflows that integrate with our other business tools. The graphical workflow builder in Asana makes it easier than ever to create custom rules, triggers, and actions. We use it to build up simple automation such as cascading due dates, assigning a task to the next person in the flow, checking a box, or informing your team via Slack when a project is completed, all the way up to the most complicated workflows that span dozens of users, tools, and tasks. Asana agile the project development cycle and lessened the overall cost and enabled us to deliver fully-featured products to our customers.

- Verified Senior Software Engineer via Gartner

A good agile product management tool with easy customization of kanban boards, backlog maintenance using different templates based on the usage. I have used this tool for my agile product to manage multiple sprint activities with different teams. I have used the free version, which suits for a small project by tracking daily activities, and there are paid versions with multiple integrations and much more features. Overall the experience of using this tool is great for a small team.

- Verified IT Services Team Lead via Gartner

Having used Asana, it seems like a very basic version of other tools in the same market. It is also very disconnected from other tooling areas making it harder to keep that unified view across the worksphere.

- Verified Head of Quality Assurance via Gartner

We enjoyed Asana but had some difficulties with scaling - the goal was to go company-wide, and the cost was prohibitive of what we had hoped for. The other issue is that it is not able to be personalized as we would like.

- Verified Retail Director via Gartner


Plans & Pricing

Asana offers comparative pricing plans to get the power and customization needed. Start for free, and upgrade for more. Asana plans and pricing Source
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