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Marketing Management Qualifications: How To Become A Master In The Marketing Management Process

Published July 31, 2023
/ Updated December 14, 2023

Looking to get your foot in the door for marketing management? Look no further. Discover the many layers of managing marketing and learn the sought-after qualifications needed to become a marketing manager yourself!

Producing proactive, effective marketing is a marketer’s dream, but it’s unachievable without someone to manage that marketing. Think of a marketing manager as a zipper that guides and holds your marketing efforts together. Learn the ins and outs of marketing management, from understanding their role in a business to the qualifications it takes to become one.

What Is A Marketing Manager?

Marketing managers ultimately oversee their business’s entire marketing strategy. They anticipate shifts in their plan, pounce on new marketing opportunities, and boost their brand’s awareness. A marketing manager wears many hats to ensure marketing efforts run smoothly while optimizing their business’s marketing from start to finish.

Duties Of Marketing Management

Maximize Foot-Traffic

As a marketing manager, attracting new customers and increasing your outreach is important. With increased foot traffic, you can accurately determine when and where your customers highly frequent, then market there.

Emphasize Customer Value

It’s equally as essential to shift your attention to emphasize customer value. Keep in touch with loyal customers and let your marketing efforts alone remind them why they chose you in the first place.

Become Versatile

Authentic advice from people who have done marketing management emphasizes the importance of obtaining knowledge from all different aspects. Be a sponge; soak up all the knowledge you can— the more you can grasp different types of marketing, the more well-suited you are to be a successful manager.

Increase Profit

Marketing managers are responsible for making sharp marketing decisions to help their businesses flourish. Choose marketing efforts that best fit your business and drive profits.

Boost Brand Awareness

Creating a powerful public reputation for your business is the primary focus of a marketing manager. Marketing managers can anticipate marketing and industry trends, creating unique marketing opportunities for their business.

Salary & Job Outlook For Marketing Management

Marketing management is considered an “in-demand” field compared to other occupations. In other words, the marketing manager position is growing faster than average, with many job openings each year.

Marketing Management Salary

As a marketing manager, earning a salary between $100,596 and $132,082 is typical. The average salary for this position is $115,228 as of May 1st, 2023. As with any occupation, some factors potentially impact that salary, such as years of experience, location, and education.

Job Outlook

Employment for marketing managers is expected to increase by 10% in the next decade, a faster pace than standard for all other occupations.

There’s an average of 35,300 job openings for Marketing Managers every year.

Average salary for marketing managers graphic

To become a marketing manager, there are a few boxes you need to be able to check off. Although required qualifications may vary between companies when hiring, here’s a general guideline of qualifications necessary for landing the role of a marketing manager.

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Problem Solve Like A Boss

While working through your business’s marketing efforts, you need to be equipped with the right skillset to lead a successful team. Your marketing efforts wouldn’t have any problems in a perfect world, but unfortunately, roadblocks are inevitable. It’s game-changing to be able to put out fires calmly and efficiently.

  • Have Strong Research Skills

One of many essential marketing skills is to be able to research effectively. To fill gaps in customer expectations, a marketing manager must have strong research skills. Be able to dig through statistics, analytics, and summaries to come back up with a solution.

  • Harness A Leader Mentality

As a marketing manager, you oversee many aspects of your business’s marketing strategy. In turn, this also means you oversee many people. Becoming a successful marketing manager goes hand in hand with becoming a strong leader. Get comfortable being the first one to question the process, speak up about new ideas, and act on what you think is best. Taking initiative means being one step ahead of future problems.

Gain Insightful Experience

To land a management position in marketing, obtaining 3-5 years of experience in sales, marketing, or related fields is crucial.

Employers also require on-the-job experience when considering candidates for marketing managers. Entry-level positions benefit anyone working towards becoming a marketing manager, as it introduces you to the company’s customer base, outreach techniques, budgets, and an overall view of how their organization functions.

Go the extra mile and accomplish preferred highly sought-after qualities for marketing managers. These qualifications are not required to become a marketing manager, but they give you a leg up on fellow candidates and can speak to your capabilities.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree In Marketing

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree gives your knowledge in marketing a leg to stand on. It serves as foundational knowledge and opens the door to developing projects that express your newfound expertise.

Complete Your Masters

If you have already earned your bachelor’s, you can continue your education and earn your master’s. Earning a master’s degree compliments your previous experience, proves dedication to the field, and further reflects your capabilities in the marketing world.

Access Certifications

Aim above and beyond to advance your marketing knowledge by specializing in niche marketing topics or diving into marketing certifications to prove your expertise.

Acquire Valuable Experience

Considering marketing managers supervise a business’s marketing strategy from start to finish, it is preferred that you have a minimum of 10 years of experience in marketing or business. Here are a few examples of positions that provide insightful experience to get you started:

Product Marketing Specialist

Product Marketing Specialists oversee the marketing of a company’s products or services. This role will serve as good practice in researching and discovering what sells, specific to your business.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialists write, edit, and develop content for marketing campaigns. This position’s experience will revolve around editing, planning, and content creation skills.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts monitor and anticipate marketing and sales trends, then use results to determine the effectiveness of the company’s current marketing strategies or programs. Working in this role will gain you experience in advanced data analytics and visualization, and teach you how to test campaigns effectively.