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25 Best Marketing Blogs To Help You Become A Better Marketer

Published April 5, 2022
/ Updated October 25, 2023

There are so many marketing blogs, publications, and resources that it can be difficult to know which ones are worth following. Luckily we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best marketing blogs.

A note on our definition of “best”: The following publications exhibit qualities that go above and beyond their competition. Attributes we look for in the best marketing blogs include:

  • Actionable and fluff-free information
  • Factual and proven advice
  • Thought leadership and strategic innovation

1. Seth Godin: Marketing Innovation & Beyond

Tap into the mind of Seth Godin, author of 20 bestselling marketing books and member of three separate marketing Hall of Fames (yes, those exist). Seth has been developing this blog for over a decade, and it’s constantly updated with the latest trends in marketing, self-development, and much more.

2. CoSchedule Marketing Blog: Organization, Work Management, & Best Practices

Start every morning feeling dialed in and ready to attack the day with organizational tips from CoSchedule. Discover how to become highly efficient with daily marketing tasks and increase productivity. This freshly updated blog will keep you one step ahead of the competition with the latest and most advanced practices.

3. ChiefMarTech: Marketing Technology News

Upgrades in technology have completely changed the game of marketing. Adopting the newest software and systems has become essential to keep up with the competition. Learn about the latest technology to help you deliver, analyze, and improve your marketing messages.

4. MarketingProfs: Marketing Training & Consulting

MarketingProfs was developed to provide hands-on education through training programs, online events, conferences, and a nearly endless supply of free resources. Take your skills to the next level by learning through real-world experiences from top marketing experts, and utilize their consulting services for invaluable insight into your business.

5. Content Marketing Institute: All Things Content Marketing & Strategy

Founded in 2011 by bestselling author Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute provides top-level advice from industry experts and interactions with a strong community of over 200,000 marketers. Content needs to do more than simply pitch your product to influence consumers. Learn how to curate marketing content that consistently provides value to buyers, earns their trust, and develops brand loyalty.

6. Backlinko: SEO Best Practices

Digital marketing expert Brian Dean unveils his top tips and strategies to boost your website’s search engine rankings and get more traffic. Read through to get access to proven and practical advice you can implement immediately to outrank the competition.

7. Search Engine Journal: The Latest SEO News

A community-driven journal that serves up the latest digital marketing news and tips. SEJ covers all aspects of online marketing, from local SEO, PPC, e-commerce, social media,  and more. Become part of a giant like-minded SEO community with some top industry experts.

8. Social Media Examiner: Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Millions of people rely on Social Media Examiner to keep up with the ever-changing social media marketing trends. No more aimless posting and guesswork. Learn the best tactics of Web 2.0 to boost your presence and attract more customers.

9. Litmus: Email Marketing & Strategy

In a world where emails are constantly flooded with advertisements, the chances of a consumer clicking through on your email campaign seem slim to none. Discover why over 80% of the Forbes Top 100 trust Litmus with their email marketing and keep up with their freshly updated blog to turn cold emails into hot leads.

10. Wistia: Video Marketing & Strategy

Surf this blog to connect the dots between video making and marketing. Learn everything you need to know about developing a video marketing strategy, from the types of videos to create, how to get the most views, and measuring their effectiveness.

11. Unbounce: Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase conversion rates and accelerate the growth of your business by taking Unbounce’s advice for optimizing landing pages. Unlock how to reach your audience and persuade them into purchases through visually stunning landing pages and compelling copywriting.

12. Copyblogger: Copywriting & Content Marketing Skills

Master the art of storytelling with a marketing blog that helps writers succeed in the content creator industry. Enhance your copywriting and content marketing skills to build an entire business around your blog.

13. HubSpot: Modern Marketing, Sales, & Service Tips

Begone intrusive marketing tactics & hello considerate marketing! HubSpot has created the golden standard for focusing on customers’ needs instead of passive selling. This marketing blog provides tips for smarter, better, and faster marketing with the best results.

14. Buffer: Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Build your social media brand from the heart with Buffer. Establish meaningful connections to improve your social media presence and naturally grow your audience.

15. Convince and Convert: Content & Digital Marketing Strategies

Convince and Convert will literally convince you to convert to digital marketing tactics. Experts guide you through the best digital marketing practices to increase your content and social media presence.

16. Digital Marketer: Digital Marketing Scopes

Bridge the gap between your business and clients through daily digital marketing strategies. Improve visibility and customer loyalty with endless ideas from professional digital marketers.

17. AHREFs: SEO Skills

Learn how to play by the SEO rulebook with detailed tutorials and case studies to expand your marketing knowledge. AHREFS creates effective campaigns that rank higher to increase traffic to your website.

SEO best practices and general rules

18. Quicksprout: Online Business Marketing & Best Practices

Grow your online business the right way with solutions from QuickSprout. Saturate your e-commerce business with information from creating a website to beginner-level designing. Stay up-to-date on the latest business trends to build your online business from the ground up.

19. Marketo: Marketing Automation Processes

Imagine having one marketing blog with the latest updates on marketing technology. Now you do! Marketo helps you unleash your marketing and technology potential with best practices and strategies to automate marketing processes.

20. VistaCreate Blog – Marketing Design

Navigate the realm of design marketing with the latest insights on visual trends and graphic design advice. High-quality tips on design and marketing establish your company’s identity and boost visibility.

21. Econsultancy: Global Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Jump into this pool of best practices, analyses, and insights of modern marketing. With the latest on global marketing and e-commerce, the Econsultancy blog provides topics to achieve your digital marketing goals.

22. Email On Acid – Marketing Emails

Be a modern-day Picasso by developing your craft of a perfect email. Optimize your emails for every subscriber and gain emailing confidence with tips and tricks from Email on Acid.

23. Kicksta – Instagram Marketing Tips

Kickstart your Instagram with your feed’s tips, trends, and growth hacks. Upgrade your social media marketing on Instagram to reach a larger audience and boost product campaigns.

24. GetApp – Marketing Software Insights

Backed by research and expert insights, GetApp provides advice on the best apps, plugins, and software for your marketing decisions. Make the correct software decisions to enhance your marketing potential and automation.

25. G2 Crowd Learn Hub – General Business Topics

From a beginner searching for an industry term to an expert seeking strategic advice, G2 Crowd Learn Hub has it all. This marketing blog collects reviews and information to create an honest approach to every topic in business. Improve productivity, design, sales, or any field to increase company success.