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How To Pull Together A Marketing Team That Is Bound To Succeed

Published April 30, 2024
/ Updated May 3, 2024

A strong marketing team ensures your marketing strategy is in good hands. Once you have your marketing dream team in place, you can hit the ground running, boost brand awareness, promote products and services, and deliver top-notch customer service.

What Is A Marketing Team?

A marketing team serves as the face of a company. People of all specialties and skills work together to promote brand awareness and drive sales for products and services. A strong marketing team is essential for business success and leads your company toward growth.

What Does A Marketing Team Do?

Your marketing team is the powerhouse for all of your marketing efforts. However, a highly functional marketing team can wear many hats in your business. Promoting brand awareness and driving sales isn’t the only thing this team tackles. A marketing team boosts brand engagement, increases website traffic, grows customers’ value, and works to establish brand authority, among other responsibilities.

6 Marketing Team Role Categories

CoSchedule role categories graphic

Product/Service: As a product manager, you are responsible for the entire lifespan of a product, from ideation to completion. You oversee the product through all stages and ensure it’s planned, developed, and published accordingly.

Product/Service Management roles can include:

  • Associate Product Manager
  • Group Product Manager
  • Director of Product Management
  • VP of Product Management

Marketing Information: This role focuses on the logical application of marketing techniques and methods. A marketing information manager primarily stores, analyzes, and reports analytics back to the team for future success.

Some examples include:

  • Sales Representative
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Proposal Manager

Pricing: These employees keep an eye on the pricing needs of the business. They hold the information and means to determine a perfect pricing strategy for their company. They accomplish this by studying spending trends and patterns and connecting with their target audience.

Some roles in pricing include:

  • Pricing Analyst
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Business Analyst Pricing

Distribution: Working in a distribution role ensures the product or service is available in the right place, at the right time, and in the right amount. Distributors work to sell products or services through the channels that are heavily used by their target audience.

Distribution roles could be:

  • Distribution Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Retail Merchandiser

Promotion: The promotional role will create promotional content for the brand. Their goal is to spread awareness of the product, which can be done through emails, campaigns, graphics, etc.

A role in promotion could be:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Public Relations Manager

Sales: This role proves to potential customers why they need this product/service. Occupying a sales role means pursuing sales leads, developing customer relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Sales roles include:

  • Account Executive
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Customer Success Representative
Build A Marketing Team

The employees who fill the roles of your marketing team are the building blocks to your business’s success. Ensure your marketing efforts start off on the right foot by laying a solid foundation with a hardworking, reliable marketing team. True growth comes from the person behind the work.

Job Titles On A Marketing Team

CoSchedule job titles graphic

Marketing Manager: A marketing manager organizes and manages marketing campaigns to boost brand awareness and ultimately increase demand. They handle designing, managing, and evaluating marketing campaigns.

Project Manager: To transparently plan and execute a project, you’ll need a strong project manager. Project managers will meet with clients, determine deadlines, assign tasks, and put out fires where needed to ensure the project ships correctly.

Account Executive: Think of an account executive as a mic for the client. They amplify and voice the client’s concerns when developing and executing campaigns. Their main objective is to ensure the client’s vision stays present throughout the process. Account executives also search for opportunities with new clients and maintain rapport with current clients.

Brand Manager: Brand managers oversee all brand marketing efforts and lead numerous marketing programs at a time. They seam together cross-functional teams and specialize in key marketing initiatives.

Content Marketer: You guessed it— your content marketer will focus solely on everything related to content. Content marketers pick out and find opportunities to include creative forms of content, such as tweets, blogs, emails, etc.

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Social Media Manager: A social media manager handles the growth and impact of all social media efforts. This person aims to increase followers and boost engagement by studying results and making adjustments based on data.

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer’s role on the marketing team is to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all designs. Design aspects serve as a voice for your marketing and help communicate to your audience through visual aids.

SEO Specialist: As an SEO specialist, the main goal is to optimize all pieces to rank as high as possible in Google searches. This person will test, analyze, and ultimately tweak a website so its ranking increases.

Data Analyst: Data analysts understand qualitative and quantitative statistics like the back of their hand. They focus on marketing stats and review their findings to help the team better target their marketing efforts to reach their target audience.

Website Developer: Your website developer is responsible for creating, monitoring, and adjusting web-based applications. This person makes sure things are running smoothly, and if errors appear, they have the efficiency to debug them.

How To Hire A Marketing Team

To ensure your marketing team will fire on all cylinders, it’s crucial to conduct your hiring process thoroughly. There are a lot of variables up in the air when considering new hires, but to break it down, here are some skills to look for:

  • Multi-Tasker
  • Resourceful
  • Clear Communicator
  • Data Driven

To effectively find and hire a marketing team that fits your needs, start with these actionable tips:

  • Touch base on current built relationships.
  • Focus on targeted job ad campaigns.
  • Search for portfolios that showcase skills.
  • Inquire about past positions they have occupied.

Size Of A Marketing Team

A good rule of thumb to use when determining the size of your marketing team is to grow it just as much as your business allows. For instance, if this is a startup business, start by hiring one or two marketing professionals. Then, once your business expands, you can also expand your marketing team.

Small To Mid-Sized: 5-100 marketers

Medium Sized: 100-1,000 marketers

Large/Enterprise: 1,000+ marketers

Marketing Team Management

Effectively Manage Your Marketing Team Using CoSchedule Marketing Suite

Once your marketing team is up and running, keeping teams organized isn’t easy. Here’s how to ensure success among the chaos.

Allow our Team Management Dashboard in Marketing Suite  to solve it for you. Even if you don’t have a dedicated project manager on your team (and even if you do), it makes managing multiple team members (and all their projects and tasks) easy to do in one place. Here’s a look at how it works:

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Set Up Your Team In Marketing Suite

CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a marketing management platform that’s purpose-built for collaborative teams, so let’s get them included.

Once you invite a team member, you can immediately assign them a user role. Their role will ultimately reflect their access and help the organization flow through your team.

Measure Productivity With Team Performance Reports

Access your team’s productivity with the click of a button using our Team Performance feature. Be able to locate weak spots where work hits a wall, and continue to work upon your strengths where things run smoothly.

This feature includes the ability to search for any specific project or team member and easily pull stats from any point in time.