What Is Marketing Resource Management (and How Can It Help You Defeat Daily Stress)?

What is Marketing Resource Management And How Can It Help You Defeat Daily Stress? If you’re a marketing manager, you know how challenging the job can be. Take a second to think about your day-to-day routine. How many of these tasks are part of your daily working process?
  • You’re managing a team of marketers, each of whom has their own skills, daily tasks, and timelines.
  • You often struggle to keep up with their separate workflows, all while ensuring the team as a whole is on-par with company goals.
  • You also have your own work to complete, which frequently falls by the wayside when your team needs assistance.
There’s just too much to keep track of (and too little time to catch up). Many marketing managers feel stressed at best. At worst, it might feel like...well...you’re drowning in work. So...how do you overcome feeling totally tapped out? Fortunately, there’s a solution that can take the weight off your shoulders: marketing resource management. What is marketing resource management, and how can it make your day-to-day management easier, more efficient, and actually successful? Read on to find out. Get a demo of CoSchedule

What is Marketing Resource Management?

Marketing resource management (MRM) is a process that empowers marketing teams to collaborate, manage resources, and deliver quality work more successfully.

Marketing resource management can involve strategic management of several marketing functions within your team.
  • Planning
  • Workflows
  • Project management
  • Content development
  • Collaboration
  • Assets
  • Budget
Marketing resource management help you strategically manage ...

What Are the Benefits of Marketing Resource Management Software?

If marketing resource management is a process that helps you better manage your marketing, then marketing resource management software is a tangible way to implement that process. MRM software is designed to help marketers facilitate best practices into their teams and find solutions to their biggest marketing resource management problems. These are just some of the benefits it can bring to teams like yours:
  1. Keep your assets organized. Stop wasting valuable time searching for files. MRM software keeps your assets organized and centralized in one place, so you can maintain brand consistency across all of your assets.
  2. Keep your workflows efficient. Stop wasting time on inefficient work processes. MRM software supports easy-to-manage workflows, so you can establish to-do lists for team members and approve work before it publishes.
  3. Keep your people coordinated. Stop wasting time wondering who’s doing what. With MRM software, you can allocate your resources more effectively and ensure workloads are balanced. That keeps everyone on your team happy and productive.
  4. Keep your focus on productivity. Stop wondering whether work is getting done. Start measuring your team’s output with reporting functions within MRM software. You’ll see the difference in the numbers--and in a happier, more successful marketing team.

What Should Marketers Look for in a Marketing Resource Management Solution?

There are a lot of MRM solutions out there. How can you know which one is best for your team? Look specifically for these features when you’re scoping out software. They’ll bring added value, functionality, and automation to your team, so you can boost productivity and decrease stress.
  • One place to store and organize all of your files and assets internally
  • A discussion function that allows you to centralize team conversations
  • Workflow automation that automatically sets up tasks and approvals
  • A dashboard where you can see your whole team and their workloads
  • A reporting feature that lets you measure the output of your team
What to Look For When Choosing Marketing Resource Management Software

What Makes CoSchedule the Best Option for Marketing Resource Management?

CoSchedule is marketing resource management software that organizes your marketing in one place. It’s made to help your team stay focused, deliver projects on time, and stay happy. And that’s exactly what makes CoSchedule a great marketing resource management solution. But what makes it the BEST option? It comes down to the high level of functionality CoSchedule brings to your team--functionality that solves your biggest marketing challenges.

Organize Your Assets in One Place with a Digital Asset Organizer

CoSchedule’s Asset Organizer gives you one place to store, index, and share your assets internally. So you can easily manage a single content library across your whole team.
  • Store and catalogue files with customized taxonomies for easy location
  • Share the files of your choosing with team members, stakeholders, and clients
  • Ensure the most recent file versions are available, so creative is always current

Keep Your Conversations Centralized with Discussion Threads

Instead of wasting valuable time wrangling discussions across multiple tools, centralize all of your team’s conversations in CoSchedule Discussions for simplified communication.
  • Add a new discussion inside each project or task you’re working on
  • Quickly upload and share files with other people in your discussion
  • Mention team members to notify them of a discussion that involves them

Automate Your Team’s Workflows with Task Templates

Take the brain-breaking work of scheduling tasks off your plate with CoSchedule Task Templates. Recycle each template again and again to automatically assign the right tasks at the right times.
  • Create task templates based on when your project publishes or begins
  • Easily reorder certain tasks by quickly dragging and dropping each one
  • Edit and optimize your task templates as you learn what works best for your team

Build Approvals into Workflows with Task Approvals

Ensure tasks are always completed correctly with Task Approvals. They allow you to determine who needs to approve each task--and when it needs to happen.
  • Choose who the task is assigned to, i.e. the team member who will complete it
  • Choose who must approve the task, i.e. a supervisor or manager on the team
  • Receive an automatic notification when a task is ready for review

Efficiently Allocate Time and Tasks with Team Management Dashboard

Use CoSchedule’s Team Management Dashboard to ensure people’s time and tasks are properly allocated--and make fast, easy scheduling changes if they aren’t.
  • Visualize your team’s workload and build out schedules right in the dashboard
  • Drag and drop tasks to instantly rearrange and reassign due dates
  • Use your Team Management Dashboard as a source of truth for daily meetings

Measure Your Team’s Output with Team Performance Reports

Get instant insight into how your team’s productivity stacks up with Team Performance Reports. They measure the output of your team, so you can see what’s successful (and what can be improved).
  • View completed tasks vs. overdue tasks for select time periods (or overall)
  • See task completion rates for each individual team member on your calendar
  • Export and share performance reports with your team or stakeholders

Download 4 Checklists to Help You Choose a Marketing Resource Management Solution

So you know that a marketing resource management solution could be the stress-busting tool you need. But how do you choose which one to use? Download our free resource, 4 Checklists to Help You Choose a Marketing Resource Management Solution. It contains 4 checklists that’ll guide you toward finding the right solution for your team.

See How CoSchedule Can Help You Defeat Daily Stress

It’s time to say “goodbye” to complicated marketing resource management. Say “hello” to a solution that makes your life easier (and your team happier). Schedule your free demo of CoSchedule now! Get a demo of CoSchedule
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