Introducing List View: The NEW, More Focused Version Of Your Calendar

We can show you how to organize all your marketing in one place by the end of today (probably right now) 👋

Introducing List View: The NEW, More Focused Version Of Your Calendar


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Introducing List View: The New, More Focused Version of Your Calendar

You’re BUSY.

Which means your calendar is PACKED to the brim with projects…emails…

…blog posts…social campaigns…and more importantly…


And that jam-packed calendar (while great for a birds-eye-view)…

…makes it difficult to focus on what needs to get done right now.

If only there was a way to flip a switch and see your calendar in a whole new way ;)

Introducing the long awaited, frequently requested List View!

AKA the more focused version of your calendar with the details you need today, tomorrow, and throughout the rest of your week.

^If you’re inner Type-A marketer just nerded out, I feel you. I FEEL YOU.

So let’s get right into how List View works…

…and why you’re gonna *absolutely* love it.

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Here’s The Scoop On List View

List View functions just like your favorite Calendar View, which means you can:

Easily add tasks, projects, campaigns, etc to your list…

Simply click the “+” button in the upper right hand corner, choose the item you want to add, continue through your normal creation process…

…and BOOM! Your item is #officially (and easily) added to your list.

Drag + drop items from one day to another…

Just like your Calendar View, it’s easy to move projects, tasks, (or anything else) using the handy drag + drop feature!

Simply drag your item to the new day…

And voila! It’s THAT easy to quickly adjust your schedule (even in List View)!

Quickly filter your list (to find what you need…right when you need it)…

Click the filter button on the upper left side of your screen, filter down to what you care about (or use your saved calendar views)…

And that’s it!

Which means it’s even easier than ever to find what you need (right when you need it) thanks to List View. 😊

Share Read-Only Views of your list with a client or team member…

Simply click “share” button in the upper right hand corner, select the view you want to share (either the full list view or a specific saved view)…

…and send your read-only link over to anyone who needs it (without worrying about unwanted edits)!

And finally…

If you need to jump back into your birds-eye Calendar View, it’s as easy as a flip of a switch 😎

Which means you can quickly go from quarterly roadmap planning with your Calendar View…

…to totally organized taskmaster using your NEW (time-and-sanity-saving) List View.

^^Ready to give List View a try (and become a productivity powerhouse)?!

Jump into CoSchedule, click the List View icon, and check out the more focused version of your calendar…

With the details you need to get sh*t done.


P.S. If you want a more in-depth training on List View before diving right in, check out this *sweet* training vid:

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