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The Old Way

Each Piece Of Content Opens Up A Cluttered Can O’ Worms 😫

The Old Way, Cluttered Content

You have an idea… a good one… for a piece of impressive content. The idea expands and grows (as all good ideas do)... Then comes the lovely input from your team members, various distribution channels to consider, and (proceed to nail-biting) approval from your boss.

Your wonderful idea has turned into an unachievable logistics nightmare. The worst part is your gear-grinding idea isn’t alone… there’s millions more where that came from… all with their own challenges to contribute to the mess.

The New Way

Plan Valuable, Relevant + Consistent Content With A Content Strategy Calendar

The New Way, All Your Tools In One Place

You create a roadmap of your content marketing ideas all in 1 visual, digital calendar tool. With assigned tasks, approvals and deadlines, you are able to turn ideas into ACTION. Each team member’s valuable input takes place within the project- eliminating the need for those dreadfully long email threads.

The best part… your ideas can finally come to life. With a content strategy software, you can publish consistently, collaborate effectively + distribute MORE of the content your customers love.

How It Works

Step 1

Prune your idea list + schedule each piece of content weeks MONTHS in advance. Assign tasks/due dates/approvals + attach relevant resources.

Step 2

Move through each workflow to create *killer* content while collaborating + communicating consistently.

Step 3

Publish TONS more content + track your team’s ROI... how else are you going to show off?

Turn Your Content Mountain Into A Molehill With A Content Strategy Calendar

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