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Create A Blog Calendar With CoSchedule Calendar Products

Published July 5, 2023
/ Updated July 31, 2023

Struggling to visualize your blog publishing schedule? Say goodbye to spreadsheets and generic tools.

By using CoSchedule Calendar products to create a blog calendar, you can effortlessly stay on track and align your strategy with ease.

Use Your CoSchedule Calendar To Build A Blog Calendar

  • Visualize Your Blog Strategy At A Glance: Gain an easy-to-read calendar view of all your published and planned blog posts, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your content pipeline.
  • Track and Achieve Your Blog Frequency Goals: Easily monitor if you’re hitting your blog frequency targets and deliver consistent value to your audience.
  • Adapt To Changing Priorities With Ease: Effortlessly reschedule or move blog post publish dates as priorities shift, keeping your content aligned with evolving strategies.
  • Align Your Blog Content With Marketing Initiatives: Assign color labels to blog posts to quickly gauge if you’re publishing the right amount of content for specific product lines or company objectives.

Here’s how to Create a Blog Calendar using your CoSchedule Calendar:

Create A Saved Calendar View For Blog Posts

Set up a dedicated saved calendar view exclusively for your blog posts.

This tailored view allows you to focus solely on your blog strategy and eliminate distractions from other marketing activities.

Add Projects to Your Calendar for Blog Posts

Determine the optimal days and times to publish your blog posts.

With CoSchedule, you can effortlessly add projects to your calendar to ensure they align seamlessly with your desired publishing schedule. With weekly and monthly blog publishing goals, the calendar view helps to quickly determine whether or not you’re on track to meet that goal.

Create a Reusable Task Template

Simplify your blog post creation process with a reusable task template.

With CoSchedule Calendars, you can standardize your blogging process, so you don’t miss a step. Avoid scrambling at the last minute to hit deadlines. Write, design, stage, & schedule everything, so you consistently complete every step before your publish date.

Keep Your Blog Calendar Up to Date

Stay organized and keep your blog calendar up-to-date by continuously adding new blog posts.

As ideas flow and topics arise, effortlessly incorporate them into your CoSchedule Calendar. Have ideas for blog posts in your Idea Bin? When you’re ready to schedule, drag and drop the idea on the day you want it to publish. Apply your task template, and get to work.

Plan Your Blog Calendar in Advance

Take your blog strategy to the next level by planning ahead.

CoSchedule encourages a proactive approach to blogging which allows you to plan your calendar for a month or even a quarter ahead. Drive better results, meet deadlines, maintain consistency, and strategically outline your content themes.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Blog Calendar?

Unlock the power of the CoSchedule Calendar products today and elevate your blog planning and production process. Create your free CoSchedule Calendar today and revolutionize the way you manage your blog calendar.