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Publish More Blog Posts With CoSchedule Calendars

Published July 19, 2023
/ Updated November 8, 2023

Let CoSchedule Calendars help you scale your content process, save time, and easily meet deadlines with its powerful features and seamless workflow.

Why Choose CoSchedule Calendars For Blogging?

CoSchedule Calendars can help you publish more blog posts. Here’s how:

  • Scale Your Content Process. Generate ideas & first-draft copy with AI-powered Marketing Assistant.
  • Streamline Blogging Workflows. Keep your entire process for blogging from start to finish in one place.
  • Collaborate On New Blog Posts. Create clarity and organization of all your blog posts, feedback, promotion, and publishing on your Calendar for more efficient collaboration.

Let’s dive into how to best use your CoSchedule Calendar to improve your blog strategy.

Generate Blog Post Ideas With AI

Brainstorming blog post ideas is easy with the help of AI. Generate ideas for future blog posts using CoSchedules AI Marketing Assistant, Mia!

You’ll round out the session by adding the ideas you like to your idea bin for use later on.

Choose Blog Post Idea From The Idea Bin

Struggling to come up with an idea to post? Check out the Idea Bin to see your idea backlog to find something to post.

Instead of storing ideas in a spreadsheet or meeting notes, all of your Ideas stay easily accessible inside your CoSchedule Calendar.

Simply, drag and drop your favorite blog post idea to add it to your Calendar to get started.

Assign Tasks To Finish Your Blog Post By Your Publish Date

To make sure your blog posts are ready to publish on time, assign a reusable task template to assign tasks to yourself (and team).

Task templates add task owners and deadlines, so everything is completed before your publish date.

Having this process defined keeps your entire team on the same page.

Use AI Marketing Assistant To Write First-Draft Copy

Now it’s time to write your blog post. CoSchedule’s AI-Powered Marketing Assistant, Mia, can help create your first draft. Just give Mia direction about what your blog post is about, and she’ll give you suggestions to help you get started.

You can keep adding direction and context to help Mia create better copy. Consider asking things like:

  • Make this content longer and more informative.
  • Write this blog post for (insert ideal audience).
  • Draft an outline for a blog post about (insert topic).
  • Make this content more helpful.
  • Rewrite this post to be more conversational.
  • Rewrite the intro to be more succinct.
  • I want to write a blog post about (topic). Create a content outline for this post.
  • Write a blog post about (topic). List (number) of examples of (something related to the topic).
  • Remove all the filler words from this blog post.
  • And more!

Once Mia has generated the first draft copy, you can convert it to a Text Editor or Google Doc to edit and update the content to meet your personal or company standards.

After making final edits, consider asking Mia to proofread the blog post one final time for grammar errors.

Publish With Confidence

With your blog post finalized, it’s time to hit the publish button.

CoSchedule Calendar products integrate with a few popular content management systems like WordPress, making the publishing process a breeze.

By streamlining this process with better project management and AI-tools, you can create more content in less time!

CoSchedule Calendars are the ultimate way to publish more blog posts but don’t just take our word for it. Try your CoSchedule Calendar today to see how much of a game-changer our platform is for publishing blog posts!