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Promote New Podcast Episodes On Social Media With CoSchedule Calendar Products

Published July 6, 2023
/ Updated August 2, 2023

One of the best ways to share your new podcast episodes is to promote them on social media.

CoSchedule Calendar products can streamline how you promote new episodes with:

  • Pre-Built Social Templates: Build ready-to-use social campaign templates to promote your new podcast episodes.
  • CoSchedule’s AI-Marketing Assistant, Mia: Generate engaging social messages to promote your new episodes using Mia, CoSchedule’s AI-powered marketing assistant.
  • Flexible Rescheduling: Easily adjust social messages if your podcast episodes aren’t ready to publish on time.
  • Best Time Scheduling: Share social messages at the best time for each network to maximize audience reach.

Here’s how simple it is to promote new podcast episodes with CoSchedule Calendar products.

Create A Social Campaign For Your Podcast Episode Promotion

Seamlessly integrate your podcast promotion by adding a social campaign to your Podcast Episode project or create a standalone campaign on your Calendar.

Add all of the social messages to promote your new episode to your social campaign.

By linking these social messages together in a campaign, you can easily reschedule every message if timelines for the podcast drop date change.

Schedule Tasks to Create Your Social Campaign

Stay on top of your promotion timelines effortlessly. Create a reusable task template that outlines what you need to do to create your social campaign – write messages, design images, & more.

Add this task template to your project to ensure that your social messages are created, scheduled, and ready before your podcast episode drops.

No more missed deadlines or scrambling at the last minute to promote your new podcast episodes.

Save Time Planning & Scheduling Social Messages with Social Templates

You can use Social Templates to quickly generate social messages.

Build social templates to build out the perfect social promotion schedule for new episodes. These can be used for each & every new episode you drop.

Draft Social Messages in Seconds Using AI-Tools

Use CoSchedule’s AI Social Assistant to instantly draft social messages for you, saving you time to focus on strategy instead of writing copy.

Let CoSchedules Social AI suggest social messages based on your episode’s topic, guest, and/or audience. This way you can quickly create social messages to promote your new episodes.

Optimize Timing with Best Time Scheduling

Ever wonder if you’re publishing social messages at the right time to reach your audience?

Use Best Time Scheduling to publish messages at the best time for engagement on specific networks. This helps maximize reach & engagement for your social campaign.

If you use Social Templates, you can set all the messages to publish at Best Time, too!

Publish Your Social Promotion When Your Episode Drops

Set your project or social campaign to scheduled, so your social messages automatically publish on the day and time your episode drops. All you have to do is add the episode link!

Save time and eliminate the need for manual publishing, ensuring a consistent presence on social media platforms.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take your podcast to new heights. Start using your CoSchedule Calendar today to cut the time & effort it takes to promote your new podcast episodes on social media.