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Plan Social Campaigns With CoSchedule Calendar Products

Published July 7, 2023
/ Updated November 7, 2023

With CoSchedule Calendar products, you’ll be able to plan full-scale social media campaigns to promote your next event, blog post, webinar, or other content.

Benefits Of Planning & Schedule Social Campaigns With CoSchedule Calendars

  • See all your social messages in a single campaign view
  • Create cohesive social media campaigns for any project or event you have planned
  • Save time scheduling with pre-built templates
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Instantly generate social message copy using AI

Seamlessly Integrate Social Campaigns

With your CoSchedule Calendar, add a social campaign to any existing project or create a standalone campaign to start drafting social messages.

You can add social campaigns to any project or event on your CoSchedule Calendar. This makes it easy to consistently promote new projects or events.

Tap Into the Power of Pre-Built Templates

CoSchedule Calendars also feature Social Templates that allow you to schedule dozens of social messages in bulk. Set up a series of messages across your social profiles, so you can create campaigns faster.

Social Templates map out a series of social messages over time to promote your content or event.

You can also spend less time drafting messages by using Social Helpers. Social Helpers auto-fill your social queue with pre-written content or writing prompts to inspire copy.

Craft Engaging Messages Effortlessly

Use CoSchedule’s AI Social Assistant to instantly draft social messages for you, saving you time to focus on strategy instead of writing copy.

Best of all, every message meets best practices for each social network, so you can maximize engagement.

Effortlessly Schedule and Publish Social Campaigns

Say goodbye to tedious manual scheduling. With CoSchedule Calendar products, simply change the status of your social messages from draft to scheduled.

Watch as your messages automatically go live according to your campaign timeline. Don’t settle for manual scheduling or complicated spreadsheets.

Get started for free today, and discover how CoSchedule Calendar products can transform your social media marketing.