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Reshare Your Top Performing Podcast Episodes Using ReQueue

Published July 10, 2023
/ Updated July 27, 2023

Do you want to take your podcast to new heights, reach a broader audience, and boost engagement on social media?

With CoSchedule Calendar products and ReQueue, you can effortlessly reshare your top-performing podcast episodes, driving more listens, downloads, and social media interaction.

Why Reshare Your Top Performing Podcast Episodes?

  • Increase listens & downloads of top-performing podcast episodes
  • Boost engagement on social media
  • Automatically add messages to your Social Schedule to promote popular episodes

Here’s how to automatically re-promote your podcast episodes on social media using ReQueue.

Step 1: Power Up ReQueue

Enable ReQueue in your Calendar Settings to tap into its full potential.

This step is essential to start leveraging the benefits of automated resharing.

Step 2: Choose Your Resharing Approach

Placeholder Groups for Customized Promotion: Take full control of your resharing schedule by selecting specific days and times using Placeholder groups. Tailor your promotion strategy to align with your marketing goals.

This works great for consistent promotion timelines. For example, you can automatically reshare a popular episode on Facebook every Thursday or once a month.

Intelligent Groups for Effortless Promotion: Set up intelligent groups based on your preferred social publishing frequency goals. ReQueue will automatically reshare your podcast episodes, saving you time and ensuring consistent promotion.

Step 3: Create Your ReQueue Group

Establish a dedicated ReQueue Group specifically designed to promote your podcast episodes.

This group will house the messages that will be shared on social media.

Step 4: Add Compelling Social Messages

Add social messages from your initial episode drop social campaigns. Maintain continuity in your promotion strategy and reinforce your podcast’s value to captivate your audience.

Simply add any message to a ReQueue group using the ReQueue icon.

Let ReQueue Work its Magic

Turn on your ReQueue Group, and ReQueue will automatically promote your podcast episodes on social media according to your chosen schedule.

Sit back and watch as your content reaches new listeners and sparks engagement.

Supercharge Your Podcast Promotion Today!

With CoSchedule Calendar products and ReQueue, you can unlock the full potential of your podcast by resharing it with precision and ease. Create your free calendar now to start supercharging your podcast promotion with your  CoSchedule Calendar.

*ReQueue is available only in CoSchedule Calendar Pro & Marketing Suite plans.