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Promote Your Blog Posts With CoSchedule Calendar Products

Published July 11, 2023
/ Updated August 3, 2023

With your CoSchedule Calendar, you can effortlessly promote your blog posts on social media to maximize reach & increase engagement.

Why is Promoting Your Blog Posts Important?

Your blog is meant to be read. Promoting your blog posts on social media is another way to get your new content in front of your target audience.

Here are a few reasons why CoSchedule Calendar products are the perfect way to promote your posts:

  • Increase Engagement and Visitors: Consistently promote your blog posts using pre-built social templates.
  • Save Time, Boost Efficiency: Mia, the AI Marketing Assistant, generates compelling social messages in seconds.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Easily reschedule social messages if plans change.
  • Optimal Timing for Maximum Impact: Best Time Scheduling publishes messages when engagement is highest.

CoSchedule Calendars feature many tools made to help marketers like you enhance & spread the word about their blog posts. Keep reading to learn how your CoSchedule Calendar can help you promote your blog post to reach its full potential.

Create Social Campaigns to Promote your Blog Posts

Social Campaigns are the easiest way to promote your blog posts on social media. Add a Social Campaign to any blog post project on your Calendar.

When your blog post is attached to a project, social messages automatically send when your piece goes live.

Make Sure Social Messages Are Done by The Publish Date

Add social media-related tasks to your reusable Task Template. This adds these tasks to your existing workflow for creating new blog posts.

These tasks help you stay consistent with social publishing, so every single blog post gets the social promotion it deserves (without missing a step).

Eliminate Tedious Manual Social Scheduling

Create a Social Template that outlines your blog post promotion plan. This instantly adds social messages to your Social Campaign. Each message drips out over the next week, two weeks, & beyond to promote your new post across all of your social profiles.

Best of all, Social Templates are reusable, so this same campaign template can be used for every new blog post you publish.

Eliminate guesswork and save valuable time while maintaining a consistent brand voice across all social media channels.

Instantly Draft Social Messages With AI Social Assistant

CoSchedule’s AI Social Assistant instantly drafts social messages for you, so you can focus on strategy instead of writing copy. Best of all, every message meets best practices for each social network, so you can maximize engagement.

Here are some ideas to ask & directions to give your AI Social Assistant:

  • Write a few social messages that promote this link [insert link]
  • Write a few social messages to promote an upcoming event [insert event details]
  • Write a few social messages based on these hashtags [insert 2-5 hashtags]
  • Add links to your blog post to draft messages based on your blog content

Simply click on your favorite recommended social message to use it to promote your blog post.

Not quite right? Chat with Mia to improve your messages by changing the tone, length, or other details. Or feel free to edit it yourself to match your desired brand voice and tone.

Publish Messages At The Perfect Time For Engagement

Use CoSchedule’s Best Time Scheduling to make sure messages are published at the perfect time to maximize engagement.

Best Time Scheduling determines the best times to publish your messages to reach your audience. Optimize your publish times (without having to do the research) to increase engagement, clicks, and conversions by reaching your audience precisely when they’re most active and receptive.

Go Live! Schedule & Publish Your Social Campaign

Change the status on your Social Campaign or Project to “Scheduled,” and watch as your social messages automatically publish on the same day and time your blog post goes live.

If your blog post needs another day to complete, no need to worry about rescheduling all of your social messages.

Simply move your Social Campaign to a new date, and all of your social messages will reschedule instantly.

Try Using Your CoSchedule Calendar Today!

Unlock the full potential of your blog post promotion on social media with your CoSchedule Calendar. Save time, increase engagement, and drive more visitors to your blog posts effortlessly.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your blog post promotion. Sign up for your CoSchedule Calendar now and take your marketing efforts to new heights!