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29 Marketing Gift Ideas To Build Brand Awareness & Spark Relationships

Published January 25, 2023
/ Updated February 2, 2024

A Marketing gift is a remarkable gesture of appreciation. Whether sent for a special occasion or out of spontaneity, a gift strengthens business relationships and helps you stand out in a noisy prospecting arena.

What Are Marketing Gifts?

Marketing gifts are promotional products given to clients and prospects to build brand awareness and form relationships.

30 Superb Marketing Gifts

1. iRoller Screen Cleaner

Dust, debris & fingerprints – oh my! Electronic screens reveal a lot. But iRoller is a reusable screen cleaning device determined to conquer smudges and grab consumer attention.

2. Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Earbuds? Sounds like music to my ears.

Headphones are a corporate necessity, and a wireless option with Bluetooth connectivity makes life all the easier.

3. Mug Warmer

Just how long does a cup of coffee stay hot?

Never long enough.

A mug warmer defeats this issue by heating the bottom of a cup and keeping the liquid inside nice and warm—the perfect gift for coffee lovers.

4. Portable Charger

A synonym for “lifesaver” must be “portable charger.” These handy devices provide a quick phone charge when needed most.

5. Wine Cooler

Chilling wine to the perfect serving temperature, a wine cooler is an exquisite gift for wine lovers.

6. Hats

Whether it’s a rainy day or a bad hair day, a hat has consumers covered. Literally.

Better yet, hat wearers become a walking advertisement for your business, answering inquiries or striking up conversations about the subtle logo on their heads.

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Compact and portable, a Bluetooth speaker is a godsend to music lovers. While it may be small, it is a powerful way to show off your brand.

8. Portfolio Or Journal

Portfolios and journals are a sign of structure and professionalism. This practical and helpful gift provides a personalized touch to every business meeting.

9. Tech Taco

Untangling tech cords that fell to the bottom of a backpack is everyone’s favorite task, right? Prevent that tangled cord heap, and unnecessary stress, with a tech taco.

10. Phone Stand

A phone stand supports a phone for optimal viewing distance. While working at a desk, these handy devices prevent prospects or customers from missing important notifications.

11. Backpack Or Tote Bag

Chances are a branded shirt will be cut into rags or donated to a thrift store, but a backpack or tote bag has endless possibilities. From serving as a suitcase or a grocery bag, it’s a classic marketing gift.

12. Travel Tumbler Or Mug

Most individuals have a kitchen cabinet filled with cheap, branded water bottles, serving no purpose other than collecting dust. But gifting a quality tumbler in your company colors or with a subtle logo promotes your brand wonderfully.

13. Gift Card

Whether to Amazon or a new local restaurant, a gift card allows consumers the freedom to buy a gift they truly want.

14. Cooking Basket

For the client who loves to cook, send a cookbook and a few non-perishable ingredients to create a spectacular dinner. Opt for a prepared basket from Williams Sonoma for a more show-stopping variation of this gift.

15. Ice Scraper

Come wintertime, ice scrapers are a must-have. These items are small, inexpensive, and always in demand.

16. Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are part of the drinking experience and often a forgotten item. You don’t need one until you do. This marketing gift idea allows you to include your logo on a much-needed device.

17. Phone Wallet

A phone wallet is a handy mobile accessory that shows off your brand functionally. Monogramming is always a nice choice. And opting for a leather or waterproof option guarantees love.

18. Luggage Tag

Customized luggage tags help passengers quickly identify a bag at the baggage carousel and are also helpful in tracking missing luggage.

20. Laptop Sleeves

You can prevent a laptop’s daily bumps, dents, and natural wear and tear with a branded laptop sleeve.

21. Lunch Bag

Lunch – arguably the best time of day – is best served in a high-quality bag. Oftentimes, lunch bags are rare to keep food cold or are too small. Combat such issues by giving a quality, insulated bag.

22. Neck Pillow

Have a client who travels frequently? Send a neck pillow to be used immediately. Select memory foam with a button clasp for a pillow they will love forever.

23. Wine Glasses

Branded wine glasses are a valuable and heartfelt gift that can be used for years to come. And the subtle logo will ignite conversation, helping you gain exposure.

24. Golf Ball

If your client is a golf enthusiast, consider customizing balls or tees. If you are local, invite them for a round on the green, too.

25. Coffee Or Tea Blends

The year-old gallon of Folgers sitting in the break room may brew a decent cup of coffee, but a basket of deluxe coffees or teas will be a special gift.

26. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Mouse pads enhance the movable ability of a computer mouse. A wireless charging component is an impressive and valuable add-on.

27. Bakery Delivery

A warm, unexpected bakery delivery is a praise-worthy gift. Filled with doughnuts or pastries, sending a local basket for the whole office to enjoy is certainly a win.

28. Pop Socket

Pop Sockets are a great gift that provide stability, serve as a phone stand, and are a consumer favorite.

29. Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are a summertime necessity. Whether used at a game sideline or a picnic, a folding chair is versatile and looks great in a promotional context.

30. Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are a household staple. Attach your brand to a kitchen essential and be a reminder every time a warm dish is pulled out of an oven.

Where To Start

Not sure where to begin? The following practices will help you select the perfect gift every time:

Consider Geographic Location

Will an ice scraper be helpful somewhere it doesn’t snow? Probably not. Consider how location impacts the usefulness of a marketing gift.

Focus On Quality Over Quantity

High-quality products are more likely to be kept over time, meaning more exposure and impressions for your company’s name. So, focus on products that have value and are something consumers will actually use.

Make It Personal

The marketing gift ideas listed above are a wonderful start but don’t forget to add a personal touch, too. For example, monogramming a gift or adding a handwritten thank you note takes your appreciation to a new level.

Read 9 Things to Know About Business Thank You Cards to learn how to write an appreciation note successfully.


What Is The Best Marketing Gift?

The best marketing gift stands out in a saturated market and noisy prospecting arena. Go beyond traditional gifts to capture consumers’ attention. And keep in mind— quality and personalization matter.

How Expensive Are Marketing Gifts?

The price of a marketing gift vastly depends on the product chosen. A hat will be far cheaper than Bluetooth earbuds, but the goal is a return on your investment. So, whatever your budget may be, only spend to actualize that objective.

How Do I Order A Marketing Gift?

Numerous online businesses focus on marketing gift personalization and simplify the process to a few easy steps.