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18 Noteworthy New Year’s Marketing Ideas: How To Celebrate 2023

Published September 29, 2022
/ Updated April 1, 2024

Looking for a way to tie your marketing campaign into the new year? Use these 18 New Year’s marketing ideas to kickstart your campaigns for the new year.

1. Ring In The New Year On Your Social Accounts

Use your social media accounts to post in celebration of the new year. Post a recap of company highlights or share a post wishing everyone the best in the new year.

The language learning app, Duolingo, used its characters to create a celebratory graphic for the new year.


2. Launch A New Product

Start the year off with a bang and promote a new product. This New Year’s marketing idea will create a positive buzz and push people to start shopping again after the holidays.

Canadian company IWash celebrated the new year by promoting the upcoming launch of a new product.


3. Offer A New Year’s Sale

Push through the end of the holiday season and increase sales by offering deals and promotions customers can’t pass up.

Boden emails customers to inform them of their New Year’s sales promotion. They use direct marketing to promote their sales, so the message is guaranteed to reach the customer.


4. Push Customers Towards Impulse Buys

Increase impulse buys and offers customers “rewards,” like free shipping or a gift if they spend a certain amount. Implement this New Year’s marketing idea to make each sale more valuable.

The clothing brand Missguided offers conditional free shipping to encourage customers to spend over $60, so they don’t have to pay extra for shipping.


5. Promote Your Referral Programs

Offer rewards to loyal customers who refer friends to your brand. Use the new year to draw new customers and keep current customers satisfied.

Book Of The Month offers tempting rewards like a free book for the referrer and a $5 book for the referral.


6. Use Traditional Marketing Tactics For Your New Year’s Marketing Campaign

Although traditional marketing tactics can be seen as boring, or by the book, they do have their place. Using multiple channels of marketing creates a more well-rounded marketing campaign.

Bath and Body Works uses traditional retail marketing strategies to draw customers in. They typically use window signs with bright colors to inform customers that there is a sale they shouldn’t miss.


7. Target New Year’s Resolutions

Capitalize on the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Promote products that will help customers accomplish their goals in 2023. Convince people that your products are essential in the new version of themselves.

Statista found that the top 3 new year’s resolutions include exercising more, eating healthier, and losing weight. Use this information to build your marketing campaign in a way that uses this information.


8. Set Specific Marketing Goals For The New Year

Use the fresh slate of the new year to set marketing goals. Have your marketing team reflect on what went well and what can be improved. Use this insight to create a plan for upcoming marketing campaigns.

9. Use Clever New Year’s Email Subject Lines

Subject lines get clicked on by being interesting and offering customer value. Use CoSchedule’s Email Subject Line Tester to test your subject lines and decrease your bounce rate.

10. Sponsor A New Year’s Party/Event

Sponsor an event to increase brand visibility and promote to your audience. Choose an event your target audience would be interested in and use the event to make people aware of your brand.

Downtown Long Beach partnered with local businesses to build a free community event for New Year’s Eve for local residents. This event gave the businesses recognition and the community a night to remember.


11. Host A New Year’s Event

Host your New Year’s event to celebrate and stay relevant to customers. Promote the event on your social media and share photos when it’s over.

Unglued Market hosted this new years event to create a fun experience for customers and promote an upbeat brand personality.


12. Send A Thank You To Loyal Customers

Thank your loyal customers for their consistent support throughout the past year. Just sending them a message or a discount code is a way to maintain positive customer relationships.

Put your graphic designer to work or create it yourself using Canva. If you’re running a small business, you could make it even more personal by sending handwritten thank you notes to add a bit more sentiment.

13. Run A Contest

Use your social media accounts to promote a New Year’s contest. Encourage contestants to be creative and offer a desirable reward for their efforts. Contests build interaction between brand and customer and create different content than normal.

Holiday Inn Amritsar has customers define their year through a song to promote interaction on their social media accounts. They offer a mystery prize to engage customers and entice them to participate.


14. Share Insider Information On Company Performance

As you reflect inwardly on your company, think about sharing some performance statistics on social media. This content lets you be transparent about your company’s successes and hardships and makes you seem more loyal to your brand.

15. Share Company New Year’s Resolutions

Give customers insight into where you want the company to go in the upcoming year. Create a “New Year’s Resolutions” list as a business and take it to social media. You could also use this idea to sneak peek at an upcoming product launch or a big announcement.

Company New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  • Update your business plan
  • Invest in updated technology
  • Focus on company culture
  • Build a mobile app
  • Update your brand
  • Rank higher in SEO

16. Send A Customer Feedback Survey

You take time to analyze what you and your employees think about performance over the year, but what about your customers? Email customers and use the feedback to fuel your company’s New Year’s resolutions.

17. Celebrate With A Giveaway

Use a giveaway to boost social media interaction. Require entrants to follow your page, like and share your post, and tag friends. A giveaway will grow your followers and increase brand awareness as friends tag friends to win free stuff.

Style Italiano Endodontics, an Instagram community for dentists, hosted a giveaway in partnership with Eighteeth to give away a dental tool. They used this technique to grow their Instagram account and gain new followers who may be interested in their content.


18. Use Email Marketing

Use email marketing to promote your New Year’s sales and send out important company information. You can thank your followers through email marketing and offer them special rewards.

Madewell sent a unique code to their email list for a New Year’s promotion. This offer benefits customers by being on the email list, or else they would not receive the deal. Share a sale through your email list to engage customers and promote your email list.