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16 Scary Good Halloween Marketing Ideas To Win The Spooky Season

Published August 9, 2022
/ Updated September 11, 2023

Looking for Halloween marketing ideas to elevate your business? Use this list of ideas to build your Halloween marketing campaign.

1. Launch A Halloween-Themed Email Campaign

Use email campaigns to send advertisements, promotions, and news to your current customers and leads. Add a spooky touch to differentiate your email from the hundreds of other promotional emails customers receive.

When we send out holiday promotions for our Headline Studio product, we include holiday-specific graphics to make the email campaign more festive. Like this fun Halloween example.


2. Post A Halloween Prize Giveaway

Prize giveaways drive traffic to your social media by asking users to follow, like, and tag friends as means of entry.

Mud Urban Flowers posted a giveaway on their Instagram stories to build excitement for Halloween by showing off their seasonal “BOO-KAY.” Collaborate with other small businesses to reach new audiences outside your target market.


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3. Give Out Branded Trick-Or-Treat Bags

Brand trick-or-treat bags and give them out to customers during October. This product creates brand awareness as kids go door-to-door, promoting your business to the adults passing out candy.

Crestline is an inexpensive way to make this idea a reality. They provide different styles of trick-or-treat bags you can customize to display your logo.


4. Promote Your Business With A Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail may not be the most popular marketing tactic anymore, but it is more likely to be read than email campaigns. Send out Halloween-themed direct mail with a holiday promotion code to drive new sales.

Design agency Fit Creative promotes to potential new customers with this clever direct mail. Be bold and creative when contacting customer leads. Direct mail is an opportunity to show personality and build excitement around working with you.


5. Decorate Your Home Page With Halloween Graphics

A few simple graphics can spook up your website for a festive change of scenery. Seasonal landing pages drive sales during holidays by making your page more interesting.

Hershey designs their home page with accents of orange and spooky elements during the time leading up to Halloween. They also present their seasonal recipes on this page for easy access.


6. Launch A Themed Social Media Marketing Campaign

Use holidays to guide your social media strategy. During the weeks leading up to Halloween, post spooky content.

Your campaign could include:

  • Promotions
  • Advertisements
  • Contests
  • Giveaways
  • Scary Stories

In October, nail polish brand Essie has Halloween nails take over the Instagram account with dark colors that coordinate with the seasonal nail polish line. They promote tutorials for Halloween nails to inspire users to make their own creations.


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7. Introduce A Limited Edition Halloween-Themed Product

Limited-time products create high demand for a short time. Halloween is the perfect occasion to launch a limited product line to drive sales.

Kylie Cosmetics drives its Halloween social media campaign around its seasonal product line.


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8. Send Halloween-Themed Social Messages At The Optimal Time

Sending out social messages at optimal times is essential to ensure your post gets the most visibility and interaction.

Use CoSchedule Marketing Suite’s Best Time Scheduling feature to schedule a post at the optimal time. Marketing Suite works for you by using research to post when your content will get the most interaction on each social media platform.

9. Participate In A Trick-Or-Treating Event

Enter your business to participate in a trick-or-treating event to build brand visibility. Parents will remember your business that gave their children joy this holiday season.

Halloween Treat Street is an event that encourages children to trick or treat at local businesses and partake in Halloween-themed activities.


10. Promote A Halloween Sale On Your Website

Have fun with graphics on your landing page to promote a current sale for seasonal products. Utilize this feature to generate interest and make more sales during your promotions.

Pottery Barn Kids promotes Halloween sale items as well as Pottery Barn’s sale items and current promotions.


11. Create A Promotional Video

Promote your products in a new way during the Halloween season. Seasonal advertisements keep your marketing efforts exciting and get a more positive response than your regular advertisements.

Snickers made a unique commercial that aligns with the holiday to promote their candy for trick-or-treating. Their creative implementation leaves the audience craving a snickers bar.

12. Offer A Post-Holiday Discount

It’s no secret that the best sales happen immediately after the holiday. Promote post-holiday discounts on your landing page and through an email marketing campaign.


13. Launch A User-Generated Content Campaign

Integrate user-generated content by hosting different contests to involve customers in your marketing campaign.

San Diego Pet Hospital hosted a pet costume contest, posted all pets in their costumes, and shared the winners on their social media. They switched up their content to be more interactive to increase followers.

Ideas for user-generated content:

  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Guess How Many
  • Costume Contest

14. Sponsor A Halloween Community Event

Sponsor a Trunk-Or-Treat event, marathon, or festival. Be active in your community to spread brand awareness and build a local loyal customer base.

When you sponsor an event, you are working to pursue your target audience further. If you sponsor a marathon, you are targeting health-oriented adults. If you sponsor a children’s event, you are targeting parents of young children.

For the Halloween Half Marathon in Atlanta, GA, West Stride running store sponsors the event because they are targeting runners.


15. Write A Blog Post About Halloween

To boost your SEO rankings, write a blog post relating your niche to Halloween. Use this marketing idea to drive traffic to your website and business.

Pillsbury shares Halloween recipes on their blog to inspire users with festive dishes they can make with Pillsbury products.


16. Treat Your Loyal Customers To A Halloween Gift

Compile a list of your most loyal customers and send them a unique discount code to show your appreciation for their continued support.

75% of consumers favor companies that offer rewards. Retain your loyal customers by doing simple things to keep them satisfied. Going just a little further than the competition in terms of customer service will expand your sales drastically.