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36 Spring Marketing Ideas To Actually Grow Your Sales

Published February 6, 2023
/ Updated April 10, 2023

Get into the spring fling by upping your marketing game this season. Spring marketing ideas differentiate your marketing efforts from competitors by engaging your audience and increasing revenue growth.

1. Offer A Spring Discount

Hop on the wave of spring discounts to increase sales and boost brand awareness.

Loft’s marketing team provides a classic example of a spring discount that is sure to strengthen the brand’s sales.

2. Spruce Up Your Brand Image

Stay true to your brand’s identity while amplifying your brand with a pop of color or decorative flower designs. Change your brand’s image to differentiate your brand from competitors.

3. Use Spring Hashtags

Make your social posts easier to find by including spring hashtags.

Spring Hashtag Examples

  • #Spring
  • #SpringIsComing
  • #SpringColors
  • #SpringFashion
  • #ILoveSpring
  • #HereComestheSun
  • #MorningSunshine
  • #SpringFever
  • #HelloSunshine
  • #ReadyForSpring
  • #HappySpring
  • #LoveSpring
  • #SpringHome
  • #SpringDecor
  • #TasteOfSpring
  • #SpringShowers
  • #SpringTimeDreaming
  • #DreamingofSpring
  • #SmelltheFlowers
  • #SpringBusiness
  • #SunnyDay

4. Partner With Relevant Businesses

Collaborate with businesses, i.e., florists, restaurants, or travel agencies, to host a spring event. This collaboration helps your business gain exposure to a broader audience.

RE/MAX agents partner with local businesses in the spring to host a “Taste Of Spring” event.

5. Bring Back Spring Bestsellers

Restock with last season’s best-selling products or services. Maintain existing consumer relationships by bringing back some crowd favorites.

In the Spring of 2020, Starbucks released two new beverages: Iced Pineapple Matcha and Iced Golden Ginger. They continue to restock these hot commodities year after year.

6. Promote A Winter Sale

Transition your business to spring mode by hosting a winter sale. Convert last season’s inventory into profit to invest in the next quarter.

Target sells winter supplies at lower prices to reinvest that money into new expenditures.

April Marketing Ideas

7. Host An April Fools’ Social Campaign

April Fools’ Day allows businesses to prank their audience with fake products or announcements. Social media enables these tricks to go viral and reach a wider audience.

8. Offer A Prom Special

Never miss a chance to dance with deals! Promote a prom deal to build your brand’s reputation and increase sales.

Prom Special Ideas

  • Restaurants: 20% off your meal on Prom night
  • Boutiques: 10% off jewelry
  • Hair Salons: 10% off updos on Prom day
  • Beauty Salons: 20% off makeup application

9. Capitalize On Easter Marketing Ideas

79% of Americans celebrate Easter and spend a collective $21.6 billion each year. Connect with your audience and generate more buzz for your business during the Easter season.

10. Collaborate With Eco-Influencers

For Earth Day, show the effects of your company’s sustainability efforts by collaborating with an eco-influencer.

Post content that shows the company’s values to build trust and encourage consumers to purchase from a sustainable-friendly company.

April is Financial Literacy Month to raise public awareness of the importance of financial literacy and maintaining smart money management habits. Post financial blogs to provide value first for your consumers.

Financial Blog Topics

  • Money Saving Tips
  • Personal Finance Stories
  • First Time Home-Buying
  • The Basics of Investing
  • How To Start A Side Hustle
  • Balanced Banking
  • Managing Debt
  • Building Budgets

12. Offer A Two-For-One Deal

April 10th is National Siblings Day! Celebrate this holiday by offering a two-for-one deal.

Two-for-one offers tend to get more attention from customers compared to percentage deals. Boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty with this discount for siblings.

13. Highlight Staff On Social Media

National Administrative Professionals Day on April 26 recognizes professionals who keep an office running smoothly daily. Show your company’s appreciation for the staff to improve the work culture.

14. Run A Spring Cleaning Email Campaign

Sweep away winter grime by implementing a spring cleaning email campaign. Create personalized content to develop a stronger relationship with your audience.

Spring Cleaning Email Campaign Examples

  • Technology Services: Send automated emails to encourage cleaning out old assets.
  • Household Businesses: Inspire clients to weed out old products in exchange for better ones.
  • Healthcare Organizations: Post a series of clean-living health benefits to encourage subscribers to update their vaccines or get the latest medications.
May Marketing Ideas

15. Incorporate A Cinco De Mayo Promotion

70% of people in the United States plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. On May 5th, use a Cinco De Mayo Promotion to increase sales traffic.

Incorporate the value of 5 – “Buy four, get the fifth one free,” “5% off your purchase,” or “First 5 buyers get a free sample” – in your promotions.

16. Offer Mother’s Day Packages

Show your appreciation for mothers during this holiday with a package offering.

Mother’s Day Package Ideas:

  • Restaurants: Free MOM-osas for mothers.
  • Shops: Free flower bouquets with a purchase of $50 or more.
  • E-Commerce: 10% of purchases go to a local organization that supports mothers.
  • Service Business: Host a mom-and-child event – brunch, jewelry making, personalized book creation.

17. Share Memorial Day Content

Have a red, white, or blue product? Or have a veteran on your staff? Post Memorial Day content to connect with your audience on a deeper level.


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18. Collaborate With Small Businesses

During the first week of May, celebrate National Small Business Week to recognize the contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Create a partnership with another local business to expand your business’s reach.

19. Create Downloadable Thank You Cards

Teacher Appreciation Day falls on a Tuesday in the first week of May. Publish downloadable thank you cards for any occasion in exchange for the viewer’s email.

Squeeze pages, such as downloadable thank you cards, convert traffic into email subscribers to increase conversions.

20. Send Flowers To Customers

We all know the classic saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” 77% of Americans perceive those who give flowers to be thoughtful.

Encourage leads to purchase from your company by offering complimentary flowers to connect with the buyer.

21. Prioritize Health Campaigns

The month of May is filled with health-related awarenesses:

  • ALS Awareness Month
  • Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month
  • National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month
  • National Stroke Awareness Month
  • National Brain Tumor Awareness Month
  • Melanoma Awareness Month
  • National Lyme Disease Awareness Month
  • National Mental Health Awareness Month

Integrate social concerns into your social campaign to attract customers who want their purchases to make a positive impact.


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June Marketing Ideas

22. Post Safety Content

June is National Safety Month. Show your support by sharing environmental safety content on your social media accounts. Show that your business cares about the consumers to increase the customer lifetime value.

Examples of Safety Content

  • Technology Business: Post about technical safety tips.
  • Household Companies: Share tips to keep families safe from toxic chemicals.
  • Healthcare Organizations: Notify consumers about the importance of sunscreen or regular checkups.

23. Run A Father’s Day Special

U.S. consumers are expected to spend around $20 billion on Father’s Day. Promote Father’s Day festivities by presenting a deal for dads to strengthen your customer engagement strategy and increase profits.

24. Host An Outdoor Event

In celebration of Outdoors Month, spend time with your customers outside at an event. You could host a pop-up shop, attend a community event, or rent a restaurant food truck. Build your brand’s recognition by hosting an event outside and attracting new customers.

25. Promote Your Referral Program

Honor National Best Friend Day on June 8th by promoting your referral program. Referral programs improve word-of-mouth sales and produce quality leads for your business.

26. Announce Your Summer Collection

As summer is approaching, reveal your new summer products or services. Create buzz around this new collection to encourage sales.


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27. Highlight LGBTQ+ Pioneers In Your Industry

57% of consumers are more loyal to brands that commit to addressing social inequities in their actions.

In honor of Pride Month, showcase LGBTQ+ leaders in your industry. Include diverse stories to build customer loyalty and increase inclusion in the workplace.

28. Educate Your Followers On Juneteenth

June 19th commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. Shed light on the subject by creating content that educates your followers.

Show your company’s consciousness while implementing inclusive practices to improve your brand’s personality.

29. Run Promotions For Graduates

An average of 3.5 million students graduate from high school every year. Celebrate with students and parents by advertising a sale for graduates.

Create awareness for your product or service to gain a competitive advantage.

Q2 Marketing Ideas

30. Celebrate Q1 Successes

Share Quarter 1 accomplishments – work anniversaries, sale quotas, and goal completions –  with the company to show your appreciation for employees.

5 Ways To Celebrate

  1. Host a celebration event.
  2. Distribute a token of appreciation.
  3. Organize a company spirit week.
  4. Arrange a raffle giveaway.
  5. Present a slideshow of successes at your next meeting.

31. Analyze Current Market Conditions

Review current market conditions to strategize for the upcoming Quarter 2. Gain valuable insights into shifts in the economy, market trends, and consumer trends.

32. Refresh Your Website

Spice up your website with a fresh design to improve the customer experience and overall website performance.

33. Promote Spring Products

Highlight spring products on your website, social media, and email campaigns. Showcase your products at the right time to make your brand more desirable.

34. Update Your Google Business Profile

Change your Google Business Profile to reflect your Q2 goals to improve SEO rankings and boost exposure to your website.

35. Try A Spring A/B Email Test

Incorporate spring language in your A/B email subject line tests. Discover your subscriber’s preferences to increase open rates.

Test new subject lines with CoSchedule

36. Change Calls To Action

Test out new calls to action in emails, blog posts, and advertisements. Eliminate decision fatigue with new slogans to encourage users to take the next step.