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218 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Delight Your Audience

Published February 5, 2024
/ Updated April 17, 2024
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1. How’d You Get Started In Your Career? How Did You Get To Where You Are Today?

Answer this question to catch followers up on your journey. You might just touch someone’s life and nudge them toward achieving their goals. Here is how you could implement this idea.

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2. List & Embed Videos That Deal With Your Niche

Put together a list of 20 actionable videos on how to be a more successful blogger. Think of valuable videos that push your readers to be better.

If you are writing a post on how to do social media management, you’d find the most actionable links and tag them in a listicle blog post.

4. What Marketing Tips Didn’t Work For You?

We always hear about what worked, but what about the tips that don’t? Share them so no one else makes the same mistakes.

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5. Write Out A List Of FAQs

Write down your most common questions and answer them. If you haven’t been asked many questions, brainstorm questions people would ask about your product or service. What’s a possible issue that might need clarity?

6. Take An Unrelated Topic & Tie It Into Your Field

What are the connections? How did this change your understanding?

7. Pitch An Influencer To A Guest Post On Their Blog

Guest posting builds authority and attracts more followers. When pitching influencers, make sure to put your best foot forward.

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8. What Sets Your Blog/Business Apart From Your Competitors?

It can be scary when your competitors’ website looks better than yours. Maybe they are better at social media than you. Consider that they may have a bigger team than you, which makes it easier to create and do more.

Steps to take:

  • Take a good look at your competitors’ blogs.
  • Write down their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take a look at your blog.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? If you feel you can’t answer these questions without bias, ask a friend in your niche or even a blog reader.
  • How can you improve your strengths while also covering your competitors’ weaknesses?

9. What Is The Most Creative Way Someone Has Used Your Product?

Do you have a product? If so, what is a creative way people have used it?

10. Profile Readers & Customers

Interview them to learn something new about your blog or business.

11. How Do You Use Your Social Media For Growing Traffic & Sales?

Share how you’ve used social media to grow traffic and sales. If you have great tips, share them all.

12. Create An Ultimate Guide

Write up an ultimate guide to a topic in your industry. Teach your readers the tricks of the trade.

13. What Is The Best Part Of What You Do?

Tell your readers everything- why do you love what you do? This post shares the best parts of being a bartender.

14. Do A Q&A With Your Team

Write a list of questions and send it to your team. This practice shows your readers the people behind the product.

15. How’d You Come To The Decision To Hire New Employees?

Share characteristics and qualities that business owners or entrepreneurs should look for when hiring for open positions.

16. Write A Manifesto

Jeff Goins said:

“A manifesto is a great way to condense your message into a short, all-encompassing format. If you’ve written it well, they will get a fuller understanding of your core message, which you may have been trying to communicate for years.”

Create your Manifesto:

  • What is my message?
  • What do I want people to know?
  • Why is my message important?

17. Write A Blog Post That Breaks Down Reviews Of Your Product Or Services

What are people saying about your product or company? Highlight positive reviews and combat negative comments with explanations.

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18. Why Do Customers Choose Your Product? How Do They Use It?

Conduct a case study with a customer to answer these questions for readers interested in using your product.

19. Write A Blog Post To Rank For A Search Keyword

Use an SEO strategy to drive traffic to your content. Target a keyword you want your content to show up first on a Google search for a specific topic.

20. Write A Case Study About A Recent Project That Went Well & What You Learned From It

Share your recent successes with your audience. Would you change anything about the project? What did the process teach you?

21. Write A Series Of Blog Posts As Chapters Of A Future E-Book

Plan an entire series of related content that you can eventually turn into an e-book. You can get traffic on your content, build awareness, and even generate buzz.

Creative Blog Post Ideas

22. Do A (Number) By A (Certain Age) Post

Have you ever heard of “My 30 by 30” posts? This post helps readers see your life and business by showing your aspirations. Think of this blog idea as a bucket list before you or your business reaches a certain age.

23. Put Together A GIF-Filled Post

Put together a blog post using GIFs as the images. GIFs add humor and energy to posts in a way that images and graphics can’t.


24. Write A Parody

Incorporate humor and satire into a blog to provide unique and entertaining content.

25. What Would You Love To Learn How To Do?

Share something new you’d like to learn, then go out and try it! Share your step-by-step process to make it actionable — even throw some humor about the mistakes you made along the way. This post shares the experience of learning a second language.

26. Set Up A Contest On Your Blog

Create a contest on your blog, share the results, and show off the winners. To develop this post, share more about how you ran the competition and chose the winners.

Set up your contest.

  • What is your goal? Have a clear goal in mind. Do you want more email subscribers or buying customers? More social media followers?
  • What kind of content do you want to have? Think about whether it will be a skill or challenge contest.

27. Use Questions On Forums As Blog Posts

Have you ever spent time on websites like Quora? There are many people asking questions that prompt great blog posts.

Once you’ve written your answer in blog post format, go back to the question on Quora and leave a comment that briefly answers the question and links to your blog post. This process provides value to questioners and brings traffic back to your blog.

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28. Find The Best Jokes In Your Niche

Research or create jokes related to your industry. Give readers the gift of laughter.

Do this as a special post and share it on a Friday or a day off.

29. What Adventures Does Someone In Your Career Experience?

Are there any fun adventures that you’ve gotten to go on being a _____ (your title)? Share your adventures with readers interested in your line of work. This blog shares the adventures you could experience as a flight attendant.

30. What Are Your Top Distractions? How Do You Deal With Them?

Do you have a way of holding distractions at bay? Share your tips to make it through the workday distraction-free.

31. If Three People Who Inspire You Collaborated To Make A Product, What Would That Be?

If those three people created something extraordinary with all their skills, what would it be? This idea shows readers who inspires you.

32. What Scares You The Most? Why?

Share ways you’ve overcome a fear to help readers who experience the same feeling.

33. What Is Your First Memory?

Do you remember your first memory? Think about the details, then write why it’s important to you. See this idea in action here.

34. List Of Hacks

Write down the hacks of a specific task or job.

Think about these things:

35. Use 5 Words To Describe Yourself, Your Blog, Or Your Business

How would you describe yourself in only five words? Use those words as an outline for your blog post.

36. Host A Blog Hop

Blog hops create a sense of community and get more comments. Blog hops pull other bloggers into the fun of writing posts on a topic.

How to host a blog hop

  • Pick a topic or theme
  • Write up rules and a schedule of events
  • Choose an allotted amount of time
  • Provide a daily prompt
  • Encourage bloggers to visit other bloggers’ posts who are also a part of the hop

37. What Movies, Shows, Or Documentaries Feature Your Industry?

Did you watch something that resonated with your content? What did it teach you?

38. Do You Have Opinions On Hot Political Or Economic Topics?

Chime in on hot topics to stand firm in what you believe. This strategy is controversial as you may upset some people who disagree.

39. What Are Your Favorite Vacation Spots?

Make a post on all of the most incredible places you have been and why they were so memorable to you.

40. Would You Rather…

Spark some creativity within your audience! Offer up two options and ask your readers “Would you rather…” This can help you get to know your audience on a more personal level as well as open up to them! Building deeper relationships starts here.

41. How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Current Goals?

Think about your monthly goals. They can be personal or business-related. Share your goals to help you gain clarity and accountability.

  • What are your monthly goals? Can you break them down for your audience?
  • When you write your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

42. What Will You Give Up This Month/Year?

Do you have any bad habits that will get in the way of success? Pick out one thing to give up and then share it with your readers on how you handled it. At the end of the month, do an email update on how it went and tips to conquer that bad habit.

43. What Does The Road To Success Look Like?

Write an inspirational post encouraging your audience to stand firm on the road to success. Consider:

  • What are things that you struggled with when you were starting?
  • List those out, and then give your readers an answer.
  • Think of yourself as a mentor of what it takes to reach success.
  • Write it as though you were writing it to yourself when you first started working in your field.

44. What Are Your Goals For The Next 5 To 10 Years?

Publish your goals to establish a vision for your future.

Here are some questions to help you brainstorm:

  • What would you like to do this coming year? Personal and business-related?
  • What needs to be finished and reached?
  • Does a certain amount of income need to be made?
  • What are some new ventures that you’d like to try?

45. Share Your Gifts

Make something and give it away for free to build trust among your audience.

46. Do You Have A Reading List For The Year?

What books would you like to have read by the end of the year? You can use this as an opportunity to suggest recommended readings to your audience.

47. Do You Donate To Charity?

Show your readers your character by highlighting what organizations are important to you—link to the charities you support.

48. What Is Your Dream Job?

Are you working your dream job? Whether you are or aren’t, share your dream career and how you will reach it.

49. What Inspires You?

Why do those things inspire you?

50. What’s On Your Bucket List?

What things do you want to do before you kick the bucket? Dream big; life is full of exciting things.

51. What’s Your Life Motto?

What words do you live by? Share a post on your life philosophy.

52. How Do You Schedule Your Work Week?

Walk through how to schedule a work week productively. Post any tips that have helped you plan your time to increase productivity.

53. Celebrate Your Blog’s Birthday

Find a way to make this an actionable post so people can still learn from it.

Extra fun tip: Make a downloadable gift and give it away in exchange for emails. This gift will make them feel special while also helping you grow your blog.

54. How Would You Describe The Person You Want To Become?

Push your readers to look inside and envision the best version of themselves.. What does that look like to you? Look introspectively and explain what you can improve in your own life to accomplish this!

Ideas To Change Your Perspective

55. How Do You Work While Traveling?

Write this post to help readers see what processes make it easier to work and travel.

56. Rant About Something That Bothers You

Is something bothering you right now? Write a rant post.

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57. What Bothers You About Your Niche Or Industry?

Share something you wish was different about your industry.

58. What Excites You About Your Niche Or Industry?

Highlight what part of your job fuels you for success.

59. What Can Your Readers Learn From Your Upbringing?

Allow readers to walk in your shoes and share an experience you think might impact their worldview.

60. What Events Have Shaped Your Life?

Think about all the events you’ve experienced in your life; which ones shaped you into who you are now?

61. Share Travel Experiences

Do you travel a lot? Use it as your muse.

62. What’s A Current Frustration You Have?

Controversial blog posts perform well. They can be challenging to write and aren’t for everyone. However, if you feel motivated, don’t fear. Go out and do it because controversy drives traffic.

63. What Are Your Traditions?

What traditions do you value? Why are these important to you?

64. What Advice Has Stuck With You For A Long Time? Who Gave That Advice?

What are some wise words you’ve received throughout your life? Think back and write down the advice as you remember it.

65. What Is The Next Vacation You’d Like To Take?

This is another blog post idea that helps the audience get to know you better. If your blog or business has a team of contributors, you could always share where each member wants to go on their next vacation.

66. If You Could Invite Any 3 People To Dinner, Who Would You Invite? Why? What Would You Talk About?

Try a new approach to the question, “If you were stranded with three people on an island, who would you choose?”

67. If You Could Have Witnessed An Event In History, Which Would You Choose? Why?

What event in history amazes you? Why do you feel so strongly about that event? What do you think that says about you as a person?

68. Glimpse Into Your Life

Share daily photos for a week to show a peek into your life, blog, or business.

69. What Do You Want To Improve Upon?

What is something you think you or your business needs to improve upon?

70. How Do You Stay Healthy In Your Niche?

There are many different avenues bloggers can go down. For example, a writer and editor, like me, might write a post about the importance of incorporating movement into the day. Since I often sit at a desk, getting up throughout the day is essential. What helps you stay healthy?

Some people have told me that taking regular breaks throughout their day helps refresh their minds.

71. If You Were Told You Will Die On Friday, & Today Is Monday, What Would You Do?

How would you spend your last days? You learn a lot about people and what they value from this post. If you come up with specific dreams you’d like to accomplish (if this was your last week), why don’t you think about achieving them now?

72. Who Is The One Person You Couldn’t Live Without? Why?

When you share this with your audience, you let them into your life. Let them see that you are a human behind your blog.

73. How To Combat “Off Days”

Everyone experiences an “off day” every now and then. Share how you get yourself out of a weird funk, to buckle down and crush the day.

On Creating Content That Provides Valuable Advice

74. Spoken Anywhere Recently (e.g., Conference, Speech, or Lesson)?

If you have, write a blog post from your speech and share it. You can repurpose the content by typing it all up and scheduling it to publish right after your speech is finished. Tell your audience to get the notes and other helpful tips on your website. This can also help to build an email subscriber list.

75. Interview An Influencer

Want to gain new followers? Have influencers on your blog and guest write for other blogs to boost your followers. It helps if the blogs you choose have influencer status.

76. Day In The Life As A  _________ (Insert Your Career)

Walk readers through the hour-by-hour day in the life of (your title). Don’t forget to share pictures to make your post more digestible.

77. Book Recommendations In Your Industry

Think about books you’ve read that have been the most helpful to you in your niche.

On a side note: If you’re looking for similar books that you’d like to read more of, just go to Amazon and type in the book title. When you find the book, you’ll be able to scroll to the bottom of the book’s Amazon page. At the bottom, you’ll see what other people looked at/purchased that was like this book.

78. What Are Your Go-To Industry Podcasts?

Review the podcasts that keep you up-to-date with industry news and trends. Why do you like these specific shows? What do they teach you?

79. Which Skills Are Needed To Be Successful In Your Career?

This blog post idea is exemplified here: 11 Skills To Be Successful In A Content Marketing Career.

80. What Are The 10 Commandments Of Your Career?

Think about the must-dos of your career.

  • What are your commandments?
  • Are there things that your followers would gain from knowing your blog or business commandments?

81. What Are The 5 Deadly Sins Of Your Career?

What things would you warn people against doing in your career? Think of these as five things that are deadly to doing your job correctly.

82. Truth vs. Lie

It’s like that game where you share facts and sneak in a few lies, then have your friends guess what’s true and what’s false. Use this post the same way, but instead of making your readers guess, tell them which are which.

83. How’d You Start Your Business, Blog, Or Freelance Career?

Share the nitty-gritty details on how to start their own. Cover all the basics of starting your own business, blog, or career. Make your answers actionable and helpful so people come back for more.

Ask yourself these questions to get an idea of what to cover:

  • What are the steps that I took from A to Z?
  • What things helped me start?
  • How did I get more followers on social media?
  • How about email subscriptions?

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84. What Lessons Could Someone Learn From What You Do?

Are there life lessons people who are not in your line of work could learn?

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85. What Is The Toughest Part Of Being A ______ (Your Job Title)?

What is the most challenging part of your job? Teach readers about every aspect of a job so they can decide if they would be a good fit.

86. What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Been Given?

Take this moment to enlighten your audience and share some wisdom. Describe why this piece of advice you received stuck with you, and how it’s helped you.


Blog Post Ideas To Share Your Favorite Things

87.  What Are Your Favorite Blogs?

Collect the links of your favorite blogs and share them in a list post. Helping your audience find other great blogs allows you to build credibility and loyalty.

88. Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Character? What Qualities Do You Share?

Ever read a book and thought, “This character is me!” Use that as inspiration for a post like this. Incorporate this into your blog/business and personify your company/product with one of the characters by saying something like: Why My Product is the _____ of All Products.

89. If Your Favorite Book Hasn’t Been Made Into A Movie, Who Would You Cast As The Characters?

You could also spin this idea and recast characters in a movie that you think would have made it much better.

90. What Are Your Go-To Apps?

We live in a digital world. You can’t go anywhere without seeing people looking at their phones or tablets. List out your favorite apps.

91. What Are Your Favorite Blog Plug-ins?

Share all the awesome plugins that you use on your blog. List how you use them and why others should start to use them.

92. What Is The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

Why was it unique to you? Who gave the gift?

93. Your Favorite Blog Posts Each Month

Create a list of your favorite blog posts that you enjoyed this month. You can put some of your pieces in this post or other blog posts.

94. What Are The Best Events You Went To In The Last Year?

Are there any conferences, speakers, or classes you’ve attended in the last year that you’ve enjoyed? Share the events and make sure to link them. Add tips for those who might want to attend those events this year to make the post more valuable to readers.

95. What’s On Your Current Playlist?

You can learn a lot about a person when you look into what they read, watch, or listen to. What do you think your playlist says about you?

96. Create A Roundup Of The Best ______ (Topic) Posts Of The Past Week

Pick a topic and make a roundup list of actionable posts that show how to do certain things that make your audience better at what they do.

97. What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend Your Day Off?

Describe your favorite way to spend a day off.

98. Best ________ (Fill In The Blank) Tutorials

Have you watched any excellent video tutorials lately? Make a list-post of the best ones you’ve seen.

99. How Do You Release Stress?

After a stressful day, what activity, hobby, or perhaps guilty pleasure do you indulge in to wind down? Share with your readers some ways you reset and turn your mind off.

Ideas To Inspire Your Audience

100. What Is Your Mission Statement?

A mission statement keeps your site focused on moving forward toward your goals. Write up your mission statement and share it with your followers.

101. What Is Your Vision Statement?

Where do you see yourself, your business, or your blog headed in the future? Share your vision statement so followers understand where you’re headed.

102. What Do You Do When You’re Overwhelmed Or Fail?

Most importantly, how do you overcome failure? Here is your chance to create relatable content for users who feel alone in failure.

103. Nobody Knows That I…

Finish the sentence.

104. What Is The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done?

What was so bad about it? Why did you do it? Share how you got over it.

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105. Send Out A Poll, Survey, Or Quiz

We do this yearly here at CoSchedule, so we’ll know what things you want to know more about. It teaches us about your goals as marketers, writers, and bloggers.

Do the same kind of thing for your niche. Once you’ve gotten the responses, make that into a blog post.

Some example questions:

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • What are your goals this year?
  • Which topics interest you more, ______ or ______?
  • What is your job title? What do you do?
  • How long have you been using _____ (product name)?

106. Are You Hosting Any Upcoming Events?

If you are planning to host any events, make sure you let your audience know.

107. Profile Your Role Model

Here are some steps to profile your role model:

  1. First off, interview them if you can.
  2. Share what they do for a living.
  3. What is their outlook on life?
  4. Why are they your role model?

108. How Do You Show Yourself Love?

Life can get hectic. How do you slow down and show yourself love? What are some tips that might help your readers love themselves more?

109. What Are You Passionate About?

Here at CoSchedule, we have a motto: “Do what you love. Love what you do!” Life and work are easier when you genuinely love what you do.

110. What Are The Top Things That You’ve Learned Over The Past Year?

You could make a massive list of the different things you’ve learned this year, or you could write a blog post for each idea off the list. Maybe share how to do what you’ve learned or the life lessons that a person could learn from.

111. What Keeps You Creative?

When working in a creative niche, there are times when the words flow. There are also those days when you lack creativity and don’t know what direction to take for specific projects.

Share everything that keeps you creative as a writer, blogger, content marketer, artist, or graphic designer.

112. Take A Word And Write A Post Inspired By It

Check out the Sunday Scribblings blog that sets up a new word prompt every Sunday for inspiration.

113. How Do You Stay Productive?

Productivity is another area in our lives that we are always trying to improve.

Something to think about:

  • What kind of lifestyle has helped you be more productive? (e.g., Do you work out regularly? Do you wake up at 5 a.m. and work on your projects before going to work in the morning?)
  • What things have stopped you from being productive? Show how to avoid experiencing those unproductive habits.

114. If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be?

Think about what you want to change about your life. It helps you see how to become better at what you do, and your audience sees that you still want to improve your life.

115. What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside Of Work?

Share your life outside work, business, or your blog to help people know you better. It shows people that you are just an average person.

Quotes are morsels of knowledge from another person that inspires and encourages. Encourage your audience with niche-related quotes to make your blog more relatable.

General Blogging Ideas

117. What Top Things Do You Wish You’d Known When You First Started Blogging?

Start by listing the top things you wish you’d known. Use that as the backbone for your blog post.

118. Write A Review

Write reviews to tell companies you like their products and share products you love with readers.

Do you use CoSchedule? If so, you could write a review and save 50%.

119. Write An Open Letter

A few years ago, many bloggers participated in the open letter, “A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self”. Use a version of this in your blog to switch up your content.

Check out this idea from Huffington Post.

120. Reach Out To Experts And Combine The Quotes Into A Single Blog Post

Create original content with what experts are saying that can’t be found anywhere else online.

121. Write The Best Post Of The Season (Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring) Blog Post

Use Google Analytics to look at your most popular posts from the season. Share them with your followers again in a recap post.

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122. How Do You Get New Blog Readers?

How have you been the most successful in building your blog? Write down your steps and share them.

Share your experience to build trust in yourself and encourage others to be successful.

123. Try A Photo Prompt

Find free images on Unsplash and use those to inspire your post idea. Images can promote creative writing and can be a good exercise for when writing is hard.

124. Your Writing Place

Share your workplace. Artists love sharing and seeing other artists’ studios, while writers love seeing other writers’ offices.

125. Why Did You Start Blogging?

What inspired you?

126. What Are 15 Things No One Knows About You?

Use this idea to write 15 things no one knows about you, your business, or your product.

127. Ask Blogger Friends To Do A Guest Blog Post Swap

Contact them to see if they’d write a guest post for you if you write one for them.

Reminder: Other bloggers are always looking for content.

128. How Do You Develop Your Blogging Ideas?

What processes do you have in place when creating a new blog post?

129. What Makes You Unique As A Blogger?

Make a list and focus on ways you can show those unique characteristics.

130. Who Are 5 Bloggers That Inspire You?

Why them?

131. How Has Your Blogging Career Changed In The Past Year?

Share the changes, journeys, and stats. You could also share the top posts from the past year and the top comments. Use this idea to pull your readers into your blog and thank them!

132. Set Up A Series Of Posts

Have multiple posts that discuss a similar topic or continue a longer idea.

133. Do You Have A Team? If So, How Did You Find Them?

Share how you found your team. What was the hiring process? Did you find them on an outsourcing website?

134. Respond To A Tweet In Longer Form

Take an idea you got from Twitter and share it in a blog post. Try this to expand your writing beyond the 140-character Twitter limit.

135. Write A Book Review

Grab some of the biggest lessons from the book that stuck out to you that may help your audience. Think about reaching out to the book’s author to share your review with them.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners: Ideas For Your First Blog Post

136. Why Are You Starting A Blog?

Why should readers care? Show readers the heart behind your blog; what drives your passion? What makes you qualified?

137. What Topics Will Your Blog Cover? What Expertise Will You Share?

Give an overview of the plans you have for your blog. Share a sneak peek of upcoming articles to ensure readers stick around.

138. Who Is Your Ideal Reader Persona?

Like a marketer identifying a target market, describe the specific reader who would enjoy your content.

139. What Common Questions Would Your Readers Ask You?

Answer questions your target audience might have about your blog. You could poll your first few readers and reward them for being a part of your blog’s journey.

Blog Ideas About The Writing Process

140. What Keywords Bring The Most Traffic To Your Site?

Create more content like your most popular blog posts using a tool like Moz. Understand keywords that help you crush it and get new blog ideas from your best-performing content.

141. Highlight Your Top Blog Posts

Get your readers excited about your top posts. What can you do to make the posts special?

142. Participate In A Blog Hop, Roundup, Or Carnival

What this can look like:

  • Write on a specific topic
  • Overarching theme
  • Relate your topic to the theme

143. Write Your Writer’s Guidelines

Invite guest writers to fill your blog with content. Treat your blog like a magazine and ask for pitches.

How to craft your writer’s guidelines:

  1. Pitch guidelines: What do you want writers to put into their pitches? What things do you need to see from them to say “yes” to their pitch? Additionally, I would usually recommend asking for 250–500 words of the article they’re pitching to you. This way, you can see if their writing is any good before you accept a pitch.
  2. Other things they should send with the pitch include their blog URL, social links, and a few writing samples.
  3. Lay out how the guest writing process goes, so the writer will know how to approach you and what to expect about the whole process.
  4. Keep in mind what minimum-maximum length you want for your posts.

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144. Create A Master List Of Helpful Amazon Kindle Books That Are In Your Niche

Self-publishing has opened many doors for writers, but it has also opened the publishing doors for a whole lot of not-so-good stuff. That makes it difficult for a person to find good, actionable e-books that are free.

Put together a list post of free e-books you enjoyed.

145. Write Something You Have Never Written Before

Do you only write blog posts?

Ever thought of writing something different? Think about writing lyrics, a short story, poetry, or a short script, and share it on your blog.

Writing in different formats will make you a stronger writer.

146. Make A Comprehensive Guide Post

Teach your readers the in-and-out of writing whatever topic choose. Make it actionable.

147. Write A Memorial Post

Did someone influential in your life or business pass away? Write a blog post in memory of them. Share what you learned from them and how they affected your life, blog, or business.

148. Create A List Of ____

List posts are some of the more popular blog posts out there and have become even more popular recently, thanks to Buzzfeed.

149. Create A List Of Online Tools

Share a list of the most helpful tools you use.

150. Write A Checklist On How To ________ (Fill In The Blank)

There is a post on the CoSchedule blog in the form of a checklist. Walk your readers through the process of doing something as a checklist.

151. A–Z Post

There are a few ways that you could go about using this for blog ideas.

  • Write one post with a list from A–Z, and then list words that start with that letter.
  • Write a blog post for each letter.

152. 100 Things…

100 things you love, 100 things you enjoy, or 100 tools you swear by, just to name a few.

Ideas For Repurposing Blog Content

153. Thank Your Audience And Give Them Something Special

Appreciate your readers and celebrate them when you hit a milestone they helped you reach.

154. Combine Your Best Blog Posts Into A Free E-Book

Do you have a lot of blog posts covering a specific topic? Compile them into one document. Ask a designer to make a cool cover or make your own on Canva.

When you finish the book, write a basic post covering tips from all the posts you compiled into the ebook. Put a call to action in the post so people can sign up for the book, and you can grow your email list.

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155. Make A Podcast

Turn your posts into downloadable podcasts. Big blogs, like Social Media Examiner, do this for their most successful posts using a tool called Blubrry Powerpress.

156. Live Blog A Conference

Attend a session and share what the speaker says and your takeaways.

Share your post on social media using the event hashtag so that attendees will find it.

157. Host A Webinar

Take an old blog post and turn it into a webinar. Write a new post and market your webinar there.

To create and host your webinar:

  1. Create a landing page with something like Leadpages or Instapages.
  2. What is the benefit for people to sign up?
  3. Give something away for free to people who sign up — of course, in exchange for an email. Then you can send them the recording and also their gift.
  4. Use a program like Zoom or Google Chat to host and record your webinar.
  5. Share your landing page on social media with your friends, and email newsletter subscribers. Be sure to use a great call to action.

158. What Are Templates Or Downloads That Your Readers Would Enjoy?

Use those to collect email subscribers.

Think about turning the content you already have on your blog posts into a download, like a guide, worksheet, or video course.

Look at our marketing templates for great ideas about things you can create.

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159. Try Vlogging For A Month

Play around with creating new content or reshaping old content into something new.

If you want to turn an old post into a vlog:

  • Pick out the main topics that will help your audience with whatever problem they want to solve.
  • Write out a script.
  • Practice a ton.
  • Record yourself.
  • Edit it.
  • Share it with your audience.

Vlogging Tips:

  1. Write your script more like an outline than an actual post. Keep sentences shorter so it’s easier to read.
  2. If you are using your computer, put googly craft eyes on either side of your video recorder to keep eye contact with your audience. As a viewer, watching a speaker looking all over is distracting.

160. Host A Live Workshop

Write an actionable post about the topic you will cover. Don’t cover everything in the workshop, but share something that will make them want to sign up for the course.

Having a downloadable piece of content also helps viewers sign up.

What to keep in mind:

  1. What kind of workshop do you want to host? In-person? Online? A Meetup?
  2. Brainstorm the different topics that you’d like to cover. You can even use a post you’ve already written — take the key points and cover actionable tips about them.
  3. Write your notes like an outline. Keep your sentences short so it’s easier to focus when you look down at your notes.
  4. Talk slowly enough for people to understand you.

161. Create Infographics For Top-Performing Posts

Infographics make your blog posts more colorful and scannable. You can learn more about making your infographics here. Share them on social media. Pinterest loves infographics.

162. Create A Quick Reference Guide

AKA a cheat sheet. Fill it with tips and tricks that’ll help your audience be successful.

163. What Are Your Ideal Writing Conditions?

What combination of things helps you be the most successful? Share what the ideal conditions are for you to produce your best content.

164. What-Not-To-Do

What blogging mistakes have you made? List all of your mistakes for a what-not-to-do post.

165. Write A Handwritten Letter Or Sketch Something To Share

Write a blog post, and then write a few quotes from your blog post. Scan it, and then upload those into your posts. This will add a new creative twist to your blog post.

Ideas For Food Bloggers

A few ideas to try:

  • Make a recipe for success in your niche.
  • Share a recipe with pictures of the food, and relate it to something in your career or niche.

167. Share A Regional Recipe

What types of food are prevalent in your region? Share a recipe so everyone can enjoy it!

168. Show Off Your Kitchen

Show off where you make those amazing recipes and maybe how you organize to be successful.

169. Share The History Of A Dish

Put on your historian cap and dig into the history of a popular food or recipe.

What chefs do your readers admire? Ask for an interview!

171. Explain A Cooking Technique Step-By-Step

It could be something simple, like the best way to dice vegetables.

172. Share How You Started Cooking

Inspire others with your story about what motivated you to launch a food blog.

173. What Are Healthy Replacements For Unhealthy Foods?

Show readers that they can have yummy food without adverse side effects.

174. Try Something New And Share Your Thoughts On It

Food is all about exploring new flavors. Try something new and share your experience.

175. Review A Cookbook

Are there any new cookbooks coming out that you’re interested in? Write a review and host a giveaway to send a free copy to a reader.

Show people how to copy their favorite restaurant recipes more affordably at home.

177. Compare Cooking Products and Utinsel Brands

Which cooking tools are the best? Share which ones you think your readership should use.

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178. Share A Story Of A Failed Cooking Experience

Reading about other people’s missteps helps us feel better about our mistakes. Share your mistakes to help discover what failure taught you.

179. Create A List Of Alternative Ingredients (If You Don’t Have X, Supplement X)

Show readers alternative ingredients that still work for the recipes they want to create.

Whether for health or personal reasons, more people are following restrictive diets than ever. Show people how to make the recipes they have missed by accommodating different lifestyles.

181. Profile A Local Restaurant And Your Favorite Dish There

Show off your favorite local restaurant and what you order. Give readers a taste of what it’s like to dine with you and give the restaurant some positive publicity.

182. Share A Complete 5-Course Meal With Drink Pairings

Allow your audience to replicate a fine dining experience from the comfort of their home. Show realistic recipes and inexpensive pairings to make fine dining more accessible.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Sick of putting chemicals all over yourself? Show off products with real ingredients that work well in alternative to popular chemical-filled products.

184. What Are Your Favorite Hair Care Products?

What makes them the best? Post your hair care routine and review the best products for your hair type.

185. How To Make Homemade Skincare Products

2-ingredient DIY sugar scrub? Yes, please.

186. Share Your Skincare Routine

What does your morning routine look like? Your night routine?

187. What Is Your Favorite Beauty Product?

Be sure to include links where people can buy them, too. If the manufacturer has videos on them, you can easily embed those.

188. Which Products Do You Travel With?

Empty your travel bag and explain why you’ve included each piece. Link the products and bag so your readers know where to find them.

189. How Can Readers Beautify On A Budget?

Help your readers save money to deliver value to them. Consider:

  • Sharing links to a site offering deals and discounts.
  • Posting reader tips on making beauty supplies last longer.

190. Write On A Trend

What’s hot on social media right now? Write a blog post telling your readers the latest trends and how to copy those styles.

191. Compare Two Similar Brands

Which product is best? Compare two popular products and give your conclusion. Use a cheap dupe of an expensive brand and show readers how to beautify on a budget.

192. Search For Headline Ideas In Beauty Magazines

Example: “Killer Cocktail: How a Popular Drink Could Kill You in Your Sleep”

Change it to “Killer Content Marketing Cocktail: How ______ Could Kill Your Blog in Your Sleep,” or something like that. Be sure to check it in the Headline Analyzer Studio.

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Photography Blog Ideas

193. Go Somewhere New

Travel can benefit your writing in more ways than you’d think. Remove yourself from your usual space to increase creativity. Write about your experiences to allow readers to live vicariously through you.

Travel blog ideas:

  • Your planning process
  • Your travel experience
  • Airport/TSA
  • Airline
  • Public transportation
  • Experiences worth doing
  • Restaurant reviews

194. Snap Your Vacation

You’ve probably already brought your camera, so why not share your snaps?

195. What Are Your Favorite Photoshoot Locations?

You could share a general place such as downtown or narrow it down to a specific location you love to bring your clients.

196. How Do You Select A Photographer?

What is your process for hiring a photographer? What qualities or style does that person have?

197. What Are Your Favorite Poses For Clients?

Demonstrate poses for different types of shots that your clients love.

198. What Is Your Favorite Type Of Photography (Portrait, Wedding, Landscape, Etc.)?

Share your favorite thing to capture. Explain more about the specifics of each type and why you prefer one over the others.

199. Show Off Your Gear

Share a gear breakdown of everything you keep in your camera bag.

200. Explain How To Build Your Clientele

If you’ve had success gaining new clients, share the process you used to attract the business.

201. Share Photos Of An Event

Make your audience feel like they attended with a compelling photo series.

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202. Explain A Photography Technique

From setting an appropriate f-stop to properly framing shots, there are tons of techniques you can share. This post builds credibility in your skills and trust in your business.

203. Write A How-To Post With Editing Tips

Show your readers how to do something specific with Photoshop, Lightroom, or other photography software.

204. Share Your Best Lighting Tip

Photography is all about getting good lighting. How do you do it?

205. How Do You Run Your Photography Business?

Photographers don’t always love dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork. Show how you make it easy.

206. Create A Beginner’s Guide

New folks pick up cameras for the first time every day. They go looking for tips and advice on how to get started. Share what helped when you were in their shoes.

207. Try Photojournalism

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the stories you could tell with a photo series on your blog.

208. Talk To A Fellow Photographer

You’ll learn more about how they approach the craft, and the interview makes a compelling blog post.

209. Share Your Services

Don’t be afraid to sell your audience precisely what you can do for them as a photographer.

Blog Ideas For Authors

210. Give Away A Chapter

If your sample is good, they’ll want to read the rest. Use this to build on your email list.

211. Share A Writing Tip

Write a blog post and promote it with a social campaign that shares your best writing tips.

212. Explain How To Promote A Book

Authors aren’t always the best marketers. If you’ve promoted a book of your own, help others learn how to do the same.

213. How Did You Get An Agent?

Landing an agent isn’t easy. Now is the time to offer your best tips if you’ve done it. If your agent wants to add more clients, you promote them in this post, benefiting you both.

214. Describe Your Writing Process

How do you get started, and which steps do you follow to complete it?

215. Share Your Routine

Do you have an unusual writing routine?

216. Host A Writers Group & Mention It On Your Blog

Use Meetup to plan and host a regular writer’s group in your area. Write about it on your blog.

217. Write A List Of Books Or Movies Where The Plot Takes Place In Your Hometown

Have some hometown pride by sharing different media from your hometown. Point out the specific places and how well the book or movie portrays them (e.g., 10 Novels That Take Place In Minnesota).

218. Write A List Of Books That You’ve Provided Dust Jacket Testimonials For

Do you know the outside cover of books with little comments from other authors or credible sources? List all of the books you’ve contributed to and what you wrote. Expand on what you thought of the novel.

219. What Upcoming Events Are You Speaking At?

Your fans want to see you! Provide the details and a rundown of the event.

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