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How to Pin a Tweet That Makes the Most of Your Content 79

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How to Pin a Tweet That Makes the Most of Your Content

Sometimes small actions can have outsized impact. While smart bloggers and social media marketers often focus on 10X projects that drive massive results, sometimes taking several smaller steps in succession can add quick wins to your work week. That can also take some of the pressure off feeling like everything you do as a marketer needs to make a big splash.

Pinning tweets is one such thing you can do that takes just a few moments, but can make a meaningful contribution toward improving your results. Whether you have a particularly popular tweet, or a major campaign to promote, it’s a simple thing anyone can do to get more attention to an important message.

In this post, you’ll learn not only how to pin tweets, but how to optimize them for best results. It’ll cover:

  • How to identify a strong topic for a pinned tweet.
  • The best ways to optimize them for maximum results.
  • Some examples of actual tweets from real-life brands and bloggers.

What Are Pinned Tweets?

When a tweet is pinned, it permanently appears at the top of your profile’s timeline:

Example of a pinned tweet from Red Bull

What’s the Benefit of Optimizing a Pinned Tweet?

This may seem like a simple task, and it is. But, getting people’s attention on social media these days is a constant battle of inches. Every little thing you can do to improve the visibility and reach of every post and piece of content can add up to a much larger impact.

There are a number of reasons you might want to pin a tweet:

Now, the lifespan of average tweet is about 18 minutes. That’s hardly any time at all to get people to see your message. And if that message is the most important thing you want your audience to know about, your options are either pin one really awesome tweet, or schedule tons of posts around that piece of content. The best approach might be to do both concurrently.

It’s All About Engagement …

Ultimately, pinning a tweet is all about maximizing attention toward one important piece of content. But, pinning tweets is just one small part of your broader engagement strategy. So, grab this free guide and get 15 more simple tips you can start applying right now.

How to Pin a Tweet in Three Simple Steps

This is a super easy process.

Log into your account and select a tweet:

How to Pin Tweets: Step 1

Click the dropdown arrow:

How to Pin a Tweet: Step 2

Select Pin to your profile page, then click Pin:

How to Pin a Tweet: Step 3

The tweet will now appear first on your timeline when visitors arrive on your profile:

To unpin a tweet, click the dropdown arrow and select “Unpin from profile page”:

And you’re done. This video will also walk you through the process:

How to Optimize Your Pinned Tweet

If something is going to appear first on your page, it should represent your best work, or most important thing you have to share.

Add a Compelling Image or Video

If something is going to appear at the top of your feed, then make it something with visual appeal. You’re more likely to hook people’s attention with a strong image or video, and getting people’s attention is what this is all about.

If you’re a blogger creating images on your own, consider using Canva to whip up something that complements the content you’re sharing:

If you’re creating a static image, abide by Twitter’s image dimensions, too:

Image size guide for Twitter

Write Some Snappy Post Copy

The right words can make the difference between a visitor clicking through to your site, or scrolling past your profile. To give your tweet its best shot at success, consider using the following data as a starting point for crafting your copy:

Character count and hashtag recommendations for Twitter

Drop In a Link

If driving traffic matters to you (and a CoSchedule study shows its a top KPI for 19% of marketers), then prioritize pinning tweets with links. Here are some ideas:

Include a Strong Call to Action

Social media users are typically turned off by overly promotional messaging. However, if you want your audience to do something, writing a good call to action helps. Try incorporating some of the following words below to inspire more clicks:

54 Proven Words and Phrases to Use in Your Calls to Action

Examples of Pinned Tweets Done Well

An effective tweet doesn’t need to be anything flashy. It just needs to serve a purpose, and serve it well. Here are seven examples to give you an idea of what works.

Fender Guitars

This example from Fender highlights new product updates (additional colors and improved features) while showing off their guitars and the people who play them.

Taco Bell

People go nuts when they learn there’s something new on the Taco Bell menu. Any why not? Taco Bell’s social strategy is all about fun and this tweet could definitely get people on the go to head straight to the nearest drive-thru:

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn knows his stuff when it comes to blogging and driving engagement. Getting a book on the Wall Street Journal’s best-sellers list is no small feat, and he smartly capitalizes on the accomplishment by pinning this post:

Whole Foods

This tweet from Whole Foods gets people excited about their new app, and then makes smart use of a traditional call-to-action to drive more downloads:

The Verge

Interactive content like surveys make great candidates for pinned tweets.

Bon Appetit

Pinning your latest content (like an article or blog post) is a great way to double down on its exposure and traffic.

Schedule Tweets With CoSchedule

Earlier, this post suggested sharing multiple posts to promote particularly important content and campaigns. Indeed, a combination of pinned and scheduled posts can help maximize exposure. With CoSchedule, you can manage and measure all your social media scheduling, all in one place (plus a lot more):

Schedule Every Post on One Marketing Calendar

Make Pinned Tweets Part of Your Strategy

You probably already knew you could pin tweets. But, making them part of your social strategy consistently is something marketers and bloggers often overlook.

About the Author

Ben is the Inbound Marketing Director at CoSchedule. His specialties include content strategy, SEO, copywriting, and more. When he's not hard at work helping people do better marketing, he can be found cross-country skiing with his wife and their dog.

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