Social Media Analytics Tools: How to Choose the Best One For Your Brand

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Social Media Analytics Tools: How to Choose the Best One For You 80

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Social Media Analytics Tool: How to Choose the Best One For You

Here’s something we say around the office:

“If you can’t measure it, you didn’t actually do anything.”

That goes for every strategy and tactic we execute.

Including social media marketing.

In order to measure social performance, you need a robust set of tools that can measure your core metrics and KPIs.

That’s where having a solid suite of social media analytics tools comes in.

They’re essential for gathering all your important performance metrics in one place, and producing reports that prove you’re making a meaningful impact on your business.

Best of all, we’ve built robust social analytics features right into CoSchedule, making our platform your go-to destination for measuring and reporting on social media performance.

In this post, we’ll cover:

  • How CoSchedule makes it easy to plan, schedule, and measure all your social media content in one place.
  • How to use our full social analytics suite to measure every post and campaign.
  • How CoSchedule stacks up against other tools on the market.

Ready? Let’s go.

Struggling to Choose the Right Tools? These Resources Will Help.

Researching new marketing tools can be intimidating. They’re often expensive, and if your team doesn’t like it, the blame will be on you. That’s a lot of pressure, so we put together the following free resources to help you make the best choice:

  • How to Choose Marketing Tools For Your Team (PDF): This guide explains how to select the best tools for any given task for your marketing team.
  • Marketing Tool Research Notes (Excel): This companion template is intended to help you compare tools side-by-side to see which best fits your needs.
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Use CoSchedule (PPT): This pre-built PowerPoint deck is ready to present to your boss, client, or team.

Grab ’em now, and then we’ll take a quick look at social analytics, and what makes CoSchedule different from other tools out there.

What Do We Mean By Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics refers to the process of gathering social media performance data, and extracting meaningful insights. In plain English, it means looking at a lot of numbers, and figuring out what they all mean.

Why Are Social Media Analytics Important?

When your boss asks how things are going, you should know not only how your social media marketing is performing, but why it’s performing how it is. You should also know how to replicate those results, and explain everything to all your stakeholders in terms they can understand.

Social media analytics tools help you gather the data you need. Your own analytical marketing genius translates that data into insights.

What’s the Purpose of Using an Analytics Platform For Social Media Marketing?

Many of the major social networks offer solid in-app analytics (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, I’m looking your way). They’re definitely useful and often overlooked resources, and they don’t cost a thing.

But, they’re not without limitations.

And if you’re relying on them alone, you’re likely going to waste time manually gathering data to build reports.

You have better things to do.

Using a tool to gather that data and automate reporting is way more efficient. Plus, a good one will produce results that look great, too. If it’s built into a platform that also lets you create and schedule your social content, then so much the better.

It’s all about building efficiencies into your workflow, so you can get more work done.

What Makes CoSchedule Different?

While many other tools focus solely on social media, CoSchedule is a robust all-in-one marketing calendar.

That means you can plan, publish, promote, and measure all things content + social in one place.

Before you have social content to analyze, you need to create and ship something. Social media doesn’t live in a vacuum, after all.

So, if you’re using a social-only tool, you likely need to use other tools, too.

Like a project management platform.

And a marketing calendar.

Oh, and maybe even some sort of team communication app.

Then, finally, your social marketing platform.

You can see where this is going: a mess of tools that don’t talk to each other.

Getting tools like this to work together often involves hacked-together processes with tons of built-in inefficiencies.

But, that’s exactly what CoSchedule eliminates. When you manage your team, your content, and your social media marketing and analytics in one place, you can effectively consolidate your toolset and get more done with less stress.

Our own marketing teams use our own product, and the results speak for themselves:

So, Tell Me About CoSchedule’s Social Media Analytics Features

CoSchedule is known for being an excellent all-in-one marketing calendar. It’s your marketing team’s go-to destination for managing all things marketing (content, social, and beyond).

But, you might not have known that includes powerful social analytics.

So, let’s dig into our recently revamped Social Analytics Suite! Here’s what it includes:

  • NEW Social Engagement Report: The holistic report for all your social activity. Get a bird’s eye view on your entire social performance with better filtering, better design, and more context than ever before.
  • Social Profile Reports: Your secret weapon for PER network performance. No more downloading reports from individual platforms (or multiple third-party tools). Quickly view important social KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • NEW Social Campaign Reports: The report for pinpointing correlations between two campaigns with side-by-side comparisons. Review similar campaigns or posts to test what’s working (and what isn’t).  
  • Top Content Report: Instantly know what content performs best with your audience on social media. Track and measure social shares and repromote your most popular post

How Does CoSchedule Compare to the Competition?

Now, there are a lot of analytics tools out there.

But, which ones have the features you need? And what makes CoSchedule the right choice for your situation?

Let’s check out this comparison chart:

Feature Comparison: CoSchedule Social Analytics Vs. the Competition

What does all this mean? Let’s break down some key CoSchedule differences:

  • All-in-one social and marketing calendar. While other tools allow you to see your social posts on a calendar view, only CoSchedule allows you to see your social media content alongside the rest of your content and marketing projects.
  • Smart automation. With ReQueue, you can automatically reshare your best posts. Best Time Scheduling simplifies scheduling by automatically selecting the best times for posts to publish. Other tools offer similar features, but CoSchedule offers collision detection to make sure posts don’t overlap on your calendar and post too frequently at certain times (and not enough during others).

Plus, we support most major social networks. Take a look at this breakdown:

Supported Networks Per Tool

How Can I Use CoSchedule’s Social Media Analytics Features?

Our new-and-improved social media suite is now better than ever. Let’s take a look at exactly what it allows you to do (and how to leverage all that power for the good of your social media marketing). Check out the demo recap video below, and learn how to use:

  • Social Engagement Reports: You put a lot of work into creating social content. With Social Engagement Reports, you can confirm whether your messaging is connecting, or missing the mark.
  • Social Profile Reports: How are your profiles performing at a high level? That’s what you can learn with Social Profile Reports.
  • Social Campaign Reports: How did your most recent holiday campaign compare to last year’s effort? Did your event promotion campaign for that fundraiser drive the social performance you expected? Are some types of campaigns outperforming others? That’s exactly what you can find out with Social Campaign Reports. It makes it easy to measure the performance of a unified social campaign as a whole and compare campaigns side-by-side.
  • Top Content Reports: Which content are you sharing on social media that’s driving the best performance? Get that data at a glance with Top Content Reports.

Where to Find Your Social Analytics and Adjust Settings

Log into your CoSchedule account, and find the Analytics pane on the left:

Add an arrow pointing to Analytics

Next, you’ll see all your analytics options:

These include:

  • Top Content: Your most-shared content on social media.
  • Social Engagement: Track engagement across channels.
  • Social Profile Reports: Focused, network-specific reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Social Campaign Reports: View performance across a single campaign, or compare two campaigns to one another.

How to Export and Automate Social Engagement, Social Profile, and Team Performance Reports

CoSchedule produces clean, visually appealing reports automatically. The following reports can be exported or automated (sent to a specified email address automatically):

  • Social Engagement.
  • Social Profile Reports.
  • Team Performance Reports.

To automate a report, click one and select your frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) and format (PDF, or if using Social Profile Reports, you can also choose .csv), and specify the email it should be routed to:

Click Report Settings in the upper right, and you can place your brand’s logo (or client logo) on your reports:

You can also control who receives your reports:

Your reports will look something like this:

Can You Help Me Improve My Social Media Analytics Skills?

We certainly can! Here are some recommended reading resources that’ll make you an analytics wizard:

Try CoSchedule's Social Analytics Suite


About the Author

Ben is the Inbound Marketing Director at CoSchedule. His specialties include content strategy, SEO, copywriting, and more. When he's not hard at work helping people do better marketing, he can be found cross-country skiing with his wife and their dog.

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