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Discover How Twitter Marketing For Business Is The Key To Growth

Published January 5, 2024
/ Updated May 6, 2024

Twitter, which as of 2023 is now called X, is no longer just a social media platform where users can interact and share funny tweets. Twitter has transformed into a highly effective marketing tool. The opportunities are abundant, from hosting Twitter chats, to diving into Twitter analytics, to incorporating Twitter ads.

Twitter is a marketing powerhouse that you don’t want to overlook.

What Is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing

The use of Twitter to promote or advertise your brand or business.

Twitter marketing is any marketing done on Twitter to promote or advertise a brand or business. This can include publishing content to your audience to drive interactions, attract new customers, engage with existing ones, and boost traffic.

Twitter has become a hotspot for marketing, considering they have over 520 million users as of 2023. Market to millions, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement, all on Twitter.

How Can Twitter Marketing Drive Business?

Twitter is the perfect place to conduct your marketing with short-form content and a booming user base. What’s more is the ability to interact in real-time conversations, connecting you directly to your target audience. Twitter marketing provides the space needed to engage a wider audience and improve lead generation.

Twitter Marketing Strengths:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Website Traffic
  • Run Twitter Ads
  • Boost Sales

Consistent posting on Twitter increases visibility and reach and places your brand in front of customers who haven’t crossed paths with you yet. You can share links to your website and improve access to your offerings.

Twitter also has especially strong responses from the use of Twitter ads. Significantly expand your brand’s reach and allow people to discover your brand even if they don’t follow you or your hashtags.

Leverage Twitter For Your Business

Reap the benefits of Twitter marketing to expand your brand visibility, engage with customers, and drive business growth.

The Power Of Hashtags

Don’t neglect the use of hashtags. Although you may think they are silly or unprofessional, they are far from it. Hashtags aid in giving your tweet context, as well as allow users to follow topics they are interested in.

Pro Tip: Keep your ‘Twitter voice’ in mind. This refers to the distinct tone and style your brand uses on Twitter. This can vary between tweets, such as humorous tweets, witty remarks, or sarcastic tweets. However, the overall personality remains steady throughout your Twitter presence, keeping your personal Twitter voice consistent.

Don’t be afraid to include hashtags in your tweets; they encourage engagement and will help you #crushit in the marketing game.

See how Baskin Robbins used their hashtag to generate a buzz and celebrate a national holiday!

Host Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a pre-planned online conversation that gathers a group of Twitter users to engage in deeper conversations about niche topics. These chats typically last an hour and use designated hashtags for each tweet.

This is an incredibly efficient way to increase your followers via Twitter. By hosting a Twitter chat, you reach your current followers along with 500 million other users. Host a Twitter chat to give your brand more exposure and help build a loyal community.

A Twitter chat follows the structure of a Q&A. The Twitter chat host will ask the group a question, and participants can respond with their insight. Looking a little something like this:

Use Advanced Twitter Analytics

Twitter knows the stats that marketers need. Within their advanced Twitter analytics, you can find your top-performing tweet (by number of impressions) and your number one mention (by engagements).

It doesn’t stop there; Twitter analytics also presents your top media tweet and your top follower (the person with the most followers who followed you in the past month).

Here’s an example of what advanced Twitter analytics can provide for you:

Tailor Your Message To Your Twitter Audience

To ensure your tweets feel tailored to your audience, focus on consistency, timeliness, and engagement. The best way to retain a loyal audience on Twitter is by tweeting consistently. As well as following a schedule to post, keep in mind timeliness. For example, if your audience is global, post at times that are effective for all segments of your audience.

Once your tweets go live, don’t leave them hanging. Check back in on engagement, likes, comments, interactions, etc. See how specific tweets are performing and make adjustments as necessary.

Adidas has perfected their tailored messages and continuously engages with their audience on Twitter. Adidas knows how to make their audience feel seen and motivated to return.

Utilize Twitter Ads

Get the most out of Twitter by utilizing Twitter ads. Twitter ads allow you to tailor your ads using specific demographics, interests, locations, and even certain devices. This type of precision promises the most relevant audience will see your ad.

Twitter ads have also perfected call-to-action buttons. Easily direct users to your website using these buttons and optimize conversions.

Here’s a powerful example of a Twitter Ad from Nissan. They incorporated a poll to engage their audience while also implementing a sense of humor. Meanwhile, they can analyze the results right there in front of them.

Create A Twitter Content Strategy

It’s time to create your own Twitter content strategy. Learn how to define your goals so your strategy can progress seamlessly. Take the time to get to know your audience, focus on organic and paid content, and finally, pull it all together by planning your content with a calendar that does it all.

Set Clear Goals

A non-negotiable when creating your Twitter content strategy is to lay out your goals. Is your team striving for more clicks? Conversions? Follows? Whatever your team is working towards, define the objectives.

Clear, measurable goals look like:

  • Lead generation measured from collected email addresses or content downloads.
  • Community engagement measured from mentions.
  • Brand engagement based on replies and shares.
  • Brand awareness measured by followers and reach.

All of which can be found in your advanced Twitter analytics!

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is more than knowing what they want to see in your content. Take it a step further and learn when your audience is the most active on Twitter, what similar brands they follow, and how much of your audience genuinely engages with your content.

When you dive into specifics like this, you gain a deep understanding of your audience and are more likely to drive growth.

Questions To Consider When Researching Your Twitter Audience

  • What times of the day are they the most active on Twitter?
  • How do they typically react with our tweets?
  • What are some common themes or topics in the conversations they engage in?
  • What type of content do they engage with the most?
  • How do they respond to our competitors’ tweets?
  • What needs and problems can our product/service solve?
  • What are the demographic attributes of our Twitter audience?

Balance Organic & Paid Content

Organic and paid content support each other’s content and team up to boost engagement. Think about it this way: you pursue Twitter ads and successfully attract new customers to your website. (whoo hoo!) But, all they see is inconsistent, less-engaging organic content. Paid content did its job, but organic content lacked and lost a lead.

Sync up your organic and paid content to attract double the engagement. To use both forms of content jointly, consider A/B testing or retargeting and remarketing.

Organic content is a great place to start for any brand, as it expresses your brand’s personality and promotes content at no cost!

Here’s a good example of organic content from Ghost London clothing. They take pictures and create content to showcase new drops to their followers.

Paid content, on the other hand, has a price. Paid content can be found in forms like display ads, billboards, social media ads, and television commercials.

As for paid content, here’s an example of a display ad in action. If you were to look up ‘mascara’ right off the bat you have a variety of products right at the top of the page. These products (like Ulta Beauty, the product enlarged) paid for display ads, so it’s the first thing customers see.

Plan Content With A Calendar

You can master all the best practices possible for creating a great Twitter content strategy, but without a calendar to plan your content, you’ll invite chaos into the mix. Relieve uncertainty and stress with CoSchedule’s Social Calendar.

Efficiently create, schedule, publish, and measure your social content in one AI-powered calendar. Get 100% visibility with your content from start to finish, with the ability to schedule ahead. Exercise drag and drop rescheduling for when life happens and you need to shift your priorities.

CoSchedule's Social Calendar content planning

CoSchedule’s Social Calendar is built for all your social content needs.

Examples Of Effective Twitter Marketing

Here are some smart Twitter marketing approaches in action. See how these brands exercised Twitter features to their advantage—boosting engagement and awareness.

PlayStation’s Pinned Tweets

By including pinned tweets within their content, PlayStation was able to drive higher engagement and direct more people to their platforms, not just on Twitter! By tagging the other platforms they are active on, potential customers can follow their other accounts. This strategy helps grow their base and future leads.

Whole Foods Serving Up Knowledge

Whole Foods amps up their content by including more than just the typical foodie content and restocked items. They stray from the usual and call in professionals to teach their customers things they may not know.

They share recipes and best practices for cooking and prepping meals, securing their credibility in the food industry.

Someecards Brings The Humor

Remember when we talked about Twitter voice? Someecards provides a prime example of their unique Twitter voice. They keep a hilariously funny aesthetic to their TikTok. Their audience can always expect dry humor and a good laugh.

Not to mention, their posts and designs are easy to share when a user relates to the message.

Airbnb Hosts 410A Give Away & Boosts Engagement

Airbnb took the opportunity to get their users involved! They switched roles with their audience and gave 10 users $100,000 to create the craziest Airbnb and left the creativity all to them. This boosted engagement and created more business for them.