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Write Business Tweets That Impress & Engage Followers

Published February 26, 2024
/ Updated April 17, 2024

Unlock the power behind business tweets and reap the benefits it brings to overall engagement. Begin connecting with your followers like never before.

Write Business Tweets That Impress & Engage Followers

Twitter currently has 335.7 million users on their platform. Learn how to navigate Twitter platform and grow customer service, brand awareness, and visibility for your business.

It’s time to reconsider Twitter as a platform that can transform your marketing, one that serves as a driving force in businesses. Twitter has the features, reach, and means to make waves in your business efforts.

Re-think customer service, brand awareness, and visibility as you know it. You’ll leave here today with the tools and knowledge to dominate on Twitter.

How Business Tweets Drive Awareness

Business tweets are a prime way to interact, engage, and generate leads within your audience. Dive into untapped audiences and drive foot traffic.

Business tweets can supercharge multiple aspects of your business, including being able to enhance visibility, promote customer service, and drive brand awareness. Let’s get into all of the ways business tweets change the game.

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Business Tweets have the power to increase visibility among your target audience and beyond. Through sharing product updates, sneak-peeks into your process, and spilling insights to upcoming events, your followers get to see more of you.

All of these efforts create a mutual transparent relationship between you and your audience. The better you and your audience understand each other, the more your tweets are bound to be loved and shared.

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Twitter is an optimal platform to increase engagement by allowing you to directly connect with your followers and prospects in real-time. Consider content such as polls, so your followers can actively participate. While you on the other hand can sit back and watch their answers flood in seconds after hitting that tweet button.

Engagement goes hand in hand with interaction. Interacting with your followers, engages them.


Coschedule Follower chart grphic


Business Tweets allow companies to reinforce their branding and communicate their values and personality. The great thing about Twitter is there is no correct tone of voice or style, which allows companies to show the real them! Whether you choose to go an informational route, or more of a conversational style is up to you.

Kick that robotic feel, and share some personality with your followers.

Twitter rewards those who show authenticity, so in turn, expressing some brand personality will boost brand awareness almost instantly. Remember, it only takes one clever tweet to go viral.

Starbucks revealed a piece of their brand personality with this cute graphic about their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Using common slang and encouraging viewers to do just that.


Customer Service

Twitter is a game-changer for your followers as it allows for immediate customer service. You can respond to their questions, concerns, and comments in real-time as soon as that notification goes through. Take dependability to the next level and create a safe space on Twitter where your customers can ask questions whenever necessary.

An easy-to-reach company attracts and retains long-time customers.


Twitter is an extremely cost-effective way to promote products, services, and events. On twitter, simple messages go a long way. So, take to the masses with little messages and hints to big things on the way, or perhaps quick clips of products in the making.

The good thing about this platform is that it doesn’t rely too heavily on visuals. All you need is a message your audience will love and then you’re ready to hit “tweet.” Leave the rest up to Twitter.

How To Create Effective Business Tweets

Create effective business tweets in just 5 simple steps. We’ll guide you throughout the process from start to finish as we begin laying the groundwork. Learn how to refine your Twitter marketing strategy, create highly-wanted content, and finally, repurpose content built for the long run.

1. Refine Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Establish a clear plan for how you will use Twitter to support your business goals. This includes understanding your target audience, defining your brand voice, and setting measurable goals.

An exceptional example comes from none other than the MLB. Their content is tailored to their followers and includes all the things they love to see. Their Tweets revolve around statistics, game scores, where to watch upcoming games, and inside quotes from the athletes.

Any follower of the MLB is sitting on the edge of their seat for more content.


2. Create Valuable Content

Click-worthy tweets are those that offer value to your followers, serving as something they refer back to or change their mood/perspective. This could be in the form of information, insights, entertainment, or customer service.

One prime example of valuable content comes from General Electric. Whether the content leans more towards humorous things, informational, or specific updates on their launches, their audience can expect that transformative content is around the corner.

Here, General Electric showed the past year as a big picture to express to their audience the impact they made in just one year.


3. Engage and Grow Your Followers

Twitter is an extremely f platform, people expect interactions, conversations going both ways in real-time. So, it’s important to remember to interact with your followers. Respond to their tweets, retweet relevant content, and use polls or other interactive features to engage your audience even further.

One account that kills the game when it comes to engaging their audience, is Playstation. They know how to cater content to their followers, support their concerns, and get back to them in no time.

Playstation understood this assignment so well that they even went as far as to make a second account, ‘Ask Playstation’. This second account of theirs was built specifically for customers with inquiries or those in need of direction/guidance.

No customer left behind!


4. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can help your tweets reach a wider audience, as they are extremely prone to going viral, especially on a platform like Twitter. Use popular, relevant hashtags to increase visibility and improve your chance of it being seen by millions more.

Kit Kat combined two major ways to engage their crowd, and that is with some friendly opportunities of features from the crowd as well as an easy-to-share- hashtag.

In this example, Kit Kat introduced #KidKat. They encouraged all of their followers to make them laugh with their best photos of kids joined by their cats. Nonetheless, their audience accepted the challenge and began flooding Kit kat’s inbox with submissions.

It doesn’t get much better than this.


5. Reuse and Repurpose Your Content

Reusing or repurposing old content may sound like a tall order but it’s easier and more effective than it seems. Take a look through past content and narrow it down to content that has performed well. From here consider reusing it in a new format, revamping the graphics, or adjusting it so it’s relevant.

If your old content had worked some magic in the past, it’s time to repurpose it and get that spark back!

Here’s an example from Innocent Drinks on Twitter, and it’s obvious they have found their ‘sweet spot’. A.K.A the perfect content they can reuse/repurpose consistently and their audience will love it more every time.

On top of promoting their healthy drinks, Innocent Drinks does an exceptional job of breaking up that content with short, one-liner, humorous tweets. These tweets not only serve as comedic relief to their customers, but it relates to them. What better way to drive engagement than relating to them?


Innocent Drinks refer back to short, humorous tweets whenever their feed gets a little too serious for their liking.

Examples Of Successful Business Tweets

To put what we learned about business tweets into practice, let’s review examples in action. Here are 5 successful examples of business tweets and the reason as to how they struck success.


First up, JetBlue does an exceptional job of engaging their audience on Twitter. From reviewing and responding to any tweet that comes their way, to providing polls to their followers, JetBlue knows what it means to connect with their customers.

JetBlue posted this business tweet and received distinct customer insight in seconds. It’s that easy to level-up your business efforts on Twitter.



Charmin proves the power packed behind hashtags. By developing their own trendy hashtags, they were able to generate buzz behind their tweets and encourage their audience to join in on the fun.

Hashtags are easy to share, fun to use, and do a fantastic job at spreading brand awareness.



Forrester took to Twitter to promote upcoming events their audience is interested in. With quick and easy tweets, Forrester is able to provide a sneak peek into the event to generate excitement, as well as include all details necessary.

In one tweet, your company too can increase engagement and participation.


American Express

Remember how twitter can supercharge brand awareness and those that celebrate their brand personality? Well, American Express gave us a taste into their musical side by expressing their support of musical artists Olivia Rodrigo.

Introducing Their followers to not only their partnership with her but also a peek into their popular music choices was a hit with their audience.


Verizon Wireless

Verizon perfected the idea of visibility and foreshadowed their super bowl commercial to their customers. Here Verizon’s millions of users received a sneak peek into their upcoming projects, and it generated plenty of buzz.