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27 Types Of Marketing Strategies, Definitions, & In-Depth Guides

Published August 16, 2022
/ Updated August 16, 2022

This piece will list a multitude of types of marketing strategies. That said, the best practice is to maintain one unified marketing strategy and consider the following approaches as ways marketers may execute the big picture strategy with more finite, granular marketing approaches.

Many, if not all, of the following marketing strategies, will apply to B2B and B2C marketing across many industries. Consider this list a starting point for strategic ideation.

4 Types Of Marketing Strategies

1. Market Penetration Strategy

A market penetration strategy is when a business focuses on selling its services or products to current customers. This marketing strategy will concentrate more on increasing the existing customers’ loyalty than on gaining new ones. The point of this strategy is to solidify your business’ place in your industry.

Tactics that work for market penetration:

  • Lower or raise prices
  • Build campaigns around brand awareness
  • Improve products or services to solve customers’ problems

2. Market Development Strategy

When a company decides to expand its sales in new markets, they’re working on a market development strategy. This venture can be risky because of the unknown factors, but it can also be advantageous for sales and brand growth. Pulling off a successful market development strategy can take quite a long time.

Tactics that work for market development:

  • Come up with innovative distribution channels
  • Rebrand your products or services
  • Make your products more accessible by adjusting prices

3. Product Development Strategy

Making changes or creating new products to sell to your customers is called a product development strategy. You can also expand the services you’re currently offering to appeal more to your target market. Testing new products and services can take quite a while, but a good strategy will help your business grow exponentially.

Tactics that work for this strategy:

  • Create new solutions for your customer’s pain points
  • Focus on current customers’ problems and difficulties in your industry
  • Do lots of research to ensure an accurate understanding of what your audience wants

4. Diversification Strategy

Diversification strategies are about taking new products or services into new markets, almost like starting a new business. Unless very well-planned, a diversification strategy can be risky and require a lot of patience. However, the rewards can be amazing.

Tactics that work for diversification:

  • Create innovative new products or services
  • Expand on current offerings
  • Move up or down the supply chain
Advertising Strategies

5. Print Media Advertising Strategy

All the different types of marketing strategies are about getting your audience to notice you, and it’s the same for print media advertising strategies. However, in this case, your marketing is physical rather than digital.

Tactics that work for this strategy:

  • Print pamphlets, brochures, and postcards
  • Design unique business cards
  • Adapt digital content into print materials
  • Place print advertisements in magazines and newspapers

6. TV/Video Advertising Strategy

Building a TV or video advertising strategy requires quite a lot of creativity but can be very successful. Thanks to the popularity of streaming services like Hulu, it’s easier to come up with cool advertising ideas. Making viral videos is also good — people love consuming viral content.

Tactics that work for TV/video advertising strategies:

  • Make interesting product demos
  • Share behind-the-scenes footage of your business and employees
  • Create and share customer testimonials

7. Radio/Audio Advertising Strategy

Using a radio or audio advertising strategy is not new, but it’s still very successful even in the digital era. You can reach specific demographics based on which radio stations or audio platforms you choose to advertise on.

Tactics that work for radio and audio advertising strategies:

  • Work with popular voice actors or celebrities
  • Create unique and interesting sound effects that will be associated with your brand
  • Partner with podcast creators to advertise on their platforms

8. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Strategy

Search engine marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are forms of paid advertising and can be quite effective. You work with Google Ads or Bing Ads with search engine marketing to reach your audience. PPC requires you to pay every time someone clicks on your ad and can work well to get your brand noticed by a new audience.

Tactics that work for these strategies:

  • Choose geographical locations that make sense for your business
  • Put ads on websites your audience visits often
  • Do regular A/B testing

9. Retargeting Advertising Strategy

With retargeting advertising strategies, you endeavor to redisplay your content to your audience. People who have already visited your site will see your content while they’re online, even on other sites.

Tactics that work for this strategy:

  • Don’t forget about customers who abandoned their cart
  • Use clever and creative call-to-action buttons
  • Build in-depth customer profiles for retargeting advertising
Digital Marketing Strategies

10. Internet/Website Marketing Strategy

Among the many marketing strategies, website marketing is one of the most popular and effective. Website marketing has become crucial for all businesses. Without a website, you won’t be able to reach your full potential when it comes to marketing.

Tactics that work best for website marketing strategies:

  • Optimize your website
  • Promote your website on various channels
  • Create awesome content for your website

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

You can’t do marketing these days without a good Search Engine Optimization strategy. With good SEO, you can improve the quality of your website traffic and the quantity of that traffic. The traffic comes from search engines when people look up specific terms and keywords.

Tactics that work for Search Engine Optimization strategies:

  • Make use of backlinks
  • Optimize how fast your website loads
  • Remember to use relevant keywords

12. Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategies are direct marketing strategies taken online. You can send promotional content and messages to your audience, as long as they’ve agreed to it or signed up for your newsletter. Email marketing is great because it allows for fantastic personalization in your marketing.

Tactics that work well for this marketing strategy:

  • Create appealing content
  • Share exclusive discounts and content in your emails
  • Personalize the emails you send

13. Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is amazing for brand visibility and loyalty and is one of the best marketing channels to connect with your audience. Viral marketing revolves around social media platforms, and the return on income for this kind of strategy can be pretty impressive.

Tactics that work for social media marketing strategies:

  • Be active on more than one social media platform
  • Run competitions and giveaways
  • Use social media to provide faster customer service

14. Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Ecommerce marketing strategies revolve around taking your business online if it’s not already digital. Whether you have an online retail company or want to expand your brick-and-mortar business’ market reach, a well-planned ecommerce strategy will take your sales to a new level.

Tactics that work well for ecommerce marketing:

  • Remember the value of keywords
  • Create content that matters to your audience
  • Use contests to attract your audience

15. Mobile Marketing

Did you know that 83% of the world’s population owns a smartphone? That means mobile marketing is a brilliant way to reach your audience and create more brand awareness. Mobile marketing can be similar to email marketing, and there is a lot of opportunity for personalization.

Tactics to consider for mobile marketing:

  • Create an app for your business
  • Send creative push notifications
  • Promote content when your audience is most active
Traditional Marketing Strategies

16. Internal Marketing Strategy

Internal marketing is essential for large companies but can be just as useful for smaller companies if planned well. Internal marketing strategies focus on employees, significantly improving your brand’s reputation.

Tactics that can work well for internal marketing strategies:

  • Share regular company announcements
  • Promote friendships between employees
  • Offer employees the chance to buy shares in your company

17. Marketing Communications Strategy

A good marketing communications strategy will help ensure your audience knows exactly what they need to know about your brand and your services or products. You will better align your messaging with your products and create a consistent brand image.

Tactics that are effective for marketing communication strategies:

  • Know your target market well
  • Address your customers’ pain points directly
  • Come up with a unique selling proposition

18. Public Relations Strategy

Dealing with your customers when they’re upset can be prickly at best, which is why you definitely need a public relations strategy. PR strategies can be complicated and complex, but if you want to protect your brand’s image, you cannot afford to be without one.

Tactics that work for public relations strategies:

  • Hold occasional press conferences and share press releases
  • Attract attention through pop-up shops
  • Take advantage of social media trends and earned media for promotion

19. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Account-based marketing doesn’t focus on individuals. Instead, the sales team zooms in on accounts that are more likely to convert into customers. Account-based marketing strategies have many benefits, like a more efficient use of your budget, better customer experiences, and more personalization.

Tactics that work well for this strategy:

  • Focus on your audience’s needs
  • Use personalized videos in direct mail marketing
  • Make the most of direct selling methods like warm calling

20. Event Marketing Strategy

Event marketing centers around industry events that you host. You can invite your leads, audience, and clients to these events. Event marketing strategies allow you to meet your audience face to face and make connections. You can also attend trade shows or conferences and host workshops and training events.

Tactics that can work well for event marketing strategies:

  • Implement seasonal holidays into your events
  • Create a buzz on social media
  • Plan interesting public speaking segments

21. Co-Branding/Partnership Marketing Strategy

Partnering with other brands is a great way to promote your services or products and can help promote your company. As long as you choose the right partners, a partnering marketing strategy can enhance your brand reputation and reach a wider audience.

Tactics that work for this kind of marketing strategy:

  • Work with relevant partners
  • Use social media to create awareness
  • Host interesting events together
Publishing Marketing Strategies

22. Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing strategies are the most effective for B2B marketing as they make the most of other strategies’ strengths. With a well-planned inbound strategy, you can attract your audience and engage with them in fantastic ways.

Tactics that can work for inbound marketing strategies:

  • Create interesting blog content
  • Use SEO tactics
  • Invest in PPC advertising

23. Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing uses written and visual content to provide value to your target audience. By creating content that your audience wants to engage with, you can introduce your brand in a positive light. A good content marketing strategy can also help you connect with your audience. Investing in a good editorial strategy can help your business thrive greatly.

Tactics that are effective for content marketing strategies:

  • Have targeted landing pages
  • Create consistent content
  • Promote your content on social media

24. Customer Marketing Strategy

Customer marketing strategies revolve around a deeper focus on customers and their needs. When you’ve got an excellent customer marketing strategy worked out and in place, you will see an increase in your customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy. You will also improve your customers’ experiences, leaving them more satisfied.

Tactics that work for these types of marketing strategies:

  • Treat your customers like VIPs
  • Share customer stories
  • Reward your loyal customers
Organic Marketing Strategies

25. Word-Of-Mouth/Referral Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing can be quite challenging to get right as it’s rather difficult to control, but it’s highly effective when you get it right. You can increase your sales and boost your brand’s reputation with referrals. Remember, people value the opinions of others and what they have to say about brands.

Tactics that work well for referral marketing:

  • Use social media for referrals
  • Give away satisfying gifts for honest referrals
  • Never buy referrals — your audience will see through it!

26. Affinity/Cause Marketing

With affinity marketing, you work with one or more businesses in the same industry as you to grow your customer base. This can also lead to significantly increased sales and easier promotion. Affinity marketing is similar to co-branding and has the same benefits for your business and brand.

Tactics that work well for this kind of marketing:

  • Choose the right partner(s)
  • Use social media to create awareness of the partnerships
  • Involve your audiences through competitions

27. Networking/Community Involvement/Relationship Marketing

Getting involved in your community can go a long way toward building trust and loyalty between your brand and your audience. Networking lets you meet like-minded people and get closer to your customers. Good relationship marketing can help you make your audience care about your brand enough to become lifelong supporters.

Tactics that are effective for these types of marketing strategies:

  • Focus on personalization
  • Use social media platforms to connect
  • Make your customers feel special