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10 Simple Steps To Increase Website Traffic

Published February 19, 2024
/ Updated June 20, 2024

Boosting website traffic looks different for each and every marketer. It can be difficult to determine which efforts gain the most engagement. Begin setting your content on the right track and ensure it’s retaining optimal performance.

Learn what it means when we refer to website traffic, understand where it comes from and how it’s generated, and finally discover 10 bulletproof ways that will grow your website traffic

What Is Website Traffic?

When you think of website traffic it’s best to think of the amount of visits your website receives daily. These visits from users can also be referred to as ‘sessions’. So, for example, if your website receives 100 sessions a day, at the end of the week, your grand total of website traffic would be 700 sessions.

Strong website traffic opens the door to a plethora of opportunities for your business. When your website receives a lot of foot traffic, your business receives more brand recognition, creates more leads/conversions, and has the ability to develop higher website domain authority.

Where Does Website Traffic Come From?

The majority of website traffic comes from organic searches. Meaning businesses receive the most foot-traffic when prospects just hop on Google and begin searching. That being said, it’s extremely important that you focus on SEO. Ensure your website is one of the top websites to pop up if not the first.

That’s not to say that all traffic comes directly from organic search. Businesses can receive heavy foot traffic from anywhere that there’s a user. Develop a strong presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok. You can even tap into new areas like creating a podcast on spotify or dive into YouTube Shorts!

The more you experiment on various platforms, you’ll determine where you attract the most traffic. The amount of engagement each business receives is subject to change and unique to them! What works for you, may not work for your neighbor!

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10 Techniques That Propel Website Traffic

Consider these 10 transformative techniques that are bound to ring in heavy website traffic. Mix and match the following tactics to ensure your website climbs the ranks and spikes engagement.

High-Quality Content

The best way to attract and retain consistent foot traffic is with high-quality content. Ensure your content is straightforward, easy to digest, and catches their eye.

High-quality content reassures your business is credible and professional. You’ll establish a strong reputation and leave a good impression on any potential viewers.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Combine the strength of all of your social media platforms for optimized website traffic. Shoutout your other social media accounts on various platforms. Consider sending out some tweets, publishing Instagram stories, or creating Facebook posts that lead your viewers back to your website.

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Improve Website Design

Our goal here is to drive website traffic through the roof, right? That means you’ll be having plenty of engagement reaching your site in the near future. So, when viewers reach your website, it’s important it exudes and speaks highly of our brand. Take the time to refine your website, enhance designs, and really make it pop.

Once you can look at your website, be proud of how it looks, and be excited for people to see it for themselves, you know you’ve got yourself one impressive landing page.

Take a look at Snig Digital’s attention grabbing website. With powerful contrasts, big text, and moving colors, it’s bound to capture your attention without overwhelming you. Grabbing and holding attention can be difficult, but Snig Digital proves it’s possible.

Post User-Generated Content

It’s easy for businesses to speak high of themselves, but it means more when a glowing review comes from your audience. Give your audience the chance to step into the limelight by promoting user-generated content. Find content where users have promoted your product or raved about their experience and repost it! Your audience will feel seen, heard, and appreciated seeing their content reposted by you!

Not only will you be boosting engagement with your current audience but this act will also bring in extra traffic. Viewers who are new to your website will see positive user-generated content, and feel motivated to visit your site and see the hype for themselves.

Perfect Your SEO

Your businesses SEO (search engine optimization), is how high your website ranks in a google search. Considering this is where most businesses receive the most website traffic, it’s the main source for engagement. Begin to refine your SEO efforts with strong content strategies.

Supercharge your SEO through these tactics:

  1. Update your content regularly.
  2. Publish relevant/ trend-forward content.
  3. Use popular keywords.
  4. Get to know your online users.

To achieve optimal website traffic, you’ll need to lay down a strong foundation. One way to do so is building on backlinks. A backlink is when an outside source refers to your website with a link straight to your page. You can think of backlinks as “votes” or points. The more points you receive from outside courses, the more accurate, credible, and dependable your website will be.

Focus on creating content that answers people’s questions, the more times that people go to you for solutions, the more backlinks that’ll come your way.

Not to mention, the more backlinks you receive, the higher your website will climb in SEO rankings.

Previously, we covered the importance of backlinks. Well, turns out you can also drive website traffic by link building. Link building ultimately means including both internal and external links throughout your website.

External Links:

A hyperlink leading to a page on a separate website than the website it was found in.

Internal Links:

Hyperlinks connect one page on a website to another page within the same website. This would be you linking from a blog post on your site to another blog post on your site. Referencing other work you did, reassures the quality and relevancy of both pieces.

Same effect goes for external linking, receiving a hyperlink from a different website boosts authority and credibility.

Create A Blogging Channel

If your website doesn’t already have one, consider developing a blogging channel. Somewhere you can touch base on common misconceptions, answer questions, or even just express brand personality.

Depending on your business, you can write about anything you want that supports your business and businesses alike. Reveal a separate side to your audience and you can even pick their brains to determine topics they would like you to cover!

See how CoSchedule created a go-to blog for marketing professionals! Pieces range from social media tactics to mastering the world of AI! Marketers can stop in and look up a category they are curious about and begin learning everything they need to know.

Work With Influencers

Influencers are known for their wide and loyal following. To generate heavier foot traffic, consider working with influencers that appreciate your product. You’ll be introduced to untapped areas of a brand new audience in return.

Influencers are ultimately the connection that keeps giving.

Implement Giveaways and Contests

Everyone loves some good ole fashioned competition. A great way to stir up engagement is by setting up a contest/giveaway. Show viewers what they have a chance at winning and begin laying down the rules. As soon as your contest/giveaway picks up some speed, website traffic will come running!

Not only do these events show appreciation to your visitors, but it also serves as a chance to boost brand awareness. For example, some of the criteria to win a giveaway or contest could encourage viewers to repost your content, follow certain accounts, or interact with the post itself!

Here’s an example of how Lego incentivized their audience to tap into their inner genius. Lego consistently hosts competitions for their customers to express some creativity in hopes their design becomes a real lego set!